IRS Reject Code IND-452 in TurboTax: Guide to Resolve

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Reject Code IND-452 is one of the several tax return error messages given by the IRS. Here taxpayers are told that the main SSN in the tax paper header cannot be exact as the taxpayer identification number (TIN) on an earlier acknowledged return filed electronically for the same year. 

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What Does the Rejection Code IND -452 Happen?

IND-452 reject code happens when the SSN of the primary taxpayer or the spouse has been already entered. This error can also arise when the TIN is also the same and already filed with the authorities. 

Other causes for the IRS Reject Code IND-452 can be the following:

  • Your spouse or other family member filed your tax documents on your behalf
  • The SSN or the ITIN required is entered inappropriately or is mismatched by the main taxpayer or the spouse. 
  • Joint returns have been filed with the same SSN or ITIN. 
  • A fraudulent return has been filed using the SSN or the ITIN.

If you’re sure that no one you know has already filled out your tax return for you, but you still receive IND-452,  the next thing you should do is check your entries in TurboTax to make sure that no numbers have been mixed up or entered incorrectly.

How do I Solve IRS Reject Code IND-452 in TurboTax Online?

Use the steps mentioned to solve the issue with the reject code IND-452 in TurboTax online.

  • Launch the online page of TurboTax 
  • Use your credentials to sign in 
  • On the Let’s fix your returns and refile section 
  • Choose my info tab. 
  • At the personal info summary page, validate the SSN and TIN for the main individual. 
    • If wrong, then choose edit, enter the correct information, and choose to continue.
    • Do the same for the spouse’s SSN or ITIN
  • After doing the above, choose the file which will on the menu. 
  • Keep following the guidelines. However, please do not choose to fix my return
  • Resubmit. 

How do I Fix the Issue IND-452 in TurboTax Desktop?

On the desktop version of e-filing applications such as TurboTax, you can follow the steps listed below to fix the IND-452 issue related to your tax paper preparation. 

  • Launch the desktop version of TurboTax
  • Choose the fix it now tab on the welcome screen that will be displayed to you. 
  • Adhere to guidelines as given to resolve the issue with the SSN or ITIN of the key individual. 
    • If it is not correct, choose edit and type the accurate information
    • Carry on the same steps for the spouse
  • Finally, pick the file button 
  • To refile just keep following the instruction. 

What do I Do when my Information is Correct but I Still Receive Reject Code IND 452?

If you have verified that the information is correct but still receive reject code IND-452, it’s likely that someone has filed a fraudulent tax return using your information. If that is the case, follow the information on the IRS website related to identity theft.

To resolve the reject code IND-452, taxpayers should verify that they have reported the correct SSN and TIN on their tax returns. If they accidentally used the wrong number, they should correct it and re-file their tax return. If they have already filed a tax return with the same SSN or TIN, they should contact IRS for more information on how to proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is reject code IND 452?

IND-452 is a reject code that appears when the SSN is similar to the ITIN of the primary taxpayer on an earlier acknowledged return.

What does Reject Code IND-452 mean?

IND-452 means that the IRS has already received and processed a tax return with the same SSN/TIN combination that you are attempting to file electronically.

Why did I receive IND-452?

Your SSN and ITIN are the same of electronically filed return as earlier.

Can I still file my tax return if I receive IND-452?

No, you cannot file your tax return electronically if you receive IND-452. You must resolve the error and resubmit your return.

How do I fix IND-452?

To fix IND-452, you should review the SSN/TIN number provided in the Return Header.

Can I file a paper tax return if I receive IND-452?

Yes, you can file a paper tax return if you receive IND-452.

Will I be penalized if I receive IND-452?

No, you will not be penalized for receiving IND-452.

Can I still receive a tax refund if I receive IND-452?

Yes, you can still receive a tax refund.

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