How Does ADP Integrate with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online?

How ADP Integrate with QuickBooks

ADP is helpful software for HR management. Its integration with QuickBooks can assist companies in improving their accounting operations as well. The main features of QB and ADP’s integration can include simplified wage processes and better payroll data management. To start using the features, you can integrate your accounts using the ADP RUN application. Also, by signing into your ADP account, QuickBooks can be synchronized.

How ADP Integrate with QuickBooks

How does ADP integrate with QuickBooks as well as QuickBooks Online can be read here. More features of their integration have also been discussed. Further, the benefits to expect after syncing your accounts have also been added.

How Does ADP Integrate with QuickBooks and QBO?

When you sync two accounts into one, you integrate them. This is what happens when ADP QuickBooks integration is performed. The information of both accounts can be commonly accessed as you sync them.

The ADP RUN has been made for integrating with software like QuickBooks. You can download the application and then access it by entering the payroll details of ADP. You will be asked to choose the Setup General Ledger option. Now, you only need to sign in to your QB account to complete the integration.

  • Begin by downloading “ADP RUN”. Also, complete its installation.
  • Enter your “ADP RUN” payroll details and log in.
  • Select the “Setup General Ledger” option.
  • This is followed by logging into “QuickBooks”.
  • Proceed by following the directed steps that pop up on your screen.

In just 5 steps, the integration between QB and ADP will be complete.

ADP Integrate with QuickBooks Online

For ADP QuickBooks Online integration, you need access to both the accounts. To start, you can open ADP and access it. Then using the Setup General Ledger option, you can continue. At this point, you will have to log in to your account on QBO. After this, you will see certain instructions on the display. They need to be followed for completing the synchronization of your accounts.

  • Open your “ADP” account by logging in with your credentials.
  • Find the option named “Setup General Ledger” and click on it. 
  • Log in to “QuickBooks Online”.
  • Follow the steps as directed on the screen.
  • Tap on “Post to QuickBooks Online”.
adp integration with QuickBooks online

If you have carefully followed the aforementioned steps, then ADP integration with QuickBooks Online will be over.

What Features Does ADP QuickBooks Integration Bring?

The features of ADP and QB’s integration are as follows:

  • Entirely taking care of the embellishment of the wage process is possible.
  • It helps you with hiring by removing the stress of maintaining records of all the reviewed candidates.
  • This process is useful for determining authentic payroll data.
  • Calculating PPP loan forgiveness is easier with integration.
  • For tax service notification and labor, law enforcement assistance is provided.
  • Calculation related to tax filing can be easily done.

Advantages of ADP Integration with QuickBooks

You can find at least 3 advantages of integrating ADP and QuickBooks. These advantages include:

  • ADP QuickBooks integration helps you keep a tab on your employees’ work progress.
  • The process works as a personalized HR officer as it helps to find the right employees for the company.
  • For managing several business tasks, you can get assistance from the integration platform.

To Conclude

This reading would have helped you identify what ADP and QuickBooks integration mean. We included a range of features and benefits to encourage users to integrate their accounts. Not only this but we also added the synchronization methods to help the users.

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