How to Fix and Repair a Corrupt QuickBooks Company File?

Fix Corrupt QuickBooks Company File

A company file of QuickBooks may be corrupted if you work overtime on the accounting software. With the file becoming corrupt, you may be unable to use it or do your accounting work. QuickBooks corrupt file repair can be achieved in QB via the Rebuild Data feature. This feature can be found in the Utilities of the accounting software. It is mainly helpful for the verification of your data. Even for troubleshooting a corrupt QuickBooks company file, this feature can be implemented.

Fix Corrupt QuickBooks Company File

How to Identify Corrupt QuickBooks File?

Sometimes, a virus may attack your file(Delete a Company file in QuickBooks). It can make the file corrupt and further, prevent you from working on it. This is one reason why your file may become corrupted. These are the other reasons that will help you know how in QuickBooks, a corrupt company file can emerge:

  • In case a virus attack takes place that deletes all the data, the file may be left corrupted.
  • Internet, hard disk, or cable issues may be responsible for a corrupted QB company file.
  • File corruption can take place if the desktop is shut down improperly.
  • The RAM may not contain sufficient memory. Thus, a QuickBooks corrupted file may be the end result.

How to Repair a Corrupt QuickBooks Company File Manually?

Rebuild Data is a feature that can remove errors from your QB company file especially when it has been corrupt. To fix a corrupted QuickBooks file, a user should use this feature through the File tab. The method is to be commenced by creating a backup copy of the file that contains the data. You must also turn on the temporary hosting on your desktop. Then sign in as the Admin and visit the File button. Next, tap on the Utilities tab and press the Rebuild Data option.

  • A backup copy of the QuickBooks company data file is to be created.
  • The temporary hosting must also be turned on.
  • Login to “QuickBooks” as its “Admin”.
  • Press “File”.
  • Click on the “Utilities” button.
  • Now, tap on “Rebuild Data”.
  • Then the file is to be copied. 
  • Once the file has been copied, open it.
  • In this step, it is necessary to log in as the “Administrator” while you open the file. 

Check whether you were able to fix the corrupted QuickBooks file with this feature.

How to Fix a Corrupted File in QuickBooks Desktop

The Rebuild Data feature is available in QBDT. It can remove issues in the company file on becoming corrupt. This is an automatic fix. You can manually fix a corrupted QuickBooks Desktop file too. For manually troubleshooting it, you can use the Verify Data utility.

Scroll down the following fixes to resolve the corrupted QuickBooks Desktop company file.

Fix 1: Through Rebuild Data Feature

If a user wants to repair a corrupted data file in QBDT, then the Rebuild Data option can be very helpful. You need to run QuickBooks Desktop and head to File. After this, select Utilities and press the Rebuild Data option. Once done, hit the Ok button and then continue with the prompts appearing on the screen.

  • Run “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Move to “File”.
  • Proceed to “Utilities”.
  • Click on “Rebuild Data”.
  • In the fifth step, please tap on “Ok”.
  • Keep following the prompts for saving the backup.
  • Now, please wait for a few minutes
Repair Corrupted file Through Rebuild Data Feature in QuickBooks Desktop

Note: If the mouse is moving on the screen, then it means that the repairing tool is working.

  • Once all this is done, press “Ok”.
  • Head to the “File” option one more time.
  • Press “Utilities”.
  • Hit “Verify Data” this time. It will check if there is any error present in your company file of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • When no issue is found, select “Ok”.
  • In case an issue has been identified, push the “Rebuild Now” button. It will troubleshoot the error that is present in the file.

Fix 2: Repairing the File Manually via Verify Data

When users undergo problems related to their corrupted QBDT company file, they are required to utilize the Utilities option. You will have to find and click on the File button to repair a corrupt QuickBooks Desktop company file. Then press the Utilities tab and tap on the Verify Data feature. Further, pick Expand All from the screen of Verify Results to make your file corruption-free.

  • Launch your “QBDT” account.
  • Click on the “File” tab.
  • Select “Utilities”.
  • Next, press the “Verify Data” button.
Repair QuickBooks Corrupted file Manually via Verify Data
  • A “Verify Results” screen will open. You may wait till then.
  • To check the error, tap on “Expand All”.
  • Pick “Online Articles” to resolve the issue.
  • You will get rid of the problem. Thus, the QuickBooks corrupt company file on the Desktop version will be repaired.

Note: In case you are unable to fix the error through this method, the company file’s corruption may be occurring due to a complex cause. You may contact the Customer Care team of Intuit QuickBooks to get more help. The team can explain how to repair a corrupt QuickBooks company file on your version based on the specified cause.

Tips to Prevent QuickBooks Corrupt Company Files

To prevent a QuickBooks company file from corrupting, you can save the data in a safe and secure location on your computer. Doing so can ensure that your business operations can still be continued as the data shall remain available. 

  • On your system, do not download files that may contain viruses.
  • Third-party apps and tools should be avoided on the system on which QB is being used.
  • The data must always be backed up in a different location or device.


This post helped you to know the reasons behind a corrupted QB company file. It was also explained that you can try to recover a corrupt QuickBooks file by repairing it. We highlighted a manual fix for the error. Several fixes to automatically eliminate the issue were also shared with you. Moreover, we talked about the preventive measures you may follow to get rid of a company file from corrupting.

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  • Hello, I have tried everything but could not repair my company file. I am not even able to make a copy of my company file. Quickbook is not generating backup file either. I am worried about my data. Please suggest me what should I do. I am using QB Enterprise solutions 2012

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