CA Rejection Code SCHCA/NR-062

conectier-What is CA Rejection Code SCHCANR-062

Receiving a rejection code such as SCHCA/NR-062 from the State of California revenue department can be frustrating. This denial code can be due to many reasons but mainly relates to missing information on schedule CA 540. 

conectier-What is CA Rejection Code SCHCANR-062

Another error that you might come across in the State of California is F540/NR/NRS/2EZ-320 which relates to the SSN number already used in CA-accepted returns.

What is Schedule CA 540 in Reject code SCHA NR-062 California Tax?

Residents of California report their income, adjustment, and credits under the schedule CA 540 form. This form is then later used to calculate the taxable income under the California rules to figure out the tax liability. If any such information is missing then it will ultimately lead to CA Rejection Code SCHCA/NR-062. 

How do I Rectify Reject Code SCHA NR-062 CA?

You need to act immediately if you want to rectify reject code SCHA NR-062 CA. As this error deals with missing information in Schedule CA 540, the first step is to identify what is missing in the form. You can achieve this by reviewing and following the instructions carefully. Once you have found the missing link or information, you must inform the same to the State of California. 

Does the State of California Offers Assistance to Solve SCHA NR-062?

When you encounter SCHA NR-062 due to misplaced information the California State revenue authorities provide many options to resolve it.  

  • The first assistance that you are provided in this case is to use the 540X form. This form is used to amend your tax documents. It rectifies any issues and omissions on your original tax documents. 
  • The second option is that you can submit to the State of California an explanation letter for the SCHA NR-062 reject code to occur. You must ensure to provide all documents on why this information was missing and support your claim. 

It is essential to carefully review all tax forms before submitting them to avoid rejection SCHCA/NR-062 due to missing information. If your California tax return has been rejected, you can correct the issue by identifying the missing information on Schedule CA 540 and resubmitting your corrected return. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my California tax return rejected?

Your California tax returns may have been rejected due to missing information on Schedule CA 540.

What is Schedule CA 540?

Schedule CA 540 is a form used in California to report adjustments to your state taxable income.

How can I find out what information is missing from my Schedule CA 540?

The State of California should have provided instructions on what information is missing. Review the instructions and the form to identify what needs to be added or corrected.

Can I correct my Schedule CA 540 and resubmit my tax return?

Yes, you can correct your Schedule CA 540 and resubmit your tax papers. Follow the instructions provided by the State of California to ensure that your corrected return is accepted.

Do I need to contact a tax professional for help?

If you are unsure about how to correct your tax documents, it may be helpful to seek the assistance of a tax professional.

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