What is IRS Tax Rejection Code R0000 902 01

conectier-IRS R0000 902 01

Tax reject codes can have a significant impact on individuals and businesses alike. One such error IRS reject code R0000 902 01. This is the reason why it is imperative to stay up-to-date and informed about any changes in the tax code when necessary. 

conectier-IRS R0000 902 01

We shall now look into this particular error and explain why it occurs and how it can be resolved. 

What is IRS Reject Code R0000 902 01?

The reject code R0000-902-01 is related to SSN or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). This reject code can be displayed when the social security number or TIN number does not match the IRS records. 

Additionally, it can be caused due to the SSN may have been misspelled, the number may have been transposed, or a digit may have been omitted. It may also mean that the taxpayer’s name or date of birth is incorrect, or that the SSN was used fraudulently. It’s important to resolve any SSN issues as soon as possible, as this could delay the processing of your tax return and increase your potential tax liability.

How to Resolve Reject Code r0000-902-01?

If you encounter a reject code r0000-902-01, you should act immediately to fix the problem. To confirm your identity and correct the error, you may need to contact SSA or IRS. You may also be asked to provide additional proof, such as a copy of your birth certificate or Social Security card. Listed below are the steps you can implement to resolve the issue. 

Look at your tax return: 

Check the Social Security Number (SSN) you reported on your tax return to make sure it is correct. If you notice an error, you can file an updated return.

Contact the Social Security Administration (SSA):

If you think the SSA has made a mistake, you can contact them to have your information verified. If there is a problem with your SSN in the SSA’s records, they can let you know.

Obtain the appropriate documentation:

if the IRS error code r0000-902-01 was caused by a typo or numerical error, you may need to provide identification and present your SSN as proof of identity. This may be a copy of your birth certificate or Social Security card.

Contact IRS:

If SSA cannot help you with your problem, you should contact the IRS. The IRS can also be reached by phone or email. Have your tax return and all documentation ready when you call.


Once the issue is resolved, check IRS to see if the error has been fixed. Call IRS or visit their website to check on the status of your tax return.


Any IRS SSN inaccuracies such as R0000-902-01 must be corrected immediately to avoid potential tax liabilities, slow tax return processing, and other problems. Contact a tax professional if you need additional help or have questions about how to fix an IRS SSN problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a reject code r0000-902-01 mean identity?

Yes, in some instances the above reject refers to a person’s identity. This code may represent incorrect or missing information about the individual’s name, social security number, or other identifying characteristics.

Does a reject code r0000-902-01 mean identity theft?

The rejection code “R0000-902-01” alone does not always indicate identity theft. Generally, it refers to a problem with a person’s identity or identifying information.

How to fix the r0000-902-01 error?

To fix the above error you can begin by verifying your information. if there is an issue you must contact the appropriate authorities. However, if you feel that there has been identity theft contact a professional.

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