QBCFMonitorService Not Running on this Computer

Image of QBCFMonitorService Not Running On This Computer

QBCFMonitorService not running on this computer will likely arise when a background service required to run QuickBooks stops responding. This particular application or service is also known as the company file monitoring services in the accounting program.

Image of QBCFMonitorService Not Running On This Computer

In this blog, you will find the solutions to apply when encountering the QBCFMonitorService error.

What Causes the QBCFMonitorService Not Running on this System?

Listed below are the several causes that lead to the QBCFMonitorservice not running or being unresponsive in the system.

  • The server is not configured properly to host the company file.
  • QuickBooks Database Manager is deleted unintentionally by some users.
  •  A limited link between QuickBooks and specific company files due to a third-party application.
  • An issue with the system registry files leading the QBFCMonitorService service terminated unexpectedly error.

How to Fix QBCFMonitorService Not Running on this Computer Problem?

Below you will find solutions to resolving the QBCFMonitorService keeps stopping issue. However, we recommend creating a backup of all important files to avoid data loss.

Image of qbcfmonitorservice service terminated unexpectedly

Step 1. Reopen the QBCFMonitorService.exe

Restarting the QBCFMonitorService.exe is the first step that you can follow to resolve the issue. To do this.

  • Look for the service and open it manually.
  • Press simultaneously Ctrl/Alt/Delete buttons on the keyboard
  • This will open the Taskbar option.
  • Go to the process tab.
  • On QBCFMonitorService right click on the mouse. Pick the option to end the task.
  • Tap Yes.
  • Relaunch the QuickBooks program

Step 2: Perform a system scan

A system scan be useful to look for viruses and malware which sometimes causes the QBCFMonitorService not running on server issue. 

  • Copy and Paste the QBCFMonitorService.exe on the desktop. 
  • Choose the antivirus program by right-clicking the mouse on it. 
  • Tap to perform a scan. 
  • Do the following for the copied version on the desktop. 
  • Once done, tap Fix it. 
  • Replace the copied file with the original one in QuickBooks Folder. 

The above steps should fix the QBCFMonitorService not running on this computer but if it persists, go to the next step. 

Step 3: Verify the System Firewall Settings

Firewall settings are important for third-party applications to run properly. Any wrong settings may lead to QuickBooks crashing or QBCFMonitorService Not Running on this Computer

  • Tap on the Window Start button
  • Write Windows Firewall to open it 
  • When it opens, tap Advanced settings.
  • Right-click on On the inbound rules.
  • Pick New Rule. 
  • Select the port and then, tap next. 
  • Ensure TCP is chosen. 
  • Enter the following in the specific local ports
    • QuickBooks Desktop 2020 and later: 8019, XXXXX.
    • QB Desktop 2019: 8019, XXXXX.
    • QB Desktop 2018: 8019, 56728, 55378-55382.
    • QB Desktop 2017: 8019, 56727, 55373-55377

Step 4: Ensure multi-user hosting is checked on the server

  • Launch QuickBooks 
  • Navigate to the File menu
  • On the utility option, tap to host multi-user rights. 
  • Tap yes on the next displayed box 
  • Ensure hosting is enabled on the server
  • Ensure multi-user hosting is not running on any other system apart from the server. 
  • You can check this by navigating to the file menu. 
  • If you see the option single-user. it means the program is running under multi-user mode. You need to change this. 
  • Do not make any changes if you see the option to switch to multi-user mode. 

Check to see if it has resolved the QBCF Monitor Service not running error

Step 5: Install Updates for QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Look for the latest version of the database server manager for your QuickBooks version

  • Launch QuickBooks if you do not have the updates required. 
  • Look for the option Update QuickBooks
  • Ensure all version of QuickBooks is selected. 
  • After the update, Open QuickBooks on all systems and servers. 

Step 6: Setup the QuickBooks Database Server service

As the QBCFMonitorService not running on this computer deals with the database server, you try to set it up again to see if it resolves the issue. Follow the steps below to do this.

  • Open the run box by pressing the win plus R key
  • Write services. Msc
  • Tap OK
  • Search for QuickBooks DBXX from the list
  • If service is stopped, right-click the mouse and tap properties.
  • Change the startup status to automatic.
  • Go to the Login button or tab
  • Pick the fix option.
  • Go to the recovery option or tab
  • Tap on where it says to restart the system.
  • Tap OK to continue.

You can use the above 6 steps and options to solve the QBCFMonitorService Not Running error. If however, the problem persists you can seek QuickBooks technical help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is QBCFMonitorService not running?

QBCFMonitorService may not run or keep stopping due to an outdated QuickBooks Database Server Manager version.

Where is QBCFMonitorService stored in QuickBooks?

It is stored within the QuickBooks folder.

How to fix QuickBooks company file monitoring service errors?

Ensure the application is updated, the firewall is configured properly, and multi-user mode is checked.

What is QBCFMonitorService?

QBCFmonitorservice.exe is a QuickBooks Database Manager Service.

How to get rid of QBCFMonitorService error in QuickBooks?

Copy the QBCFMonitorService.exe to the desktop and scan for viruses. Once done replace the original with the copied one.

Why is my QBCF monitor not working?

This can be due to the QBCF Monitor application Service or the QuickBooks Installation.

Why is QBCFMonitorService unable to start error h505?

Windows firewall stops the services that it recognizes as a virus or malicious.

Why is QBCFMonitorService not running?

Due to the outdated version of QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

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