What is Adjusted Service Date in QuickBooks

What is Adjusted Service Date in QuickBooks

An Adjusted Service Date is a feature offered by QuickBooks. It refers to a date indicating a certain amount. This particular amount is used as a creditable service by the users and is also considered as an interruptive service. To be clearer, it can be considered as a time duration in which an active member is paid her or his salary. You need the Rehire Date and the Earlier Years of Service of a particular employee to calculate the Adjusted Service Date. 

What is Adjusted Service Date in QuickBooks

What is the Adjusted Service Date in QuickBooks can be understood in length through the sections of this post. We will also help you out with the formula for calculating the same.

DWhat is an Adjusted Service Date in QuickBooks?

Adjusted Service Date in QuickBooks is the one that mentions a date that suggests an amount. The amount of the Adjusted Service Date can be credited. The amount used in this service can also be compared to a service that has been interrupted due to some reasons. This creditable service features as a service apart from the membership. You can use the date to calculate the creditable service.

It will be of use to know that you can also recognize the creditable service as a time duration in the accounting software. In the course of this time duration, an active member will be paid an amount. This amount will be provided as the salary by a public employer. 

How Do You Calculate QuickBooks Adjusted Service Date?

To calculate the date for adjusted service in QB, you need to apply a certain formula. It is important to have the Rehire Date and the Earlier Years of Service for the application of this formula.

The formula for finding out what this date is given here:

“Rehire Date” – “Earlier Years of Service” = “QuickBooks Adjusted Service Date” 

To clear up your doubts regarding the use of this formula, please read the following example:

  • Suppose that there is an employee who has been employed for 5 years. 
  • The Employee comes back on September 12, 2017. 
  • To find the QuickBooks Employee Adjusted Service Date in this case, “September 12, 2017” will be observed as the “Rehire Date”. 
  • Here, the “Earlier Years of Service” will be taken as “5 Years”. 
  • Now, you need to put the dates in the “Adjusted Service Date Formula”.
Rehire DateEarlier Years of ServiceAdjusted Service Date
September 12, 2017 – 5 years = September 12, 2012 

Therefore, the Adjusted Date Service for the said employee will be September 12, 2012.

The Adjusted Service Date in QuickBooks helps you out with the amount referring to a specific date, just like we showed you here. This blog explained the date and also hinted at its relevance. Also, we mentioned the formula to calculate it in the accounting software. We, further, gave you an example for a better understanding of the formula’s application. 

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