IRS Reject Code IND-517-01: How to fix

conectier-What is IRS Code IND 517-01

IRS Tax Reject code IND-517-01 is displayed when the SSN of the dependent has already been used on another tax return as a primary taxpayer or spouse. By default, IRS accepts this return, and as a result, they cannot get another with the same SSN in the same tax year.

conectier-What is IRS Code IND 517-01

It is essential to address this Code IND 517 01 promptly by reviewing your tax return and confirming the accuracy of the SSN of your dependent. Suppose you believe there may be an error or identity theft. In that case, it’s crucial to contact the IRS immediately to resolve the issue and ensure that your tax return is processed correctly.

Methods to Solve IRS Reject Code IND-517-01

In case your tax return was rejected because of rejection code IND-517-01, there are a few steps you can take to resolve the issue:

1. Verify the accuracy of your dependent’s SSN: 

Double-check that the SSN you entered for your dependent on your tax return is correct. Typos or other errors in the SSN can cause a mismatch with the IRS records, resulting in a rejection of your tax return.

2. Confirm the identity of your dependent: 

Make sure that the person you claimed as a dependent on your tax return is the same person you think they are. In some cases, identity theft or fraud may be why another tax return was filed using your dependent’s SSN.

3. Get in touch with the IRS: 

If you’ve verified the accuracy of your dependent’s SSN and confirmed their identity, you’ll need to contact the IRS to resolve the issue.

4. File a paper return: 

Unable to resolve the issue with the IRS electronically? Then you may need to file a paper tax return. Be sure to attach a statement explaining why your return is being filed on paper and any supporting documentation that may help resolve the issue.

How to Resolve Reject Code IND-517-01 TurboTax?

Suppose you are filing returns electronically and are using applications such as TurboTax. You can use the following methods to fix IND-517-01 TurboTax errors.

  • Check SSN using TurboTax.
  • Sign in to TurboTax.
  • click the Fix my return button.
  • Select My Info from the menu. 
  • After that, let’s repair your returns and refile displays. 
  • Don’t choose to Fix it now.
  • Compare your dependent’s Social Security number to the number on their Social Security card on the personal detail summary screen.
    • If it is incorrect, Choose Edit to correct it.
  • Respond to the questions until you reach the Now let’s gather Social Security of your dependent number screen.
  • After updating the number.
  • Click Continue to refile your return.

How do I Resolve IND 517 01 in TurboTax Mobile?

Suppose you are using TurboTax mobile app. Then, you can use the below method to fix IND-517-01.

  • Sign out of the TurboTax Mobile app by selecting the Sign Out symbol from the menu.
  • Sign in to using your browser (either on your mobile or a PC) (use your app login).
  • Use the methods given to fix the rejection code.

IND 517 01 rejection code can be troublesome as it can also lead to identity theft. However, it is best advised that if your tax returns get rejected due to this code, you must resolve the problem promptly or get in touch with IRS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my dependent information is correct but got the reject code?

You must print and file your return. It’s possible that someone filed a false return using your dependent’s details.

what does ind-517-01 mean?

IND 517 01 is a reject code by IRS that taxpayers face when their dependent return has already been filed using their SSN.

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