Reject Code F8863 512 02 – Easy Guide to Resolve

conectier-What is IRS rejection code F8863 512 02

F8863 512 02 is a code displayed by the Internal Revenue Service when your returns get rejected by them. The IRS relies on the information you provide to them in order to process tax returns. When such information is inaccurate or does not relate to their records the error appears. In the specific code, the IRS lists or mentions that the SSN on form 8863 for education credits does not correspond. Additionally, the name of the student on Line 20 and the SSN on Line 21 is invalid. 

conectier-What is IRS rejection code F8863 512 02

What are the Steps to Follow to Correct Error Code f8863-512-02?

Given below are the steps you can understand to resolve the F8863-512-02 error on your returns:

  • Examine your tax documents and verify that the Social Security Number (SSN) for the student on Form 8863 is correct.
  • Check the SSN for the student with the Social Security Administration to ensure it matches the IRS 
  • Amend any mistakes on Form 8863, such as the SSN for the student’s name on Line 20 and the student’s SSN on Line 21.
  • Refile your corrected tax papers on the portal or by mail.
  • Oversee the status of your return to ensure it is accepted by the IRS and to receive any updates on the processing of your refund.

How to Solve Reject Code Reject Code f8863-512-02 when E-filing?

You can seamlessly rectify the reject code f8863-512-02 when e-filing in an application such as TurboTax. Just follow the steps below

  • Launch the program
  • Look for the Personal Info tab
  • After you locate it, click on it. 
  • Verify the Name and SSN
  • If everything is correct then you can contact the SSA office
    • However, if the information differs from that of the SSA, enter the same in the TurboTax application. 
  • Incorrect information needs to be corrected and should match the information in the SSN
  • Resubmit. 

In a case where all information might be correct, you still get a rejection code F8863 512 02. When such a situation arises, the only thing you can do is file a paper return. 

This is as far as the application or the software can go to resolve the reject code as the issue pertains to the government-side data. However, after you file your tax documents, you can contact the IRS to resolve any discrepancies for smooth filing for next year. 

If you receive an error message such as F8863 512 02 on your tax filing, it’s important to take quick action to correct the error and refile your return. We have provided the steps above to help resolve the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my tax return rejected with the error message F8863 512 02?

The return was rejected because there is a difference between the SSN on Form 8863 and the IRS records.

What is Form 8863 used for?

Form 8863 is used to claim Education Credits.

Can I still claim Education Credits if my tax return is rejected?

Yes, you can still claim Education Credits by fixing the issue and resubmitting your returns.

How can I correct the SSN error on Form 8863?

Verify the SSN for the student and contact the Social Security Administration to check the correct SSN.

Will the SSN error delay my tax refund?

Yes, the issue may postpone your tax refund, so it’s best to take action immediately.

What should I do if I don’t have the correct SSN for the student?

Contact the student to get the correct SSN or try to get it from the SSA.

Can I file my tax return by mail instead of e-filing?

Yes, you can file your return by mail.

What other errors may cause my tax return to be rejected?

Common errors include incorrect or missing Social Security Numbers, incorrect income information, and errors in tax calculations.

Can I still claim Education Credits if I miss the tax filing deadline?

No, you must file your return and claim Education Credits by the tax filing deadline to be eligible for the credits.

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