QuickBooks Error 6210 – Troubleshooting Guide

QuickBooks Error 6210

QuickBooks is a great accounting software. However, users often complain about several application errors that are frustrating and hamper ongoing work. One such issue is the inability to open the company file, especially in the multi-user mode. This is related to QuickBooks error 6210. While updates are available to help solve the error, unfortunately, it still might occur due to improper configuration or faulty Windows components.

QuickBooks Error 6210

What is QuickBooks Error 6210?

When using the application in multi-user mode, the 6210 QuickBooks error occurs, you might see the error 6210, 0 which is similar. The user will be restricted to access the company file that is hosted on a system, but not set up on the server in the network. An error message that is displayed will read as follows: “the company file you are trying to access is unavailable”. Moreover, the QB program will shut down unexpectedly.

What Leads to QuickBooks Error Code 6210?

It is best to investigate the causes of the issue before attempting any of the ways to fix QuickBooks error 6210, 0 so that you can get a better experience after resolving the issue. Check out the following for explanations of some of the key elements behind the problem.

·        The very first cause can be due to improper program installation.

·        A corrupted downloaded application can also cause the issue. This usually happens when the software is downloaded from a third-party website.

·        The system usually malfunctions when the Windows registry is damaged.

·        The error can also arise if the company files in QB are altered or damaged.

·        Any malware or virus can also contribute to this error.

·        QB-related files are deleted accidentally.

What are the Symptoms of 6210 Error in QuickBooks?

The indication of QB Error 6210 can have consequences on the workstation. By understanding the signs, you can identify the kind of error your machine is facing.

·        A message is displayed on the screen with the error code relating to it.

·        When running the program on Windows the system crashes.

·        The system response is slow and sluggish

·        The workstation is slow in responding to input elements such as the keyboard and mouse.

·        The computer freezes occasionally.

The symptoms mentioned above will help you recognize the QuickBooks error 6210.0. This will give you enough information to comprehend the issue. It will also make you capable enough to fix the issue completely from your computer.

Things to Remember Before Troubleshooting error 6210 QuickBooks

You must keep in mind some vital points before you begin with the troubleshooting methods to resolve the error.

·        Ensure that multi-user mode is on in the system that has the company files.

·        Get the recent updates.

·        Remove any malware and virus by scanning your system.

·        Ensure that the company file is on the actual server and not on any local computer in the network.

·        Disable all firewalls even third-party firewalls if you have any before you access the company file in multi-user mode in the application.  

What are the Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error 6210, 0?

Before we start with the ways to fix the issue, you must create a backup of all important files to avoid the loss of critical information. Follow the instructions below for backing up data.

·        Choose “Restore Company”.

·        Select “Restore a Backup Copy”

·        Click Next.

·        Choose a local backup.

·        Browse the system to backup the company file.

·        Finally, choose the folder where you saved a copy of the backup.

Once this is done, you can now proceed with the methods to fix QuickBooks error 6210 0.

Fix 1: Clean Install

You might experience this problem as a result of damaged or corrupted corporate files. Therefore, you should use the clean install tool to resolve this problem.

·        Get QB Tool Hub if you don’t have it already. You can download it from Intuit website.

·        Browse to installation problems in the program.

·        Select QuickBooks clean install tool.

·        Wait for the process to end. A clean install will scan the system and the program for any issues.

Fix 2: Use the QB File Doctor Tool

You may use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool to fix any issues. All 6000 series QuickBooks issues may be fixed with the help of this excellent program. Users must use this tool to fix all such issue. The instructions for doing so are provided below.

·        In the program choose the company file issue.

·        Run the application.

·        Select the company file and then choose to check your file.

·        Wait while the process finishes, and enter your credentials if required.

Fix 3: Rename the.ND and . TLG Files

These two configuration files give users access to business files in a multi-user environment. This 6000 series problem may be simply fixed by renaming them. Here’s how to go about it.

·        Go to the folder that has the company files.

·        Locate the files with names similar to the company files but with the extension .ND and .TLG.

·        Right-click on them and type OLD in both files.

Fix 4: Try turning off the Anti-Virus protection

Sometimes the antivirus program that is there on your computer causes issues that prevent you from using the application and contribute to the occurrence of QuickBooks error 6210. Follow the instructions below to disable the antivirus.

·        Go to settings by pressing the start button

·        Choose security and update

·        Click Windows Security

·        Choose your anti-virus program

·        Select Manage settings

·        Turn off real-time protection


QuickBooks error 6210 is one of the major issues in the application. This can occur both in single mode as well as multi-user mode. The good news is that it can fix in a very simple manner if all procedures are follow carefully.

However, if you still facing the issue with it, then most probably it is because of a damaged company file. In this case, you can perform a clean install of the application. No important files will be lost during a fresh installation of the program, but it is advised to backup all necessary files.

Frequently Asked Question

What causes error 6210 in QB?

There are several causes of QuickBooks error 6210. The main ones have damaged registry files, malware or virus, and damaged QB installation files.

How to fix QuickBooks 6210 error?

You can easily fix the issue by downloading the Tool Hub and following the information displayed.

Why is .ND and .TLG files important?

These files are important in the application as they allow access to company files in multi-user mode.

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