How to Pay Bills in QuickBooks, Online & Desktop

Knowing How to Pay Bills in QuickBooks, Online, & Desktop

QuickBooks can make it easier for a company to pay numerous bills together at one time. The automatic process can reduce the burden faced by the company while paying different bills. Entering the bills in the accounting software can be required before making the payment. Once they have been entered, you should understand how to pay bills in QuickBooks. You need to use the Pay Bills button for carrying out the method. QuickBooks Online utilizes the Payment Account tab to accurately perform the steps. The option of vendors can be the most suitable while performing the bill payment method in QBDT. 

Knowing How to Pay Bills in QuickBooks, Online, & Desktop

How to Enter and Pay Bills in QuickBooks?

Bills can be entered and paid in the QuickBooks software. This can be done through the Pay Bills option. Reach the + icon present on the homepage of the accounting program. Find and click on the Pay Bills tab below the column of Suppliers. Choose the drop-down for Payment Account. Then opt for the payment account. 

The remaining procedure will help you in learning how to pay bills in QuickBooks:

  • Go to the “QB” window.
  • Tap on the “+” icon.
  • Below the “Suppliers” column, choose “Pay Bills”.
  • Opt for the “Payment Account” drop-down.
  • From here, pick an account for payment.
  • In case you want to pay the bills through a credit card, select the specific credit card account.
  • For paying the bills via online transfer or cheque, click on the “Transaction” tab.
  • Move to the dropdown of “Filter”. 
  • Tap on the date and payee if you have not done this before.
  • Put a tick against the bills that are to be paid.
  • If you want a partial payment to be made, edit the amount in the “Amt. to Pay” box.
  • In the section of “Payment Date”, opt for a date from the “Calendar” drop-down.
  • Now, push the “Save and Print” button.

Steps to Pay Bills in QuickBooks Online

Paying bills in QBO can be processed with the use of the Payment Account button. Go to the sign of + or plus and find the Pay Bills feature below the Vendors option. Choose the Payment Account through which the bills are to be paid. Type the Payment Date and fill up the first check number. Then opt for the Print Later option to schedule the bill. Go to filter and click on the bill payment list in QuickBooks Online afterward. 

  • Run “QuickBooks Online”.
  • Head to the “+” icon.
  • Choose “Pay Bills” below the “Vendors” tab.
Pay Bills in QuickBooks
  • The “Pay Bills” window will open.
  • From the list of “Payment Account”, opt for an account through which the payment is to be processed.
  • Enter the “Payment Date”.
  • Mention the first check number that will be used for paying the bills.
  • For identifying the bills and scheduling them, pick the “Print Later” option.
  • Visit the “Filter” list.
  • Here, click on the bills that you want to pay.

Note: The overdue bills will be displayed through a red flag. You may go through them.

  • A particular column will help you to customize the listed bills of the following:
    • “Payee”
    • “Reference Number”
    • “Due Date”
    • “Open Balance”

You may customize them as required.

customize the listed bills in QuickBooks
  • The payment amount can be edited in the column of “Payment”.
  • Without printing the checks, tap on the “Save” or “Save and Close” options for marking the bills as paid.
  • You can select the “Save and Print” tab for printing the checks and labeling the bills as paid.
Save and Print

How to Pay Bills in QuickBooks Desktop?

Bills can be paid in the Desktop version of QuickBooks by pressing the Vendors button. Go to the Vendors feature and press the Pay Bills tab. Opt for the account that is the most appropriate Accounts Payable from the available drop-down menu. Put a mark on the boxes beside the bills that you want to pay. Discounts and Credit can also be applied to the bills.

To know how to pay bills in QuickBooks Desktop, keep reading the steps below:

  • Open “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Select the “Vendors” tab.
  • Tap on “Pay Bills” in this direction.
  • In the drop-down, choose the account for the accurate “Accounts Payable”.
  • Put a tick beside the boxes of the bills that are to be paid.

Tip: To unmark all the selected boxes, you can make use of the “Clear Selections” or the “Select All Bills” tab.

  • You may also apply a “Discount” or “Credit” on the bills.
  • Type the date on which you want the payment to be made.
  • Choose the payment method among the following:
    • “Check”
    • “Credit Card”
    • “Online Bill Payment”
    • “Online Bank Payment”
    • “Cash”
    • “Debit or ATM card”
    • “PayPal”
    • “EFT”
  • Press the “Pay Selected Bills” button.
  • Hit “Pay More Bills” in case you want to pay more bills.
  • Once everything is complete, click on “Done”.
  • After pressing “Done”, your bill will get paid according to the choices you have made.

Note: This method can also be applied on both Windows and Mac versions of QuickBooks Desktop.  

In Closing

Automatically paying bills in QuickBooks, at one time to all the payees, can save a lot of time for a company. The post showcased the process for paying bills in the accounting program. In addition, the methods for how to pay bills in QuickBooks Online and Desktop were described to help every user of the software.

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