Magento 2 QuickBooks Integration

Magento 2 QuickBooks Integration: Find out its Benefits and Key Features

Using Magento 2 QuickBooks integration, users can connect their eCommerce store with the accounting system. It helps you to synchronize your information such as sales, invoices, and products automatically with Magento to the QuickBooks platform. In addition, you can transfer the transaction data online so that you can manage your accounting data as well as your business. Since the data can be uploaded in real-time, you don’t need to worry about losing the essential data.

If you are wondering what all the benefits are there to integrate Magento with QuickBooks, we will enlighten you. In this guide, we will draw your attention to the key features and benefits of integrating Magento with QuickBooks Online and Desktop versions.

Does Magento Integrate with QuickBooks?

Magento can be integrated with QuickBooks, however, you have to use the Magento 2 QuickBooks integration extension. This should be noted that some of the extensions are available for QuickBooks Online, Desktop, and Enterprise versions. Moreover, a few extensions require you to install QuickBooks Desktop and Web Connector on the computer. Depending on the requirement of your integration extension, you can sync your data between two platforms; Magento and QuickBooks.

What are the Key Benefits of Magento QuickBooks Integration?

By syncing the e-commerce and accounting data, you can take advantage of several benefits. Some of the key benefits are listed below:

  • Magento 2 QuickBooks integration automates your system day and night to make sure that you focus on the business growth rather than spending hours on manual procedures.
  • It also gives you the ability to sync the tax rates automatically from QuickBooks and Magento. You just need to enter it one time and then it syncs the rest.
  • Integration also helps you to avoid duplicate data entry that is caused by the manual entry.

Special Features of Magento 2 QuickBooks Integration

By using the Magento and QuickBooks Desktop integration, you can access a number of powerful features that eventually help you in making your business smart. Here are the features that you may get after integrating Magento with QuickBooks.

  • You can easily track income from the Magento website right within QuickBooks.
  • It serves you with advanced mapping. This means you can map invoices and tax rates so that you can share them with QuickBooks and Magento.
  • With advanced synchronization, you can sync several items. It includes products, orders, customers, sales receipts, and invoices.
  • In addition, it offers a user-friendly setup, interface, and easy configuration.
  • Magento QuickBooks Enterprise integration is a cost-effective solution. It allows you to cut the labor cost and operations.
  • You can automate your data transfer seamlessly between two systems.

This should be noted that each Magento 2 QuickBooks integration extension serves your different features. Thus, the features you are getting totally depend on what extension you are using.

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Advantages of Magento Integration with QuickBooks Desktop and Online

As specified before, some extensions are available for both QuickBooks Online and Desktop versions. However, the features for the integration extension may differ for Online or Desktop versions. To make it clear to you, we are providing numerous benefits provided by a particular QuickBooks integration for Magento.

Magento QuickBooks Desktop Integration

If you want to add Magento to QuickBooks Desktop, you can use the QuickBooks Desktop Integration for Magento. It is a helpful extension that allows merchants to sync data from Magento to QuickBooks Desktop automatically without conflicting any errors. Along with that, you can transfer online transaction data.

Let’s have a look at the following benefits you will get installing QuickBooks Desktop Integration for Magento.

  • Sync sales invoices, credit memos, and sales orders.
  • Transfer shipping fees, taxes, payments methods, and discounts from Magento to QuickBooks.
  • Partial credit memos and invoices can also be synchronized.
  • You can sync guest orders as well.
  • Merchants can sync product data and customer data from Magento to QuickBooks.
  • You can also sync stock values from QuickBooks to Magento.

Magento QuickBooks Online Integration

Those who prefer to add Magento with QuickBooks Online can take advantage of using QuickBooks Online Integration. With QuickBooks Online integration with Magento, vendors can get better financial management by updating all the data from Magento to QuickBooks automatically. This will also help you to save time and prevent manual data entry and errors.

Here are the few advantages of integrating QuickBooks Online with Magento:

  • Data changes update automatically from Magento to QuickBooks Online.
  • It also helps you to sync product data from Magento to QuickBooks. However, this feature is available for QuickBooks Online Plus users.
  • With this integration, you can sync invoices, credit memos, and sales orders from Magento to QuickBooks.
  • It also helps you to sync tax rates from the eCommerce platform to the accounting platform.
  • Users can map the payment methods to the deposit accounts.
  • You can even connect several sales channels to one account.
  • It is a one-time setup.
  • You can set the automatic synchronize mode.

Remember that your QuickBooks data may need to be remapped before you sync the data. This will prevent you from facing errors while syncing or transferring the data.

Conclusive Lines

It is very useful to integrate your eCommerce platform with accounting software. By doing so, you can transfer all the Magento stores to QuickBooks. All you are required to explore is the best Magento QuickBooks integration extension that helps you with the synchronization process. Thereafter, you can take advantage of wonderful features such as advanced mapping, sync sales invoices, credit memos, and sales orders.

Some users are not tech-savvy and thus they require a specialist. In case you are seeking help to integrate Magento with QuickBooks, contact Conectior for assistance.

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