What does IL Tax Return Reject Code IL1040-10500-3 mean?

conectier-Reject code IL1040-10500-3

Understand the Rejection of the Secondary Taxpayer Driver’s License Signature Field in Illinois Tax Filing. Reject code IL1040-10500-3 is a warning that a tax filing in the state of Illinois has been disallowed due to a mismatch between the secondary taxpayer driver’s license signature field and the state’s records. 

conectier-Reject code IL1040-10500-3

This code indicates that the taxpayer’s tax filing is incomplete and requires correction before it can be accepted by the state. 

The Illinois tax rejection code IL1040-10500-3 can have significant implications for the taxpayer as it may interrupt tax processing.   

What Steps Can I Take to Fix Reject Code IL1040-10500-3 in TurboTax?

TurboTax users who receive this reject code IL1040-10500-3  will need to take steps to correct the information and resubmit the tax return to the state of Illinois. The following instructions provide a guide on how to fix the Reject Code in the application and ensure the accuracy of the tax filing.

  • Access your TurboTax account and open your rejected Illinois tax return.
  • Navigate to the section for the Secondary Taxpayer Information or the Info section and click on Edit.
  • Review the driver’s license information and compare it with the state’s records to identify any discrepancies.
  • If there are any errors, correct the information and save the changes.
  • Navigate back to the Review section and make sure all other information in your tax return is accurate.
  • Resubmit your tax return to the state of Illinois.

Follow the instructions above to correct the IL1040-10500-3. You can correct the secondary or spouse’s Illinois driver’s or state ID info or use an alternative technique to confirm the sign on your Illinois tax documents. 

The spouse’s valid state ID or driver’s ID is the only signature confirmation tool available to them. If they didn’t file an Illinois tax return previously. For the current year, you’ll need to file a paper return if they do not have a driver’s license. But starting next year, you should be able to file your taxes electronically.

The reject code IL1040-10500-3 occurs when there is a mismatch in secondary or spouse tax documents. It relates to the signature, which can be easily resolved. You can follow the methods to given here resolve the issue in your e-filing application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reject code IL1040-10500-3?

The secondary taxpayer driver’s license sign box does not match with the Illinois state records.

Why did I receive Reject code IL1040-10500-3 on my Illinois tax return?

This error occurs when the secondary taxpayer driver’s license signature field does not match what the state has on record.

What is the secondary taxpayer driver’s license signature field?

It’s a field in the Illinois tax return that includes the signature from the secondary taxpayer’s driver’s license.

How can I check if the secondary taxpayer driver’s license signature field matches the state’s records?

You will need to compare the information in the tax return with the information on file with the Illinois Secretary of State.

What are the consequences of not fixing Reject code IL1040-10500-3?

The tax return may not be accepted causing delays.

How do I correct the information in the secondary taxpayer driver’s license signature field?

You can edit the information in TurboTax or contact the Illinois Department of Revenue for assistance.

Can I still file my tax return if I receive Reject code IL1040-10500-3?

No, you cannot. You have to fix it before proceeding.

What happens if I submit a tax return with Reject code IL1040-10500-3?

Corrections will be required before it is processed.

How long do I have to fix Reject code IL1040-10500-3?

You should correct the error as soon as possible.

What should I do if I continue to experience issues with Reject code IL1040-10500-3?

You may need to contact the Illinois Department of Revenue or a tax professional for further assistance.

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