BigCommerce and QuickBooks Integration

BigCommerce and QuickBooks Integration: Methods, Benefits, & Features

BigCommerce and QuickBooks integration help users to save the time and effort which they invest in manually handling bookkeeping. The process assists a company to get faster payments by selling its products online. Further, the synchronization of QB with BigCommerce also automatically creates a record of all your transactions as well as the inventory and stocks. By configuring your accounts on the said platforms, you can integrate them.

This blog focuses on the details of the eCommerce platform and QuickBooks integration. It also mentions a number of features and benefits resulting in the process. You will also get to know about integrating QBO with BigCommerce.

We will be discussing the following in our post:

What is BigCommerce QuickBooks Integration?

BigCommerce and QB integration is a process that links your accounts. It allows users to record the orders individually or they can also summarise the orders on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis. Additionally, this process helps you perform more tasks as the accounting software and eCommerce platform come together.

Features of BigCommerce and QuickBooks Integration

Some of the important features of BigCommerce and QB’s integration are as follows:

Finances and Sales can be Synced

Your finance and sales data automatically get synced with the QuickBooks account from the BigCommerce account. You can access this data on a common integrated platform.

Automatic Updates

Your orders, customers, discounts, products, taxes, shipping charges as well as refunds are automatically updated to QuickBooks from your BigCommerce account. You can also add a schedule to auto-run your syncs.

Accuracy of Data

As the whole work is fully automated, BigCommerce and QuickBooks integration eliminates the number of errors that occur due to manual entry. Income, sales, refund, tax, and discounts are accurately recorded in your QB account.

Each Order Gets Recorded

You can record each order of your company either in a summarised form or individually with the journal entries. You can also summarise it on the basis of a settlement period. The invoices and sales receipts are auto-created with all the details of the transactions. 

Sales Tax and Fees can be Recorded

BigCommerce transaction fees as well as the sales tax also get recorded in your QuickBooks account. Once you record them, you can easily apply them.

Benefits of BigCommerce QuickBooks Integration

BigCommerce and QuickBooks integration has a number of benefits available. They are as follows:

Online Payments Are Accepted

The payments are accepted online. They are also secured and protected. Payments can also be made through cards. QuickBooks will also accept payments online via mobile devices.

Setup is Fast

The procedure for the setup of BigCommerce QuickBooks sync is fast and simple. After signing in to both accounts, it will only take a few minutes to integrate your accounts.

Everything is Automatic

All the data of the transactions that have taken place through the eCommerce account are automatically recorded in the QuickBooks account. The bookkeeping process becomes easy as the journals of the orders are also created automatically which in turn helps in saving a lot of time.

Reconciliation of Payments

Your payments are reconciled by QuickBooks Payments. The feature not only records them on its own but also shows the details of the transactions.

Inventory Sync

You can sync the inventory so that it automatically updates the sales and return of the items. You can also forecast the inventory. Additionally, when stocks are added, the inventory gets updated. You can also keep a track of multiple inventory sites too.

How does BigCommerce Integrate with QuickBooks?

To correctly integrate the accounting software QB with the BigCommerce platform, you need to configure items such as payment methods, tax settings, COA, etc. In addition, you need to enable both Shipping and Discounts options. In doing so, the accounts will get synced.

Let us see how does BigCommerce integrate with QuickBooks in more depth.

  • The following is to be configured in your “BigCommerce” account:
    • Payment methods

Tip: It is necessary to sync the app again when you add a new payment method.

  • In your “QuickBooks” account, you need to configure:
    • Tax settings of the store
    • “Chart of Accounts”
  • Allow “Shipping”.
  • Then enable “Discounts”.
  • “Track Quantity by Hand” also needs to be allowed.
  • The next step is to click on “Store Setup” in the “BigCommerce” window.
  • Another page will open. Click on “Accounting”.
  • You will find an “Install” tab next to QuickBooks Online. Select it.
  • A box stating “Confirm” will appear. Press it.
  • Click on “Connect to QuickBooks”.
  • Finally, push “Connect”.

Your BigCommerce and QuickBooks accounts will now be integrated with each other.

BigCommerce QuickBooks Online Integration Method

The procedure for BigCommerce QuickBooks Online integration requires you to access the Settings of the former platform. To access the Settings, open BigCommerce, sign in, and then view its store. Get a free trial if needed and then see the Home Page. The Settings will be given here. View them and move to Accounting to continue.

The other steps for BigCommerce QBO integration are shown here:

  • You need to log in to the “BigCommerce” store.
  • You can also get a free trial by signing up.
  • View BigCommerce “Home Page” when it opens.
  • Look for “Settings” and click on it.
  • Select “Accounting”.
  • To install this app, tap on “Get App Now”.

Use the prompts after installing the app and your BigCommerce account will get integrated with your QuickBooks Online account.

Pricing of Quickbooks and BigCommerce Synchronization

For BigCommerce and QuickBooks/QBO integration, the price can vary. To know the same, please see the table:

Software VersionName of PlanDetails of PlanUsersPrice
QuickBooksFree 15 Day Trial PlanBigCommerce QB Integration is free for all users for up to 15 days. You also do not require a credit card to sign up.10
QuickBooksLite PlanYou need to sign up for the Lite plan which will provide you a number of features for your business.1$79 per month 
QuickBooks OnlineFree plan for BigCommerce QB IntegrationIntegration is free for all the customers who are having a BigCommerce account. 50
Everything Considered 

BigCommerce and QB integration is an excellent choice for bookkeeping purposes. It provides companies with several features and benefits, as we saw here. We mentioned the steps for integrating both the platforms. Besides all these, we brought up the pricing structure for the integration procedure to help you rightly invest.

To know about QuickBooks Google Apps integration, read our next blog. Also, look at the methods for Gusto QuickBooks integration if you are a user of these platforms.

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