IRS Reject Code IND-901 – Learn the Ways to Troubleshoot

conectier-How to fix Reject code IND-901

IRS rejection code IND 901 is when a taxpayer is using a Social Security Number (SSN) however, according to the IRS records it is already registered to a deceased person. When this happens your tax documents will be rejected until fixed promptly for smooth filing or returns.

conectier-How to fix Reject code IND-901

What Happens when Error Code IND-901 Occurs?

Error code IND-901 warns the taxpayer that the SSN being used is already entered into IRS records and belongs to a deceased person. In this case, the authorities lock the identification number immediately to avoid any fraudulent use. When this occurs, you have no other option but to file your returns by mail. 

Methods to Resolve IRS Rejection code IND-901

IRS Rejection code IND-901 can be troublesome because it claims the person is no longer alive. Therefore, when encountering this reject code, it is best to remain calm and follow the methods below to solve this effectively. 

Inspect your records 

Before you do anything, you must attentively check all information related to you on your documents. Then, contact the local authorities if you find anything unusual.

Visit the SSA Office

Visit the Social Security Administration office. When you do so, take all related documents proving your identity. 

Speak to IRS

If you found all information correct at your end, and even the SSA office has similar information, then you speak to the IRS immediately to resolve the code IND-901. However, there may be a mistyped error at the IRS end. 

How do I correct Rejection Code IND 901 when E-filing?

You might encounter rejection when using programs such as TurboTax or other e-filing applications. Unfortunately, you cannot resolve IND-901 TurboTax through the application. The only way to fix the issue is to visit the nearest SSA office in person. 

You must also understand that if this issue is rectified after some time, it will likely affect your MIL to collect any benefits directly. Therefore, if your SSN has been rejected due to the number belonging to a deceased person, only you can resolve it. 

Are there any Similar Codes Similar to IRS Rejection Code IND-901?

The IRS has a list of reject codes displayed when errors happen. You might get similar errors to the rejection code IND 901. Some of them are listed below:

IND-931-01The dependent SSN mentioned belongs to a deceased person.
IND-941The spouse’s SSN is locked as it belongs to a dead person.

IRS rejection code IND 901 is very important to resolve as the information or number provided no longer relates to a living person. This can not only create a hurdle in tax filing, but it can also lead to fraudulent practices. The only way to resolve this is to visit the authority immediately. 

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