Rectifying QuickBooks Error PS077 or PS032 in Payroll and Desktop Versions

Conectier-How to fix QuickBooks Error PS077 or PS032

While downloading updates for Intuit accounting program’s Payroll version, you may come across the QuickBooks error PS077 or PS032. It is because of this issue that the software may stop functioning. To make you recognize this error, a dialog would emerge in your window. It can put forth the message “Error PS007 When Downloading Payroll Updates” or “[PS032] QuickBooks can’t Read Your Payroll Setup Files”. 

Conectier-How to fix QuickBooks Error PS077 or PS032

Both these errors are similar to each other. They are caused due to an update error in either the software’s payroll feature or the Payroll Tax Tables. These errors can show their effects on QuickBooks Payroll and Desktop. To assure that the QuickBooks error PS032 PS077 does not stay for long, irrespective of the version, you need to execute the fixes that update the software while eliminating the error codes.

1. Causes of QuickBooks Error PS077 or PS032

Users may sometimes unknowingly install the QuickBooks software incorrectly. Due to this, the PS032 or PS077 QuickBooks error code can occur. The installation may also not be processed properly if its downloaded file is corrupted or damaged. Hence, making it more possible for this error to emerge.

Correspondingly, you may face the PS077 error because of other reasons given below:

  • In case the tax table file has been corrupted, the error PS032/PS077 can take place.
  • Not registering the software properly can lead to issues inclusive of this one.
  • The billing details that you have been using might not be correct or may be outdated.
  • A damaged company file can produce the QuickBooks error code PS077.
  • When QuickBooks is unable to access information about registrations, the error PS032 can be the end result.

2. Troubleshooting the QuickBooks Error PS032 or PS077

When encountered with the QuickBooks error PS077, users can attempt to re-install the accounting software by making use of the Clean Install Tool. Apart from this, you can also create a fresh folder on the Desktop and relocate your QuickBooks Company File. Processing these fixes in the right way can turn out to be helpful in resolving the PS032/PS077 error codes.

2.1) Fix 1: Clean Install Tool for Software Reinstallation

Due to some unknown issues in the software, you may come across the QuickBooks PS077 error. In such a situation, you can start running the Clean Install Tool. You can find it in the QuickBooks Tool Hub application. It automatically scans the issue that is not letting the software work. After finding that out, it will start fixing the PS077 or PS032 error. 

  • Go to the “QuickBooks Tool Hub” application.
  • Press the “Installation Issues” option.
  • Then you need to click on “Clean Install Tool”.
  • Opt for the “QuickBooks Versions” that you run.
  • You are then required to pick the “Product Version”.
  • In this step, hit the “Continue” button.
  • Tap on the “Ok” tab in case you find the “Please Install Your Copy of QuickBooks to the Default Location” message being displayed on the screen.

You need to provide some time until the process is finished. After the tool completes its function, you will have to re-install the accounting software. Now, have a check if the QuickBooks PS077/PS032 issue has been resolved.  

2.2) Fix 2: Add a New Folder and Move Company Files

A problem in the Company File’s locations can develop the QuickBooks error PS032/PS077. Therefore, moving the file to another newly created folder can be thought of. On the Desktop of your computer, you can create a new folder for relocating the file. Also, ensure that you have already created a backup of the File before beginning the fix. Should its contents receive any damages during the process, the backup will be helpful.

  • Head to the “Desktop” window.
  • Then you have to tap right anywhere on the screen.
  • Press “New”.
  • Next, opt for the “Folder” tab.
  • Enter “QBTEST” as the folder’s name.
  • Head towards the folder where the “QuickBooks Company File” has been stored.
  • Right-tap on this file.
  • Hit the “Copy” button here.
  • Now, move on to your newly created “QBTEST” folder.
  • Paste the copied file into this folder.
  • After this, launch the “Company File” that has been shifted to the new folder.

The QuickBooks error PS077 PS032 might have been fixed by now. However, should you find that the issue is still present, then you can go through the steps again and then check whether any of them has been skipped. 

3. Fixing QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS032

Users can get rid of the PS077 or PS032 QuickBooks Payroll error through the Rebuild Data tool. This will automatically resolve the issues that are causing the error. Apart from this, UAC could also be creating the error on QuickBooks for Windows. So, turning it off can be included in the fix for the PS032/PS077 error. Additionally, you can properly update the accounting software by Intuit.

3.1) Fix 1: Use Rebuild Data Found in QuickBooks

An issue in a QuickBooks company file can stop the functioning of the software. It can then lead to the QuickBooks Payroll error PS077 PS032. Therefore, you can make use of the Rebuild Data feature. This feature or tool is made for finding and fixing the issue with the Company Data File automatically. You reach this tool through the utility tab in the program.

Important: Make sure to create a backup of the Company File in QuickBooks. Doing so would ensure the data’s safety. You can even recover it after the error PS032 has been eliminated.

Learn further how to fix the QuickBooks error PS032 PS077 in Payroll with the directions added here:

  • Launch the accounting software.
  • Go to the “File” option.
  • Click on the “Utilities” button now.
  • Head towards “Verify Data”.
  • Wait for some time until the software detects errors such as “PS032” and “PS077”.
  • Then navigate to “File” once again.
  • Hit “Utilities” one more time.
  • Now, the “Rebuild Data” button needs to be tapped.

After you tap this button, provide the utility some time to function. Moving ahead, check whether the fix for the QuickBooks error PS077/PS032 in the Payroll version worked or not by operating on the program. Supposing that the solution has not responded, ensure whether any interferences were observed when the utility was running. If yes, then exercise the utility again with no interference this time.

3.2) Fix 2: Switch off UAC/User Account Control 

User Account Control (UAC) is a feature that assists organizations in deploying effective Windows operations by averting malware. Until an administrator specifically grants administrator-level access to the system, the apps and tasks, every time, perform in the domain of the non-administrators account. Due to this account, problems like PS077 may appear in programs such as QuickBooks. Thus, you need to switch UAC off for fixing the QuickBooks PS077 or PS032 error code in the Payroll version. 

  • Through the “Windows” key on the keyboard, head to the “Start Menu”.
  • Then come to the “Control Panel”.
  • Search for “UAC” over here.
  • Proceed towards the “Change User Account Settings” option.
  • Hit “Yes”.
  • Turn off the toggle bar for disabling the “User Account Control”.

Note: You need to take care that the “Never Notify” option has been chosen.

  • Afterward, you are required to fill in the information that is being asked as an “Admin”.
  • Close down the “QuickBooks Payroll” program.
  • Launch the software again to check if the QuickBooks Payroll error PS077 PS032 has been cleared.

Performing this fix may not mean that you disable UAC on a permanent basis. Provided that the error has been removed from the software and you require UAC later on, you can enable it. 

3.3) Fix 3: Installing Updates for QuickBooks Payroll

When you are busy using your accounting software, you may forget to update the payroll service. Because of this, the QuickBooks Payroll update error PS032 PS077 might be created. If this happens, then you may not be able to work smoothly on your program. Hence, it is essential to update the service to get rid of this issue. The update process can be done within the software with the use of the Update tab.

For more help in installing the updates, see the complete fix for the PS032 QuickBooks error in the Payroll version:

  • Visit the “QuickBooks Payroll” software.
  • For making the “Product Information” window come up, tap on the “F2” button.
  • Have a look at the “License Number”.

Note: You need to ensure that the “License Number” states “Activated” over here. In case you find that it is not activated, the “License Key” will be required for activating it. On the off chance that the same is not found, please ensure that your subscription is available. 

  • Press the “Help” button.
  • Next, hit on the “Update QuickBooks” tab. 
  • To move further in troubleshooting the QuickBooks error PS032/PS077 error in Payroll, head to the “Update” option in this step.
  • Here, pick “Get Updates”.

Note: When it is about fixing the QuickBooks error PS077 in Payroll, any hindrances caused during this duration may not help.

  • Permit the program for downloading and installing the updates.
  • The accounting software has to be started again.
  • On the dialog box of “Install Updates”, opt for “Yes” each time it appears.
  • Try using the feature of payroll. This will help examine whether the QuickBooks Payroll update error PS032 has been removed.

4. Ways to Eliminate Error PS032 PS077 in QuickBooks Desktop

To fix the PS077 or PS032 error, users can update the payroll service in QuickBooks Desktop. Installing an updated feature will ensure that error codes do not cause trouble. Along with this, you can repair your software using its Utility tool too. Alternatively, renaming the CPS folder can turn out to be an important fix in resolving the PS077 PS032 QuickBooks Desktop error. Following the steps properly can help you in fixing these error codes smoothly. 

4.1) Fix 1: Installing Payroll Updates and Repairing QuickBooks Desktop 

Users may encounter the PS077 error in the QuickBooks Desktop program when payroll is not up-to-date. At the same time, the Desktop version may be undergoing some unknown issues. Together with the PS032 PS077 issue, the reduced performance of the software can be maintained when you try updating the Payroll to the latest version. Through the Task Manager, you first need to perform some steps that successfully shut down the software. Then proceed towards updating the feature and fixing the QuickBooks Payroll update error PS032/PS077.

  • You need to sign out from the “QuickBooks Desktop” account.
  • Next, all the other windows are to be closed down too.

Note: Ensure that none of the QuickBooks Desktop windows have been left open. This can create a problem while fixing the PS077 issue.

  • Go to the “Task Manager” of your Windows system.
  • You need to check all the windows of the QuickBooks Desktop that are opened. Then turn them off.
  • Payroll updates are to be downloaded after launching the software later on.

Once the updates are downloaded, give it some time until it fixes the PS077 error. On finding that this process is complete, see if the issue has been solved. In case the error is still present, go through the below-given steps to repair the QuickBooks Desktop PS077/PS032 issue:

  • Head towards the “File” option available in the “QuickBooks Desktop” software.
  • Choose the “Utilities” tab in this step.
  • Now, opt for the “Repair QuickBooks” feature.

This option would troubleshoot the PS077/PS032 problem. Wait for the time being so that the repair is properly finished. Re-launch the software and start making use of payroll. Make sure to verify the fix at the end. 

4.2) Fix 2: Rename the CPS Folder

The QuickBooks error PS077 or PS032 in the Desktop version can arise when the Payroll Tax Table has been damaged/corrupted. Consequently, the table shall remain out of use until the error is resolved. Thus, to clear it, the CPS folder needs to be renamed. It is found on Windows. Once its name is changed for rectification, you are required to update the Tax Table. Then the error PS032 or PS077 may not continue to prevail.

These instructions clarify how this fix for the QuickBooks error PS032 PS077 in the Desktop version has to be carried out:

  • Tap on the “Windows” button and the “E” key at the same time for opening the “File Explorer”.
  • Click on “This PC”.
  • Move towards the “C Disk”.
  • Go to the folder of “Program Files”.
  • Visit the folder with the name “QuickBooks Desktop” that corresponds to your program’s version.
  • Its components are to be opened.
  • After this, you need to head to the “Payroll” folder.
  • The “CPS” folder needs to be right-clicked.
  • Select “Rename Folder”.
  • Rename the folder by entering “CPSOLD”.
  • Press the “Enter” button.
  • A new “CPS” folder needs to be created.
  • Then navigate to the “QuickBooks Desktop” software.
  • Here, the latest version of the “Payroll Tax Table Update” has to be downloaded.

With this, you can find the QuickBooks PS077 error in Desktop fixed. Start operating the QuickBooks Desktop software. In the event that the issue remains unsolved, retry the steps from 1-14 and check for the error again.

4.3) Fix 3: Deleting Multiple Installed Versions of Software

When a user installs more than one version of QuickBooks Desktop on a Windows system, the PS032 QuickBooks Desktop error develops. This problem can be troubleshot by removing the multiple installed versions of the accounting software. You need to perform a clean installation of the QuickBooks Desktop software prior to removing the additional versions. 

  • The installation of a clean version of “QuickBooks Desktop” is required.
  • Then you will have to remove each of the additional installations.
  • You need to reset the updates for the software.
  • After this, move on to downloading the “Payroll Tax Table”.

Note: Remember to install the latest version of the Payroll Tax Table. This can ease the process of eliminating the error PS077 in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • An appearing list needs to be sorted.
  • Here, you need to tap on “Verify Data” or the “Rebuild Data” button.
  • Uninstall the version of the accounting software by Intuit that you are using.
  • Now, re-install the new “QuickBooks Desktop” program through the “Selective Startup” option on Windows.
Conectier-System Configuration Utility

Visit the software for inspecting the fix for the PS032 PS077 QuickBooks Desktop error. If you find the issue persisting in the software, then an additional version may still be existing on Windows. Try finding it out. Then uninstall it to remove the error this time.

In Essence
A user may have to face the QuickBooks error PS077/PS032 because of various causes emerging due to system or software issues. Fortunately, there are numerous available fixes that can easily troubleshoot the problem. However, it is critical to understand the root cause of the PS077 error. Once you recognize it, you can carry out the repair with ease. Since this is an error largely relating to the software’s payroll feature, ensure to keep it updated in the future.

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