IRS Reject Code F1040-164-01


E-file Return Reject code F1040-164-01 indicates when Form 8862 (Information to Claim Certain Refundable Credits After Disallowance) is missing or misplaced from a tax return.


In case, if your EIC or Earned Income Credit was rejected and consent was reinstated then you have to fill out Form 8862. Once the procedure is done, you are eligible to obtain the EIC.

Now you can generate a form within Turbo Tax. Choose the form and follow the given instructions.

How to fix IRS rejection code F1040-164-01?

Here are the 3 different methods to fix the rejection code F1040-164-01 error.

TurboTax via Online

  1. First, sign in on the TurboTax website and choose the option Fix my return
  2. Now go to earned income credit and click on the link Jump to 
  3. You can also select the Deductions & Credits option and search for the EIC section in TurboTax.
  4. Keep scrolling through the EIC section and look for the option Do any of these unusual situations apply?
  5. Choose an option that you got an intimation from IRS to fill out form 8862 to claim EIC.
  6. Then click on Continue
  7. Click the option No and select the option to fill Form 8862 then click on Continue (You need to enlarge your window)
  8. Reply to the questions based on Earned income credit
  9. Once you are back to the tax breaks a window, click Review

Now check if a blank or incorrect entry for 8862 is there or not. Rectify them and ensure to Review through to check if any errors are there.

Once the procedure is done, you can now refile for IRS reject code F1040-164-01:

  1. Go to option File
  2. A Welcome Back notification would appear on the screen. Now choose Continue
  3. And follow the guidelines to store and refile your tax return.

Windows Version

If you face rejection code f1040-164-01 TurboTax window version. Follow as given below to rectify it 

  • Visit the TurboTax website and check your return’s status.
  • Go to the search box and look for earned income credit and then click on Jump to link
  • You can also look for the EIC section under Deductions & Credits section
  • Proceed to the section EIC 
  • Look for any of these uncommon/different situations applicable.
  • Now choose where it says you got a letter from the IRS to fill out form 8862
  • Click on Continue
  • You will receive a notification to check several things including whether any of these below are applicable.
  • Choose the answer No and proceed further to fill Form 8862 and again click on the tab Continue
  • Reply to the queries on EIC
    • Choose the mode Forms for a smooth procedure
    • Go to Form 8862 and reply to all the queries related to EIC
  • Click on Error check and verify on Form 8862
  • Affix the mistakes and verify again
  • Refile tax returns if no mistakes are found 
  • Click the option File and 
  • Proceed with the instructions given on the screen 
  • Continue with the Review section and rectify errors. 
  • Once mistakes are rectified, continue with the review section for further proceedings.

Mobile App version of TurboTax

You need to log out from the application of Turbo Tax and log in to a browser for the 8862 forms. To log out from the application:

  • Click on More option
  • Go to Sign Out
  • Browse the website and log in to My Turbo by using your login credentials 
  • Affix and submit your tax return with the guidelines provided earlier via the online Turbo Tax

It is important to keep track of all tax documents, including Form 8862, to avoid rejection codes such as F1040-164-01. If you have lost or misplaced Form 8862, it is crucial to obtain a copy and attach it to your tax return to claim certain refundable credits. Failure to do so may result in penalties and interest on any tax owed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Form 8862, and why is it necessary to claim certain refundable credits?

Form 8862 is used to claim certain refundable tax credits, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), when those credits have been disallowed in a prior year. It is necessary to file Form 8862 to claim these credits in subsequent years.

What happens if I lost or misplaced Form 8862 and my tax return was rejected with error code F1040-164-01?

If you lost or misplaced Form 8862 and your tax return was rejected with error code F1040-164-01, you will need to obtain a copy of Form 8862 and attach it to your tax return.

Can I file my tax return without Form 8862 if I have previously claimed the refundable credits?

No, you cannot claim refundable tax credits without filing Form 8862 if those credits were disallowed in a prior year.

How do I obtain a copy of Form 8862 if I lost or misplaced it?

You can obtain a copy of Form 8862 by contacting the IRS or by requesting a transcript of your tax return that includes the information from Form 8862.

Are there any penalties or consequences if I cannot provide Form 8862 when claiming refundable credits?

If you cannot provide Form 8862 when claiming refundable credits, the IRS may disallow those credits and deny your claim.

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