How to Import Employees Data into QuickBooks?

How to Import Employees into QuickBooks

QuickBooks lets you import your employee data as and when there is a need for it. According to the requirements of a user, he/she can import the data by first exporting the file in the choice of a format. Files such as CSV, XLSX, etc., can be best for this method. In such a file, the data can be stored. To import the data of employees into QuickBooks, this file can be uploaded in the software. The Intuit software also provides its users the flexibility to bulk import the employee data, especially in QuickBooks Online. Other than QBO, companies can use this function in QuickBooks Payroll too.

How to Import Employees into QuickBooks

How Do You Import Employees into QuickBooks Online?

You can import employees into QuickBooks Online by creating a CSV or XLSX file. You will have to add your employee, at first, for exporting the file. In addition to this method, you may also import the employee data in bulk by mapping the columns in this accounting software. 

The following methods highlight the steps needed to import the data of single or multiple employees in QBO.

Method 1: Create a CSV or XLSX Template to Import

QuickBooks Online users should consider making a CSV file for the import of employee data. As an alternative to this, an XLSX file can also be preferred. You will be required to create and export the file template in QBO. For doing so, click on the arrow button located on the Employee Payroll page. After tapping on Add Employees, you need to select Import Employees. Then update the data file. Start importing the Employee data and export the CSV/XLSX template file afterward. 

Keep reading the following procedure to import the employees into QuickBooks Online:

  • Running “QuickBooks Online” is the first step.
  • Select the “Arrow” icon on the “Employee Payroll” window.
  • Click on “Add Employee”.
  • Press “Import Employees”.
  • You need to export the file in the “XLSX” or “CSV” template. Choose a preferred template and then export it.
  • Also, add the data of your employees in the file.
  • After this step, import the data into the “QBO” account.

Important: The user must include column headers in the file during the employee data import process.

  • According to the number of employees, you have to create a new row for each of them.
  • Once your “XLSX”/”CSV” file is edited, upload it by choosing “Import Employee Data”.
  • Pick the file afterward.
  • After choosing the file, head to “Confirm Upload”.
  • This will lead to the start of the import process.
  • Wait for seeing “Report” on the screen once the import process is over.
  • Users will also be able to look at “Employees” that were added earlier.

Method 2: Bulk Import Your Employee Data

Certain companies may want to bulk import the information of their employees. This can be easily done with access to QBO. To bulk import employees into QuickBooks Online, go for the option Upload File. Tap on Files and Spreadsheets that comprise the Employees Data which has to be imported. Next, you need to select QuickBooks Entity as Employees. Also, it is necessary to set the mapping of the columns present in this file. 

  • Choose “Upload File” in “QuickBooks Online”.
  • Then select the “Files” and “Spreadsheet” options

Important: Only those files or spreadsheets have to be picked which contain the “Employees Data” to be imported.

  • Tap on “QuickBooks Entity as Employees”.
  • You are required to set the column mapping present in the import file of the Employees’.
  • Press the “Import” button.
  • Also, opt for the employees which you want QuickBooks Online to add directly.
  • You will have to start mapping the headers on the file with the online fields.

Important: This step will lead you to import the data correctly into the accounting software.

  • You can now have a look at the mapping along with “Headers” in the file on the screen. 

Process to Import Employee Data to QuickBooks Payroll

Users can assuredly import employees into QuickBooks Payroll by utilizing the Employees option. To begin the process, visit this software for downloading the template of Employee. Look for the Employees menu and click on the Payroll Settings. Below the Business Management option, you will see Data Extracts. Tap on it and then go to Data Type. Now, you may click on Employee and Empty Template. Select the format for the file and download it.

The following process will lead you to import the data of your employees in this software:

  • Open “QuickBooks Payroll”.
  • You will find “Employees” on the left of the homepage. Use the option.
  • Go to the “Settings” of Payroll.
  • You need to select “Data Extracts” below “Business Management”.
  • In the “Data Type” area, move to “Employee and Empty Template”. 
  • Opt for the file format. 
  • Tap on “Download”.
  • You have to wait for the program to end.
  • You may even fill in the data or paste it in “Excel” when you are ready for the data upload in “QuickBooks Payroll”.
  • Click on “Employees”.
  • Next, press the “Import Employees” button.
  • Select the file and the template that is completed.
  • Pick the “Open” option.
  • Press “Confirm Upload”.


QuickBooks comes with useful features such as importing employee data. It also provides you different options to carry out the procedure. We mentioned these options to assist you to import employees into QuickBooks Online and Payroll. Now, whenever you need a backup of your employees’ information in the accounting software, you will be able to use these options and import it.

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Q. Can you import employees into QuickBooks Desktop?

Ans. Employees may usually be imported to the software for adding them. With this particular process, the task can be quickly done. Currently, the platform of QuickBooks may support the import of employees in limited versions. The Desktop version may not be included among these. You can, however, use the Employees menu in the software and visit Employee Centre. Here, you should find an option called New Employee. Even though you may not be able to import employees into QuickBooks Desktop, adding them in this way can be an option.

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