QuickBooks eBay Integration

QuickBooks eBay Integration

Integrating QuickBooks and eBay can change the way you plan your business tasks. Their synchronization allows you to automate a number of processes including the way you manage your inventory. QuickBooks eBay integration can be done using a preferred application. eBay Built by QuickBooks Commerce is one such application. It can be accessed from the platform of QB Commerce. Before you install this application for integrating your accounts, it will be useful to know several other reasons why users prefer the process.

QuickBooks eBay Integration

You can find these reasons in this post. Also, the readers can access the details of the integration method.

Explaining eBay and QuickBooks Integration

The syncing or integration of eBay and QuickBooks can be understood as adding both accounts in one space. As your accounts move to a single space, the information of both of them can be accessed in one go. While this seems to be a major benefit of eBay and QuickBooks integration, you can expect more. It also rewards you with various features.

What are the Features of QuickBooks eBay Integration?

Here, we have shared the best features that can be received with QuickBooks eBay integration.

  • You can manage your inventory and track it in simple ways.
  • You can access the shipments at any moment. Since their information can get auto-synced, you can also track these shipments.
  • Users have shared that they are no longer required to manually synchronize the data of their company. With this, information between eBay and QuickBooks accounts can be quickly exchanged.
  • Should your business require analytics, you can avail it with this integration process in place.

What are the Reasons to Integrate Your eBay and QuickBooks Accounts?

These are the main reasons why QB or QuickBooks Online eBay integration should be considered:

  • Companies engaged in data entry will no longer be required to do so. Their data will be auto-entered.
  • The integration of the two platforms enables quick exchange of a company’s data. So, the process can be very time-saving.
  • Integrating your eBay and QB accounts can add to the accuracy of your work.
  • For small businesses, the plethora of features brought along with integration can be profitable. This is true in the sense that such businesses will not have to invest in multiple platforms.

How can I Start QuickBooks eBay Integration?

For Intuit QB and eBay’s integration, you need an application like eBay Built by QuickBooks Commerce. This app can be found in Browse Apps available in QuickBooks Commerce. You can install the app and then write the required information. This information can include your country. At a later stage, you will be required to provide the credentials of your eBay account as well. With this, you will be closer to integrating your QuickBooks and eBay accounts.

  • You will need access to “QuickBooks Commerce”.
  • After opening it, tap on “Browse Apps”
  • Now, opt for “eCommerce”.
  • Ensure that you choose “eBay Built by QuickBooks Commerce” in this step.
  • Tap on the “Install App” feature.
  • Find “Connect Your eBay Store”.
  • After finding it, push the dropdown button.
  • Opt for one “Country”.
  • Ensure that the selected country is the same as the one chosen on the site of “eBay”.
  • Hit the “Continue” tab.
  • Find whether you are providing your products in various countries. Then ensure that “QuickBooks Commerce” and eBay’s sales channels have been linked or connected.
  • Now, the “Homepage” will open. Type in the information of your account.
  • Then tap on the “Sign in” button.
  • For integrating QB and eBay, agree to give the confirmation.
  • Opt for “I Agree” in closing.

Please Note: This method is most suitable for the syncing of QB and eBay. You can use it, however, to sync or integrate versions of QuickBooks with your eCommerce account. QuickBooks Online eBay integration may also be possible with this method.

To easily execute your business tasks, we suggest that you think of integrating your eBay and QB accounts. The features and advantages given here would have convinced you to take this step. Using the given method, you should face no troubles at the time of doing the integration.

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