How to Search for Invoice Number in QuickBooks

Executing Search for Invoice Number in QuickBooks with Quick Steps

In QB, an invoice can receive a number automatically while it is being created. This invoice number is put on a related receipt for checking if there are any dues. Among the other numerous QuickBooks invoices, it may become difficult to find out the particular invoice you are looking for. The software provides this feature where users can search for the invoices by their numbers to make their work easier. Due to this, users are suggested to know how to search for an invoice number in QuickBooks.

You can get the specific invoice you are looking for by utilizing the Invoice Search feature that is accessible in the accounting software. You need to move through the Transactions tab to reach the Invoice Search option.

How to Search an Invoice Number in QuickBooks?

Searching invoices by their numbers can help the QB users to quickly find what they are looking for. The Invoice Search tab will help you out with this. The Transactions option is to be tapped on the QB window. Then click on the Invoice Search tab or press the F7 key to find this feature and search for the invoice number in QuickBooks. Proceed by right-clicking on the search window to gain access to various pages. 

  • Open “QuickBooks”.
  • Press the “Transactions” button.
  • Select the button for “Invoice Search”.
  • You may also tap the key labeled “F7” to open the window of the search invoice.
  • The search window is to be right-clicked for getting access to different other pages.
  • This window may comprise the following items:
    • “Debtors Account Transactions”
    • “Creditors Account Transactions”
    • “Reversals”
  • Go to the “Transactions” tab for updating the reference fields of the header.
  • A search criterion has to be set up.

Note: Until you choose a search item, the print tab may not work.

After you follow all the above steps, you will be able to find the required invoice via its number.

In Concluding

Searching for any invoice through its number can reduce the time of the users and help them to complete other business-related work. With this thought, QuickBooks may have been provided with the invoice search by number feature. This feature or the process to know how to search for invoice number in QuickBooks was mentioned in this post. Performing the process correctly can provide accurate results to the users. 

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