How to Fix QuickBooks Error 108 while Doing Online Banking

QuickBooks Error 108

The QuickBooks error 108 is an online banking problem. When you add your account to this software, the servers of both get involved. Hence, the website of QuickBooks and your bank should be working. When they are not, server issues can result in this error. While there can be additional causes of the problem, you should, nevertheless, know the measures to fix the error 108. It is useful to note that in QuickBooks Online and Self-Employed too, this banking error can come up. Hence, for every version, reliable fixes have been developed. You need to perform them with accuracy to resolve the online banking error 108.

QuickBooks Error 108

Why does the QuickBooks 108 error Occur?

Issues within the website of QuickBooks or your bank can generate the error 108. You should be aware of two types of causes in that case. This will make it easier to get rid of the error 108 QuickBooks problem.

  • On receiving a message from the credit card company or bank of a user, the QuickBooks connection can get blocked. Hence, this error code 108 may take place.
  • The bank connection facility may not have been updated.
  • You may have added several bank accounts in the software. They may be leading to this banking issue.
  • You may have changed your credentials. However, the same may not have been updated in the accounting software.
  • The banking feature is helpful for users. But it is important to upgrade it lest you should see this QuickBooks issue.

How do You Fix the QuickBooks Error 108?

In various ways, you can remove the banking error 108 QuickBooks issue. Initially, you can try following the guidelines in the messages sent by your bank’s website. Then the online banking facility can be upgraded in the accounting software. In addition to this, make sure that the server of your bank is working while you use its operations in QuickBooks.

Fix 1: Check Messages on Credit Card/Bank’s Site

The error 108 QuickBooks issue occurs mainly due to bank or credit card notifications relating to service rules, offers, etc. To fix the cause, you must visit the relevant website. Via your account on it, you will be able to access the notifications and perform the actions directed by them. This should remove the error 108, provided that the same account has been linked to the software.

  • Go to the website of your credit card/bank.
  • Access your account on that site.

Note: You must use the account credentials that are the same as that of QuickBooks. On finding out that the credentials are not the same, move to the accounting software. Remove your bank/credit card account from QuickBooks. Then reconnect this account using the other credentials now.

  • Find out whether or not you have received a message in your account. Also, look for a notification or an update. When one of these has been found, open it.
  • Ensure that you follow the directions mentioned in the message or notification.
  • Now, run “QuickBooks”. Since the message would have been resolved, the QuickBooks error 108 may not occur.

Certain users may not find any notifications/updates/messages. Despite that, this error 108 may be seen. In that case, you can run your browser. Pop-ups may be blocked in it. You have to unblock the same. After doing this, the software can be opened again to see if the error code has been fixed.

Fix 2: Get Banking Updates

It is vital that you run an updated banking feature in this software. On failing to do so, the banking error 108 QuickBooks issue can persist. To get rid of this error, you can simply update the feature. See to it that you use a supported internet browser. Otherwise, the error may not get resolved.

Go through these steps to start updating the QuickBooks banking feature.

  • In Step 1, the software has to be opened.
  • Then you have to look for “Banking”. Press the option after finding it.
  • Hit the option “Update”.

Let the software update this banking feature. After the process is over, the upgrades should help in fixing or preventing this error 108.

Fix 3: Wait for Your Bank’s Server to be Available

The server of your bank needs to be up when you are conducting operations through your account in QuickBooks. Provided that this server is down, the error 108 will shoot up in between these operations. 

When you find yourself in this scenario, consider opening your browser. Then check the website of your bank. Find out whether the site is indicating any server problems. Given that the problems are there, then you can be sure about the cause of the QuickBooks error 108.

In this scenario, you will be suggested to wait until the server is available again. To check the same, you can open the bank’s website at regular intervals.

Can I Fix the QuickBooks Online Error 108?

In QuickBooks Online, the 108 error can be fixed mainly through upgrades or updated details. Speaking of upgrades, you will have to enhance the feature that lets you connect your bank to your software. The second fix is to add your recent banking password and ID in the software. Since the latest credentials will be used, you will be able to execute your banking operations without seeing the error 108 in QuickBooks Online.

Fix 1: Add Your Updated Banking Information

You may be bothered by the banking error 108 issue when your account’s information is not updated. Particularly when you have changed your credentials and not updated them to the software, the banking error 108 QuickBooks Online issue can continue to persist. You can simply update this information via the Banking tab in this software and fix the issue.

  • Select the option which mentions “Banking”.
  • Then proceed to use “Pencil”. This is an icon present next to the name of the bank account.
  • Choose the option labeled “Edit Sign-in Info”.
  • Update the ID related to your account.
  • Then provide an updated password for this ID.

 Fix 2: Implement Bank Connection Updates

QuickBooks Online lets you add your bank account for a number of reasons. The feature that lets you do this also provides you with updates. You need to install them to keep problems like the error 108 in QuickBooks Online away. Given that you are already experiencing this error code, consider updating the bank connection facility. 

  • The user needs to access “QuickBooks Online” and sign in.
  • Find the section for “Bookkeeping”.
  • Under this, the option named “Transactions” has to be clicked on.
  • In Step 4, kindly tap on “Bank Transactions”.
  • Here, you will find the “Update” service. Press it.

Bank connection updates will now be received in QuickBooks Online. Gradually, the software will stop indicating the QuickBooks Online error 108.

How to Troubleshoot the Banking Error 108 QuickBooks Self-Employed Issue?

The error 108 QuickBooks Self-Employed bug can be resolved by keeping your system updated. You can run the software in this system without any issues then. Otherwise, you can refresh your banking accounts. Either way, this error 108 will be removed.

Fix 1: Refresh Bank Accounts in the Software

You can add several bank accounts to this software. But when this is done, the chances of certain errors can increase. Speaking of the error 108 in QuickBooks Self-Employed, ensure whether you have added such accounts. Then refresh all your accounts to stop the error code.

  • You must be logged into the software “QuickBooks Self-Employed”.
  • In the next step, you have to use the button for “Profile”.
  • From here, you have to redirect yourself to “Bank Accounts”.
  • Followed by this, the option of “Refresh All” has to be chosen.

The said option will refresh your bank accounts. Hence, this error 108 would no longer be generated. It will also be helpful to carry out this fix frequently. Then your accounts will not be able to generate banking errors like this one.

Fix 2: Upgrade Windows and then Run the Software

The presence of this error 108 in this software can be traced to a lack of system updates. In this situation, it will be suggested to update your system and then start using the software. Hopefully, the banking error 108 QuickBooks Online problem will be removed and the performance of your system, along with the software, will also improve.

  • Hit the “Start” tab or “Windows” key.
  • Mention “Update” after you tap on “Search”.
  • Wait until you find the “Windows Update Dialog Box”.
  • This box will display “Install Updates”. Press it.

Let your system be updated. Then you can shut it down. After you restart it, you can begin to run the accounting software. This time, you may not notice the error 108 in QuickBooks Online. In case you do, check whether the updates were fully installed.

Thoughts in Conclusion

You may run into banking errors like the code 108 in this software when your accounts are operating through it. To keep such errors at bay, upgrading the facility is essential. Likewise, the accounts should be refreshed to keep up their performance. Thus, you will be able to execute banking tasks with ease without being bothered by the QuickBooks error 108 often.

FAQs – Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 108 while Doing Online Banking

How do I fix the error 108 in QuickBooks Online?

In QuickBooks Online, this error 108 can be fixed by updating the information of your bank. This will include the email ID or username, as well as the password, associated with the same. You can update this and then find the QuickBooks Online error 108 repaired.

What causes the QuickBooks error 108?

You can receive certain messages via the website of your bank or credit card company. These messages can carry important information or steps that you must perform. When this has not been ensured, while doing any banking operations in QuickBooks, this error code 108 may come up.

How is the QuickBooks Online error 108 caused?

This error 108 in QuickBooks Online can be caused because of 2 reasons. Firstly, you may not be using the correct or updated bank account credentials. Secondly, the bank connection feature may not have been upgraded in this accounting software.

What are the signs of the error 108 QuickBooks?

While you carry out a banking function, you may not be able to successfully do it as this error emerges. The QuickBooks error 108 may also reduce the performance of the software. There can be other signs of the issue but they can be determined as per the version of QuickBooks.

Is the QuickBooks 108 error an update problem?

This error can indicate an update issue. The updates may not have been installed on your Windows system. Otherwise, the software’s banking feature may not have been upgraded. In either case, this error code 108 can be observed in QuickBooks.

Why is the banking error 108 QuickBooks Self-Employed occurring?

You may be running QuickBooks Self-Employed on a PC that has not been recently updated. Hence, you may be finding this error. In case the computer already has the required upgrades, you may not have refreshed your bank accounts. In this scenario as well, this error 108 QuickBooks Self-Employed issue can bother you.

What does the banking error 108 QuickBooks Online mean?

The 108 error means that there is a banking problem in QuickBooks Online. It can show that your information is incorrect. Hence, when you execute any bank operation from your account in the software, the desired result may not be achieved.

How does the bank server cause the QuickBooks error 108?

It is important that your bank’s server be available when you require its use while running QuickBooks. When this server is not working, this usage may be hindered. As this happens, the banking error 108 QuickBooks issue can be caused.

Can I fix the error 108 QuickBooks?

You can get rid of this error 108. The issue may seem recurring or persistent. However, it can be resolved. To troubleshoot it, you should check the “Banking” feature. It will come with an “Update” option. By utilizing it, you will be able to stop the occurrence of the error 108.

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