How to Convert QBW to XLS and QBX to QBW Files?

Convert QBW to XLS and QBX to QBW Files

The QBW file of QuickBooks may be needed to open as an XLS or QBX file. In QuickBooks, the QBW and QBX format files can be converted to these formats. A user can convert QBW to Excel through simple procedures. For converting to XLS, the usage of the All Programs option on Windows can help. Similarly, if you want to convert a QBW format file to an XLS file for opening it without QuickBooks, you can export it. A QBX file can also be converted to a QBW file with the help of the Files button in the accounting software. 

Convert QBW to XLS and QBX to QBW Files

How to Convert QBW to XLS?

On Windows, you can access All Programs to convert a QBW file to Excel. In the process of doing so, you can export the file for its successful conversion. Your QuickBooks files can also be converted to Excel to open them without using the software. For this, you can directly export your file to the XLS format.

Method 1: Converting via All Programs

QuickBooks users can smoothly convert QBW to Excel files by using All Programs. The user has to begin the process by pressing the Start option on their Windows PC. Next, you need to click on the All Programs feature, search for Intuit, and then tap on its folder. Now, you will have to select the QuickBooks folder. After this, you can choose your file and export it for its conversion. 

The remaining process to convert a QBW file to XLS is provided below:

  • Press the “Start” icon on your “Windows” desktop.
  • Select the “All Programs” tab.
  • Find and click on the folder named “Intuit”.
  • Look for “QuickBooks”.
  • Here, choose the “Company File” of “QuickBooks” that is to be exported.
  • Tap on “Open”.
  • If the “Company File” asks for a password, then enter it.
  • Pick any of the following options:
    • “Customers”
    • “Vendors”
    • “Employees”
  • Then opt for “Customer Center”.
  • Go to the “Excel” button.
  • Now, push “Export to Excel”.
  • You need to search for a location to save the file that you have exported.
  • In the field for “File Name”, mention a name.
  • Hit the “Export” tab at the end to convert QBW to an Excel file.

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Method 2: Converting to Open without QuickBooks 

It can be possible to access QBW files without really opening the QuickBooks program. For this, you are needed to choose the Intuit folder for the conversion of the QBS file to XLS. You will have to head to the Start Menu on your Windows desktop. Then tap on the All Programs button to convert QBW to XLS. After that, press the Intuit tab and reach the QuickBooks option. Right-click on the file with QBW format to begin the conversion. 

Scroll down these steps to finish the method and successfully convert a QBW file to XLS:

  • Move to the “Start” button on your “Windows”.
  • Click on “All Programs”.
  • Tap on “Intuit”.
  • Press the folder named “QuickBooks”.
  • The “QBW” file that you want to open needs to be right-clicked.
  • Pick “Open” among the drop-down options.
  • Choose the “Excel’ tab.
  • Head towards the “Export Excel” button.
  • The file will get saved in the “XLS” format. Please wait for some time.
  • Next, opt for the “Export” feature.
  • Go to “Microsoft Excel”.
  • Look for the “.QBW” format of the file.
  • After finding the file, tap on it.

Note: When you have to convert QBW to Excel, please ensure that the sequence of the steps given above is performed in the same manner.

The QuickBooks file will now get converted to an Excel file.

How to Convert QBX to QBW File?

Converting a QBX file to a QBW file format is an easy task. The Files menu acts as an important tab in its easy conversion. You will have to begin the process by opening the QBX file and then visiting the Files option. From here, please pick Choose Company File and proceed to the Accountant’s Copy button. Further press the Convert Accountant’s Copy to Company File/QBW option.

The rest of the directions will provide you with the directions to convert QBX to QBW file format:

  • Open the “QBX” format file.
  • Head to “Files” in the “QuickBooks” program.
  • Next, select the “Send Company File” tab.
  • Opt for “Accountant’s Copy”.
  • Push “Convert Accountant’s Copy to Company File/QBW”.
  • Press the “Ok” button.
  • In this step, you are required to pick the location where the converted file should be saved.
  • Move to “Save”.
  • Tapping on the “Ok” button will finish the conversion procedure.

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QuickBooks users can make use of simple procedures to convert their QBX files to other file formats. As the post mentioned, the method for converting a QBW file to XLS can be easily done on Windows. We outlined all the steps to convert QBW to XLS without opening QuickBooks. Furthermore, we taught you the procedure to convert a QBX file to QBW in the quickest way. 

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