Terms & Conditions

The services of Conectier.com are offered on the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions become applicable as and when you choose Conectier.com. Updates to these guidelines can be made without immediate notice to you. However, only the most recently updated guidelines will be applicable to your agreement with us. 

1. Eligibility of Your Contract 

We only offer access to our services to those who are eligible to enter into legal contracts as per the law. In this regard, we cannot extend our services to minors. Suspended members of Conectier.com are also not qualified to access our resources. 

2. Involvement of Advertisers 

If your dealings involve advertisers or promoters, for the purpose of business dealings, active participation, traffic generation, and or any such reason, then all the payment and delivery correspondence for these services is limited between you and your advertiser. We hold zero liability in case of loss, damage or deprivation suffered due to such dealings involving advertisers. 

Our website can include third-party URLs and graphics in our blogs and articles for support and guidance reasons. In such cases, our company is not responsible for security/content issues within these illustrations. 

3. Our Services and Fees 

The fees for our services are mentioned on our website or you can contact us to know the amount charged for the service you require. The fee will be accepted in the payment mode mentioned by us during the negotiation process. Changes in our fee structure and credit policy will be updated on your website. These changes will become operative once they are updated on your site or sent to you via email. While listing a service, you will have the chance to evaluate the fee and decide for or against choosing us. You are free to contact us for information regarding the fees and other negotiations. 

In regard to our services, you agree that we, Conectier.com, are not liable for security and fraud issues in the services. 

4. Conectier.COM Acts only as a Venue 

4.1 Synopsis: Conectier.com is merely a venue to integrate software for your business. We use our own tools and solutions to create a new platform with the desirable features. The quality of service, security, reliability, and legitimacy of our tools as described on our site are always ensured. But, it does not guarantee the actual completion of a transaction by the parties involved, the seller or the buyer. Additionally, any names resembling real persons are purely coincidental and not directly related to our company. 

4.2 Safe Trade Practices: Conectier.COM does not ensure the authenticity of each and every user. For this reason, you are hereby informed to connect with us using the details mentioned on our Contact Us page. Any third-party user verification services can be employed by you at your own risk and accord. 

4.3 Control of Information: Every piece of information provided by every user is not under our control. You may find this information provided by fellow users in our system to be offensive, dangerous, misleading, or erroneous. You are, therefore, advised to take these risks into account while using our site. You are also advised to beware and exercise safe trade practices while engaging with our website. 

4.4 User Security: Upon integrating, you will be given certain information by Conectier.com. It is upon you to ensure the utmost secrecy of this information. All the actions performed with the use of this information will be credited to your sole responsibility. But you agree to inform Conectier.com in case of suspicious and unauthorized activities with this information. 

4.5 Fraudulent Activities: If your connection with our site is found to be fraud, then by investigation or inspection due to a fake identity, breach of eligibility, or any such reason, Conectier will immediately cease all its services to you. Your access to our website will also be prohibited. 

4.6 Infringement: Integration using products and tools that cause infringement issues is prohibited by Conectier.com. Any infringement upon the trademarks, copyrights, or such intellectual property can be immediately brought to the notice of our company. 

4.7 Prohibited Activities 

The following activities are prohibited and you agree to: 

  1. Not email, post, update or send us any information, content, or illustration that is offensive, deceptive, resentful, religiously and racially condemning, indecent, vulgar, involves harassment, is obscene, is invasive, and is socially frowned upon. 
  2. Not manipulate our services and service providers to complete your desired tasks. 
  3. Not use illegally acquired money for payment purposes.
  4. Not adapt and assume a fake identity, or provide false information to Conectier.com.
  5. Not share confidential information as provided by the company after the integration. 
  6. Not break contracts with other companies by making available any confidential information provided by them. 
  7. Not to gather any personal information of the service providers. 
  8. Not to harass previous clients. 
  9. Not to disrupt our services by interfering in our system and conducting any such activity. 
  10. Not to defy the general operating procedure as given by Conectier.com.
  11. Not to store any information against the will and permission of the company. 
  12. Not to violate any of the principles mentioned by Conectier.com at any point during the entire process of integration. 
  13. Not compromise the security of the company in any way.
  14. Not to disobey the principles given by the company after the integration.
  15. Obey the rules of the non-disclosure agreement and contractual law of fiduciary relationships. 

5. User Information 

You will be solely responsible for any personal or professional information you give to us, for the purpose of using our service or during the consultation procedure, feedback, or through emails, or any other time during or after the integration process. We are merely a channel to publish or distribute your information online. 

As per the My Collectibles Information regulations, the following conditions apply to the information you provide us: 

  1. All the information given to us at all times must be accurate and not fraudulent. 
  2. It should be updated from time to time to avoid the involvement of any incorrect information. 
  3. This information should solely belong to you and not involve the pretense of others’ identities.
  4. The disclosure of any information should not cause an infringement of copyright contacts with other parties. 
  5. The conditions given under the right of publicity and the right to privacy must be obeyed while providing us with any kind of information. 
  6. It should not be obscene or offensive. 
  7. It should not breach the security of our system through viruses, trojan horses, or such harmful programs. 
  8. Any personal information provided must not open Conectier.com to any kind of legal or professional liabilities. 
  9. You should not completely disclose and describe our solutions to third parties.

If Conectier.com has reasons to believe that the information provided to us is false, inaccurate, or suspicious, your contract can be terminated as per the terms and conditions. 

While providing us with your information, you agree to grant us worldwide, royalty-free, and irrevocable permission to practice publicity and copyright rights. 

6. External Links 

During the process of the integration of the software, Conectier.com can provide links to external sources and other sites on the World Wide Web. But Conectier.com does not have full control over the actions and the content provided by these links. Therefore, you agree to not hold Conectier.com liable, directly or indirectly or responsible, partially or fully, for the materials available on these sites and resources. You also agree that Conectier does not hold any responsibility for the damage or potential damage caused or deemed to be caused by the use or dependence on these links. This is applicable to all the services, goods, content, and illustrations made available through these external links and resources. 

7. International Access 

Keeping in mind the wide reach of the internet, you agree to acknowledge and accept all the conditions regarding the publication and transmission of the data and the information provided to us to international destinations. You also agree to accept all the local rules of online data transmission. 

8. Security Breach 

We have the right to give you a warning notice, and temporarily or permanently terminate your access to our services if you are found in breach of our security policies. These rules include:

  • If it is found that you have submitted false documents or inaccurate information to us. 
  • If the information and the personal details given to us are not verifiable. 
  • If we have sufficient reasons that your activities are legally harmful to you, to us, and to our users. 

In all the above cases, you accept that we can terminate our services to you without any notice beforehand. Further, you also agree that Conectier.com should not be held responsible for your suspension by any third party or such agents. 

9. Interference with Our Site 

Our website has several illustrations, content, optimized data, and system-enhanced features. You agree to not utilize any software, robot, bot, online program, or any other such device to copy, reprint or duplicate our website or any of its content without official written permission. You also agree not to interrupt the working of our site in any way. You should not use our site for making any unauthorized claims or for carrying out frauds, and scams of any kind. You agree not to use and modify the information provided on Conectier.com for illegal purposes. 

During the registration process, you agree to provide us with your correct and valid email, and name. If any reason to suspect the identity of the user is found, then his or her account and the access to services will be immediately terminated. 

10. Limited Liability 

Under any circumstance, Conectier.com or any of its operators or service providers, will not be fully liable and responsible in the case of secondary, exemplary, and resultant damages due to the direct, indirect, or alleged loss of sales, profits, and goodwill in the effect of reasons such as: 

  1. The wrong use of our services. 
  2. Inefficient transmission of data.
  3. Involvement of third parties. 
  4. Any problem in connection with our site. 
  5. Negligence. 

In all the above cases, and any other circumstances not listed, you agree that Conectier is not responsible and liable for such damages if it has previously been informed and advised of these damages and losses. 

11. Limitations of Warranty 

Conectier.com or any of its suppliers and service providers do not ensure the warranty of their services both in terms of implied and statutory conditions. Any such warranty proclaimed by the service providers is deemed disclaimed by Conectier.com. The quality of service is maintained as promised by the website but the warranty of proclaimed results cannot be ensured by the website. 

The legality of implied warranty varies from one state to the other. So, you may have special legal rights in terms of the disclaimer of implied warranty in some states. 

12. Proprietary Protection Rights 

Conectier.com uses tools, solutions, and software to integrate your business that is not available for use, rent, lease, distribution, or loan by the users and customers. Hence, as a customer, you agree to accept this. You also agree that our services and the information provided by us, our service providers, advertisers, promoters, or any such person associated with us are secured by copyright laws, trademarks, intellectual property, and proprietary protection rights and laws. You can only merely use the software on our website but not modify it, trace or attempt to trace the source code, you cannot involve any third party to sub-license or trade the software with. You agree to acknowledge and accept these terms. 

13. Principle of Indemnity 

In case of any legal issues put forward by a third party due to any breach of the agreement on your part or any such reason, you agree to not hold responsible and render harmless the company, Conectier.com, our associates, our employees, our advertisers, our promoters, our users and our services providers, and any such person involved with us. This is applicable to any issue arising due to misuse of our site and our content, information provided on our site, and violation of rights and laws mentioned. 

14. Legal Duties and Compliance 

You agree to abide by all the legal rules, laws wherever applicable, and duties while engaging with us for the use of our services, for purchasing or listing our tools and solutions, for any kind of solicitation or sale of our services, items, and goods made available but us and our website, Conectier.com. 

15. Privacy of Users 

We aim at providing privacy and security to all our users wherever necessary. Our privacy policy has been designed by keeping in view our users and third parties. Our available privacy policy discloses all the terms on which users are awarded privacy. Our user protection rights and duties are also mentioned in our privacy policy. 

16. Exceptions and Limitation of Liabilities 

Few states, countries, and jurisdictions allow certain limitations on the liabilities in terms of potential consequences and caused harm. These exceptions apply wherever necessary. Similarly, some states may not make a provision for such limitations of liabilities and exceptions. Hence, these do not apply where such provisions are not provided by the concerned states and jurisdictions. 

17. Legal Compliance

A user will comply with every applicable law, regulation, statute, and ordinance with respect to using our product/service. This also applies to your purchase, bidding, solicitation, listing, and item sale on Conectier.

18. No Agency

Conectier and you are both independent contractors. This agreement does not ensure any agency, joint venture, partnership, franchisee-franchisor, or employer-employee relationship. 

19. Notices

Aside from when explicitly mentioned, a notice will be provided with a postal mail to:

USA– 4614 Baltimore Avenue, Storefront, Philadelphia 19143


Otherwise, it will be sent to the email address shared with Conectier while registering. It shall be considered given twenty-four hours after the email is shared, given that the sender’s email address is not valid. Other than this, you will be notified through a valid mail, return receipt asked for, and postage prepaid. Then the notice will be considered shared three days after the mailing date.

20.  Arbitration

When arbitration is bound, a claim/controversy can be settled should it be emerging from this agreement/our products or services. This will be done according to the Arbitration Act. This claim/controversy will be settled individually. The settlement of two controversies or claims cannot be combined with that of another party. 

21. Additional Terms

The documents given as follows are included by reference:

21.1 Conectier’s Privacy Policy can be found at Conectier.com. It can be modified as required. Once the modifications are added to the site/notification space, they will be effective. They can be sent via email to a user who has accepted our notifications.

21.2 The Outage Policy of Conectier is found on a request basis. It is subject to changes as per our discretion.

21.3 The Board Usage Policy of Conectier remains available when requested. It can be changed by us as required.

21.4 Conectier’s Safe Harbor Policy can be requested and is susceptible to modifications as needed.

21. 5 Conectier’s Prohibited, Questionable & Infringing Item List and Policy can be requested. We can change it at our discretion.

21.6 When accounts are found to exploit our products or services or exceed usage, they can be blocked. 

22. General

The laws of Conectier (US) will govern this agreement. A user agrees to provide his or her exclusive/personal jurisdiction of the Courts of the (India). Constant, secure, or interruption-free access to Conectier’s services is not assured. The same applies to our website. It can be interrupted due to several factors beyond Conectier’s control. In case this agreement’s provision cannot be applied or is invalid, it will be considered null and void. The other provisions will be applied.

For the purpose of reference, headings are used. For the section, they do not construe, define, limit, or explain its scope/extent. When we are not able to act regarding a breach done by you, our right to act is not removed regarding such a breach. It is agreed by you that irrespective of a law/statute contrary to this, a cause or claim relating to action related to or emerging from our product or service or site or the agreement will be filed within a year. This will be after the cause/claim emerges. Otherwise, it will be barred forever. The understanding between Conectier and you is established via this agreement.

23.  Data Storage & Transfer

The information gathered by Conectier.com gets processed, as well as stored, by the data centers in the U.S. 

24. Payments

24.1 Frequency of Payments.

Every month/year, payment shall be made automatically. This recurring payment will be renewed for a subscription. It will be within the range given electronically/as mentioned by Conectier. After the payment, its confirmation will be mailed to you. Also, advance notification for the payment shall be received by you.

24.2 Cancelling Automatic Recurring Payments

This automatically recurring payment can be stopped at any time as you decide to not use the service.

24.3 Establishing the Automatically Recurring Payment Again

After withdrawing from the service, you can subscribe to it again. Then you will have to re-establish the payment that recurs automatically. Then the payment recurring automatically prior to this will get terminated and the new one will get applied.

24.4 Changing an Automatically Recurring Payment

A user may want to change the automatically recurring payment. This change can comprise modifying the debit or credit card. It can be different from the one chosen initially or belong to any other bank account. As you do so, you will have to authorize this payment using a new debit or credit card. To do so, please sign in to your Stripe, PayPal, or such an account.

24.5 Electronic Authorization

The agreement for payment remains non-transferable. The user holding an account on Conectier needs to agree to it.

24.6 Refund Policy

The products or services sold by Conectier are “as is”. The responsibility for buying it is assumed by you. Therefore, it will not be refunded. In cloud hosting or related expenses, the irrecoverable costs are incurred by us for every user. Therefore, refunds cannot be given when a user subscribes to our products/services.

Kindly reach us at demo@Conectier.com for all your doubts/queries related to billing.

24.7 Complying with these Conditions

By giving the information of my debit card or credit card (“Payment Method’), I AGREE that I have read, as well as understood, the agreement for automatically recurring payment. Along with this, Conectier is authorized by me to charge a complete amount needed as per my rate plan which can be on a monthly or yearly basis or more frequently as described. it will be charged to the payment method specified. The financial institution is authorized for the payment method mentioned above for charging/debiting my account as well as remitting the payment. The authority is to be in effect till the time I notify, depending on the requirements of this agreement, for eliminating the authorization.

25.  Disclosures

The products/services provided by Conectier which is at the location – 4614 Baltimore Avenue, Storefront, Philadelphia 19143. The payment for our products or services is found in the parental control protections, for example – an application’s services for online accounting. The payment is available commercially. It can help you restrict access to materials that can be harmful to the minors.