E-File Reject Code F8962-006-01 in TurboTax


The reject code F8962-006-01 is a message displayed by the IRS. This particular reject code refers to form 8962 which is required to settle the advanced premium tax credit as per the form 1095A. 


F8962-006-01 in TurboTax means that there was an issue with filing the return electronically. This happened because of a processing mistake. However, this particular reject code has been solved on 3rd February 2022. After that date, taxpayers can relaunch the tax documents that got rejected due to this error and can review and refile the same through the application.  

How Do I Resolve Reject code F8962-006-01 in TurboTax?

Many users of TurboTax have complained about receiving the reject code F8962-006-01. As this was entirely due to an update issue that interfered with the processing of e-filing returns. However, the issue was fixed on February 2, 2022. 

To fix the federal return rejection reject code F8962-006-01, you can do the following:

  • Get Access back into TurboTax and pick Fix my return
  • Choose Federal from the left menu tab, then review
  • Keep going through what is displayed, follow the instructions, and resubmit your tax documents. 

The IRS only began accepting electronically filed tax returns on Jan. 24, and this early in the period it is not unusual to still have updates. You will be required to check the 1095A part of your tax documents after February 3, when the updates should be complete. Submit it again then and it should be acknowledged.

Reject code F8962-006-01 message is entirely about processing errors in the e-filing application. However, TurboTax has rectified the error so taxpayers can file their returns smoothly and seamlessly. However, if such an issue still persists it is recommended to contact the customer support team of your e-filing program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reject Code F8962-006-01?

This error was basically an update issue that interfered with processing of the form 8962 electronically. 

Why did I receive an IRS reject code f8962-006-01?

You received this as form 8962 which is required to settle the advanced premium tax credit as per the form 1095A could not be processed. 

Has the f8962-006-01 turbo tax error been resolved?

Yes, the f8962-006-01 turbo tax has been resolved on February 2, 2022.

Can I File my return if I received the f8962-006-01 rejection code?

Yes, you can resubmit your rejected returns electronically after February 2, 2022.

Will I be penalized for the reject code F8962-006-01?

No, as this was completely an update error. However, it is best to review your rejected returns and then refile them. 

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