Privacy Policy

Concectier’s Privacy Policy applies to all users. The users are free to connect with us for any concerns relating to this policy. The policy relates to only those activities in association with products that are supported by us. This also applies to confidential information accompanied by our products. Please note that any information contained in this policy is subject to change as required. Going through any updates is your responsibility. By choosing our products, you comply with this policy.

Information Collected by Conectier from You and its Use

As you use our products or services, we collect information from you. This can include your email ID, password, mailing address, etc. We may also ask for information required by Intuit that is relevant to our products. For registration purposes, this data can be necessary to be our approved user. At the same time, it will safeguard users’ accounts. 

Data such as your email ID can be used for communication purposes with respect to our products purchased by you. Any financial details that can be misused are not collected by us. This information is not disclosed to a third party except for Intuit and such parties that are involved in hosting and other relevant procedures.

The following are exceptional circumstances in which we may share the collected information:

  • Should we sell our assets to another company for a merger, the information may be shared.
  • For service/product performance, it may be given to Intuit.
  • It can be shared when a third-party company/individual is hired by us for product maintenance, development, or additional services. Only relevant information required as per the need will be shared.
  • For enforcing an agreement or due to a legal process, it may be disclosed. When absolutely necessary in the cases of imposing Privacy Policy’s terms, removing claims that violate, resolving product queries, protecting our property/security/rights of Conectier, the public, or its users, and following the orders of the court/a legal process.

Registration data would relate to details necessary for identifying a user and/or authenticating his/her IP address. 

In a user’s correspondence, the use of our product/service should not be included in the registration information/content. It should not form the user’s password, passport or bank account number, security number, credit card number, etc. Also, the above-mentioned details are not required by us nor do we take the responsibility of sharing the same.

Auto-collected information relates to the product/service you use. Based on user activity in the product/account, this information is collected. This can include the kind of device used and UDID. This helps monitor the product/service, pattern analysis, update/develop product/service, and resolve user problems. A third party(s) may be used for the analysis. For a business-related purpose, this information is used to reveal quantitative data for using the product/service. 

To share with a third party(s), the following information can be collected:

  • User data/content for yielding composite information is collected.
  • Via server logs, IP address, time/date of requests, browser data, etc., is gathered.
  • Device identifiers, tags, icons, web beacons, cookies, etc., are collected. This tells us how you use our service or product. As you click, browse, or scroll, it gets collected. You may restrict cookies. Then, the product/service’s online version may not be accessible.
  • Links are monitored to check whether they are followed to any websites externally/any ads tapped.
  • The location of your mobile is gathered for providing you with our products/services in a customized way. Any use in this way by you is limited/allowed from your system/computer. In that case, customized experiences may not be possible.

A web browser may give you the option to turn off tracking. The request may not be accepted. After you leave the product or while you use it, information can get tracked.

How does Conectier Safeguard Children’s Information?

Conectier does not intend to connect with a person below 18 years of age. We will not intentionally collect information from him/her. You can get in touch with us should we have unknowingly gathered information from a child. It will be deleted with effect. This also means that to form your account/use our products or services, you need to be at least 18 years old. When this is not the case, your information shall be removed as you contact us. 

Does Conectier Share Your Details with a Third Party?

The information asked by us is not to be revealed to a third party(s) unless when it complies with our Privacy Policy. Information is shared by us with a third party(s) as is shown above. We don’t have control over the third party(s) or Intuit’s Privacy Policy or service that collects payment. Any links related to additional sites/resources embedded like financial services or QuickBooks can be accessed from third-party services. 

A financial service-providing company and Intuit can give details for services/products and their payments. These details may not be first provided to Conectier. The data that you share to a third party(s) will be subject to its Privacy Policy.

The law, California Civil Code Section 1798.83, enables users in California to get a personal information list from us that is revealed to a third party(s). This can be received for a previous year regarding the purpose of direct marketing. The request can be placed once per year. Also, it is free to place it. 

Correct/Access Data Gathered by Conectier

Using your account credentials, you can access your account. The same information helps you correct your data from your account.

For Users Based out of the United States

Our services/products can be available beyond the U.S. When you are a user outside this location, you need to agree to share your information with the U.S. as well as some jurisdictions. In the European Union and such locations, rights to gather information can differ from that of the U.S.

How does Conectier Ensure Security?

We safeguard your data in standard ways. Restrictions relating to security are placed by us with respect to who can obtain access to this data. We do not assure 100% security due to the internet and network-based threats to data. When a breach is observed, quick action is taken by us. It is also advised by us that users pick secure passwords when using the product/service of Conectier.

Is this Privacy Policy Subject to Changes/Upgrades?

We can upgrade our Privacy Policy as required. In that case, the date on which it has been last upgraded will be modified. Through email, you may be notified about the same. Additionally, at times, you will be guided to read this policy. For specific modifications to a product/service you use, you can be contacted and informed.

How to Contact Conectier?

You can get in touch with us after reading our Privacy Policy. We can solve your concerns relating to the same.


Your information is protected via GDPR. Also, it ascertains effective rights for users. This further means that your personal data gets accessed/stored better.

As per GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation, these rights are given when a user resides in EEA/Switzerland:

Access Right

To obtain your personal information, please make a request with Conectier. Aside from a special legal case, it will be considered. To use this information, share its description at

Correction Right for Incorrect Personal Data

A user can modify the information shared when incorrect. To do so, reach us at

Limit Usage

You can inform us when to stop processing your personal data due to inaccuracy.

Right to Delete

You can ask Conectier to delete all/some of your personal data. It will be done in accordance with the law. The data can be anonymized. When a service partner needs access to it, the deletion right may not be given. This is possible when:

  • A transaction has to be finished by us/the service partner.
  • It is necessary to store the information for security.
  • It is important to fix errors in a product or service.
  • In compliance with the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act, it is required.
  • For any research purposes agreed by you, it is important.
  • It is needed for any legal procedure.

Right to be Informed

When we gather personal data from you, you get the right to remain informed about it. Also, how this data is processed can be known.

Right to Object

For these reasons, you can exercise the right to object with respect to your personal data:

  • When the processing is illegitimate.
  • When the data use involves direct marketing.
  • If it includes statistics, historical research, scientific research, etc.
  • If it relates to profiling and automated decision-making.

Data Portability Right

A user can request Conectier to send him/her any Pl which is at our disposal. The one that has been used commonly in a format read by machines can be shared.

Right to Complain

A user gets the right to make a complaint with the authorities. This is possible when the data has been used in compliance with GDPR. For further assistance, you can get in touch with judicial remedy.