Performing Magento QuickBooks Integration on Online and Desktop Versions

Magento QuickBooks Integration

Magento, an e-Commerce website platform, helps in connecting the users to the customers and also allows them to sell products. While selling them, several transactions may have to be managed. At one point in time, it may become difficult to manage the transactions between the customers and users. You may also face trouble in managing the inventory. Thus, users should perform Magento QuickBooks integration with the help of which they can efficiently take care of the data. This sync can help you in tracking the payments. The logs can also be searched by the admin for knowing about the edits that have been made by the user. 

Magento QuickBooks Integration

What is the Process for Magento 2 QuickBooks Integration?

Integrating QB and Magento 2 through the Power Sync app can let you connect the taxes automatically. Due to its automatic process, users can eliminate the duplicate entries made during the manual entry. 

To get this app for Magento 2 QuickBooks integration, you can find the app store of Intuit. Here, you need to select the app and the Learn More button. By pressing on this option, another page will open. The required details are to be filled for using Power Sync.

  • Click on the given link to get redirected to the Intuit window:*

  • Then tap on “Learn More”.
  • You will be redirected to a page. Here, you need to fill up some details.
  • Press “Subscribe” to purchase the integration.
  • Now, you can start integrating Magento 2 with QuickBooks.
Name of the PlanUsersPrice ($)
Basic Plan150
Business Plan 1N/A
Enterprise Plan1N/A

What is the Method for Magento 2 QuickBooks Desktop Integration?

Through the QuickBooks Desktop Integration app, you can connect the information of the invoices, products, and sales orders. It can also help you to update the data automatically so that you do not have to face any loss in the future. 

Note: Versions such as QuickBooks Desktop Premier, Pro, Enterprise, and 2020 are supported by this application. Additionally, it supports 20+ payment options. 

To perform Magento 2 QuickBooks Desktop integration through it, go to the marketplace of the platform. Then look for the Edition option and click on any of the Store Versions according to your preferences. Now, input the information asked and submit the charges as needed. 

  • You may tap on the link given below:
  • Select “Edition”.
  • Then look for “Store Version” from the available drop-down.
  • “Support” is to be chosen.
  • You can pay “$100” as a charge for installing the app by putting a tick beside the box given.
  • After verifying the details, tap on “Add to Cart”.
  • Now, you need to pay for purchasing the integration app. 

How does Magento/Magento 2 Integrate with QuickBooks Online? 

With the help of the QuickBooks Online integration app, Magento 2 QuickBooks Online integration can be processed. For connecting via this app, you need to go through certain steps required for its installation. The Magento Connector by Intuit lets you carry out the synchronization process of the Online version of the accounting software with the E-commerce site.

Method 1: Through QuickBooks Online Integration App for Magento 2

QuickBooks Online Integration is an app for easily syncing with Magento 2. It can help in better management of the accounting data. To have this app, you should check the marketplace of the e-commerce platform. You can search it and enter information such as the store version, edition, etc. Then you can make the payment to obtain access to the app.

  • Click on the following link to get to the marketplace of Magento 2:
  • Among the following “Editions”, choose one:
    • “Open Source (CE)”
    • “Commerce on prem (EE)”
    • “Commerce on Cloud (ECE)”
  • Then opt for the “Store Version” from the drop-down options.
  • Now, pick “Support”.
  • You may click on the checkbox beside the installation service if you want it to get installed automatically by paying an additional charge of $50. To install it on your own, leave the checkbox as it is.
  • Confirm your details.
  • Press “Add to Cart”.
  • After that submit the payment and wait for the installation of the app. Later, you can proceed with Magento 2 QuickBooks Online integration.

Method 2: Using Magento Connector by Intuit

You can sync Magento and the QBO software via Magento Connector made available by Intuit. This app can save your time by connecting the software automatically. Also, multiple sales channels can be synced to make sure that the level of the stocks is updated. The link to the Connector is to be tapped. Then press the Get App Now option. Mention your Intuit username and password. Keep moving with the prompts to complete QuickBooks Online integration with Magento.

How does Magento integrate with QuickBooks Online via the Connector is given below:

  • Click on “Get App Now”.
  • Enter the email ID and password for signing in to the Intuit account.
  • Follow the prompts to set the account.
  • After the account is set up, you can use the integration function.

Note: This app for Magento QuickBooks Online integration can be useful for those people who have a small/limited budget for their businesses. 

Name of the PlanUsersPrice ($)
Magento Connector by IntuitUnlimitedFree

Features of Magento and QuickBooks Integration?

Tracking income can become easy via Magento QuickBooks integration. The income of the profit and loss statements can get updated automatically at the time it is scheduled. Items such as your orders, invoices, products, credit memos, or customers, etc., can be synchronized.

There can be more features available from their connection:

  • Tax rates can be mapped with the Magento orders with the accounting software.
  • When a new invoice is created by receiving a payment from the customer, it can get synchronized with the integrated software.
  • The payments that have taken place can be tracked.
  • From Magento, you can efficiently transfer the orders and products to QuickBooks.

Advantages of Magento QuickBooks Integration?

With Magento and QuickBooks integration, users can synchronize certain items manually as well as automatically. In a major way, you can alter the time invested in carrying out the processes. For several other things, this time can be utilized. Thus, more processes can be executed by you in the same timeframe.

Apart from this advantage, you can also get others:

  • Admin can have a look over the logs and find out which of the items have been synced between the software.
  • You can also view if any item has been in the queue for syncing.
  • Payment methods can be mapped with the deposit accounts.

In the End

Magento QuickBooks integration is helpful in managing all the transaction-related work. From mapping taxes to transferring products and orders, the synchronization does it all. It provides you with some of the excellent features and advantages as well that can be beneficial for the users. This will later help you in the growth of your business or company. 

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