What is the IRS Reject code IND 511-01?

conectier-What is IRS Rejection Code IND 511-01

Have you ever encountered the reject code IND-511-01 when filing your tax returns? If so, this article will help you understand this issue, why it arises, and how you can resolve it.  

conectier-What is IRS Rejection Code IND 511-01

This error deals with the taxpayer’s SSN and filing status. If you have lately filed your returns under the status Married but filing Separately, you might encounter this error. This indicates that the SSN is similar to your spouse’s and has already been used to file returns in the current year. 

You can also refer to IND 515 reject code as this also discusses the SSN already being used. 

Why Does Business Rule IND 511-01 Arise?

The business rule IND 511-01 arises primarily to stop taxpayers from claiming to be identical individual on multiple tax documents or obtaining double tax benefits. This error of married but filing separately is designed to stop couples from reaping certain tax benefits that can only be available to those married and filing their returns jointly. 

What Are the Methods to Fix Reject Code IND-511-01?

There are several methods that you can use to fix reject code IND-511-01. Some of them that you can implement are listed below:

Check your SSN

The first method is to check your SSN and whether it is correct on the tax document that you are preparing. 

Verify your filing status

Ensure that you and your spouse do it separately when filing returns. This should be under “Married Filing Separately.” If a wrong status is selected accidentally, you must rectify it immediately.  

Make use of Form 1040x

Form 1040x is used to amend any errors in tax returns. If you think your SSN has been wrongly entered, complete the form and submit it to the IRS. Ensure to read the guidelines carefully.  

Refile your returns

After having amended all mistakes relating to SSN and filing status, you can refile the same for processing. 

IND-511-01 reject code can be troublesome when used incorrectly, as it creates hurdles when claiming tax benefits. If your SSN is incorrectly used previously, you can follow the above methods to resolve this. If all fails, you need to submit tax documents by mail to the IRS. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does IND 511-01 mean?

IND 511-01 is an error code the IRS uses to indicate that your tax return has been rejected because the primary SSN on your tax return matches the SSN on another tax return filed for the same tax year.

Can I file a joint tax return if I receive this error message?

The IRS requires that you file separate tax returns with the status Married Filing Separately.

Why does this error occur?

This error occurs to prevent taxpayers from claiming the same person as a dependent on multiple tax returns or claiming double tax benefits. It also helps prevent couples from taking advantage of certain tax benefits that are only available to couples who file jointly.

How can I correct this error?

To correct this error, you will need to verify the accuracy of your SSN, confirm the filing status, amend your return, and resubmit it to the IRS.

Can I fix this error by contacting the IRS?

No, this reject code cannot be fixed by contacting the IRS. You must correct your tax return and resubmit it through the appropriate channels.

How long will it take to fix this error and resubmit my tax return?

You have to wait a couple of weeks or more for the IRS to process your return and issue any refunds owed to you.

Will I be penalized for filing an incorrect tax return?

You might be subject to penalties or interest charges if you filed an incorrect tax return.

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