QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2022 & Enterprise 22.0

QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2022 & Enterprise 22.0

QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2022 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 22.0 have been newly released. Distinctive from the other released versions of the accounting software, these two have been equipped with enhanced features. The makers believe that with new features, businesses can manage their work with better efficiency. As a greater benefit, cash flow management is also likely to improve.

QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2022 & Enterprise 22.0

The main features of these versions are about easy online payment of bills and their automatic entering. Add-ons for eCommerce as well as Webgility have been included in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 22.0 and Desktop Plus 2022 for greater flexibility. 

Main Features of QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2022 & Enterprise 22.0

Online Bill Payment, Auto-recording, & Easier Approval

A significant feature of QuickBooks Desktop’s new versions is that vendor bills can be paid online. Additionally, they can get auto-added to the software and be set for approval. When you have to manually record a bill in QBDT, the process can be extremely time-consuming. While you enter the transactions, you need to check whether all the information is accurate as well. By removing the manual effort, your time can be better utilized and the scope of accuracy can increase. With this feature in Desktop Plus 2022 and Enterprise 22.0, the cash flow can still be managed but in an improved way.

Webgility and eCommerce

Features such as Webgility and add-ons for eCommerce have been much awaited. To maintain online storefronts, these features can be useful for QBDT and Enterprise’s newly released versions.

Speaking particularly about Webgility, it can be apt when Enterprise 22.0 or Desktop Plus 2022 needs to be integrated with a platform for the management of eCommerce. It has been found that these platforms can range from BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Amazon, or even WooCommerce. These platforms are among the best stores on the internet for managing eCommerce work.

With integration through these QuickBooks Desktop latest versions, users can include the listings of new products as well as keep the online channels updated with information on inventory management. In addition to the above, reliable shipping companies can also be worked with.

Better Processing Power Available

A 64-bit power for computer processing has been used for enhancing the Desktop Plus 2022 version. The speed of executing and finishing off accounting work can increase. 64 bit can be apt as per the modern standards of operating systems. It can also be suitable for integration via third-party tools or platforms.

Going a step further to improve cash flow management, QuickBooks’ new versions have enabled businesses to send the URLs of payments to their clients or customers. Clients may often ask their customers for money for keeping a deposit. This deposit is mainly maintained for a product or service that may not have been provided to the customers yet.

By providing them with the URL link, sending an invoice may not be required. Even then, payments will get processed. This link can be used for tracking in QuickBooks’ 2022 and 22.0 versions. On receiving the payment, the accounting software shall enter the payment. On the whole, prepayment shall become a lot easier.

In the new versions QuickBooks Desktop 22.0 and QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2022, several amazing features can be found. From accounting tasks to looking after the flow of cash, these features can be greatly helpful. As you switch to these versions, you are also likely to notice better efficiency in your work and unbelievable accuracy.