QuickBooks PayPal Integration Methods and Advantages for Business Owners

QuickBooks PayPal Integration

PayPal has been one of the most used applications when it comes to online payments. It offers the users to pay a low transaction fee while spending on the items through credit or debit cards. The QuickBooks PayPal integration gives a boost to these features and also adds more benefits to it. Once integrated or synced, the transaction fees can automatically get recorded in the accounting software. It can also turn advantageous in learning about the performance of your business by downloading the final reports of the income and expenses. 

QuickBooks PayPal Integration

The synchronization can act as a lead for the owners of large businesses as due to the increased number of transactions, it would become helpful in tracking the payments through the Intuit software. Through the QuickBooks PayPal and Connect to PayPal applications, you can easily sync both the software. 

What Features are Provided by QuickBooks PayPal Integration?

Through QuickBooks PayPal integration, business owners can easily find out the gross sales along with net sales. You can have a check on each of the transactions plus the PayPal fees that are taking place. 

You can also expect features such as:

  • A separate account is made for recording the fees. This is completely automatic and you do not need to enter the fees manually.
  • Similar to a bank, the integration allows you to have a look at the transactions and confirm them before you save them in the books of accounts.
  • Information related to the product and customer gets recorded in the sales receipt automatically through PayPal so that you can view the details if required. 

How to Integrate PayPal with QuickBooks?

You may come across various applications that can be helpful in QuickBooks Online integration with PayPal. For syncing the two, you may go with the QB PayPal application that will ease your work in accepting the payments. Also, synchronization made through the Connect to PayPal app can help you accurately handle the transactions. Apart from these, the PayPal app lets you manage your money in a proper way. 

Method 1: Using the QuickBooks PayPal App

The QuickBooks PayPal application can be a great help while accepting the online payments made by the customers. Also known as Accept Card Payments with PayPal, this app can be used for PayPal and QuickBooks Online integration. For performing the same, you need to log in to your QBO account and then add up the app. Access is to be provided to the software for syncing with the other platform.

  • Sign in to “QBO”.
  • If you do not have an account, create one by tapping on the “Sign Up” option.
  • Once you have reached the QBO window, “Accept Card Payments with PayPal App” is to be added.

Tip: If you do not find this feature in your software, then try updating it.

  • Give access to the QuickBooks account so that it can connect to the PayPal account.
  • Now, verify it through the mail that has been sent to you.

Note: After both of them have been integrated, an invoice can be created and sent. While creating an invoice, you need to make sure that the checkbox of “Accept Card Payments with PayPal” is marked. 

Method 2: Via Connect to PayPal App

Connect to PayPal is an application that lets the users make changes in the transactions of this online payment processor. You can categorize, edit, or customize them according to your needs after QuickBooks Online PayPal integration has been done. 

For integrating both of them, link the accounting software using the Connect to PayPal app and switch on the Auto-sync button of sales data. Now, you can go through them before adding them to the books of accounts.

Let us read more about how does PayPal integrate with QuickBooks Online through the app:

  • Find “Connect to PayPal” once you sign in to “QBO”.
  • Access the app and link the processor with the software.
  • Then turn on the “Auto-Sync” option of the sales data.
  • Next, have a look at the transactions of PayPal before you add them to the books of accounts.
  • Now, you have to reconcile PayPal in QuickBooks.
  • After the reconciliation process is over, you can be ensured that both the applications have been properly synced.

Pricing: The cost for syncing PayPal to the software is absolutely free as of now. 

Method 3: Through the PayPal Application

The PayPal application is used for tracking the transactions that are being made via the payment software. With the help of this app, you can perform QuickBooks Online and PayPal integration. You will have to log into your QBO account and make a move to the Apps tab present in the menu. Proceed by filling PayPal in the search box. Now, search for it and install the app.

  • Launch “QuickBooks Online”.
  • Then log in to your account.
  • Click on the “Apps” option from the menu.
  • In the field provided to search, type “PayPal” and find it.
  • Among the search results, tap on “PayPal”.
  • Hit “Get App Now”.
  • Now, opt for the “QuickBooks Online Company” option.
  • Press “Allow/Authorize”.
  • After selecting that button, your account on the payment platform should get connected to QBO.

What are the Advantages of QuickBooks and PayPal Integration?

Business owners’ spendings can become automatic by using PayPal with QuickBooks. This can be one of the most useful advantages provided to users. The time you spend on managing the vendors and bills on your own will get cleared after their sync. Also, those payments that are being made on a recurring basis can be set up for paying automatically according to their time.

Other than this, you can also find numerous advantages of QuickBooks PayPal integration. Some of them are as follows:

  • You can have an overview of the dashboard and go through the business financials such as the outstanding invoices, expenses, and income once you log in to your QB account.
  • The reports including Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, etc., can be seen along with the other ones for knowing about the performance of the business.
  • The credit card account, as well as the bank, can be connected for downloading and categorizing the accounts automatically. 

In Essence

Being a large business owner, you can go for the QuickBooks PayPal integration and maintain a record of every detail. You can also be benefitted from its low transaction fees that are charged for making payments with credit cards. Through the blog, you got to know the procedures for syncing QB and PayPal using different applications.

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