QuickBooks Error Code ‍12157: Guide to Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions

Image of QuickBooks Error 12157

Despite its many advantages, QuickBooks users may occasionally encounter errors that disrupt their workflow. One such technical error is QuickBooks Error Code 12157. This article will delve into the causes, symptoms, and solutions for this error, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of how to tackle it effectively.

Image of QuickBooks Error 12157

What is QuickBooks Error Code 12157?

QuickBooks 12157 error typically occurs due to internet connectivity issues or when firewall settings block QuickBooks from accessing the internet. Resolving this error is crucial to ensure that essential updates and the smooth functioning of the software are maintained. 

Common Internet Connectivity Errors

A few error codes often arise due to internet connectivity issues. These errors may not display specific warning messages and might only show one of the following error codes:

  1. QuickBooks Error Code 12045
  2. QB Error 12031
  3. QB Error Code 12037
  4. QuickBooks Error Code 12007

What Is the Reason for QuickBooks Error Code 12157?

Several factors can contribute to the occurrence of QuickBooks update error 12157, including:

  • A combination of system conflicts, registry errors, and Active X problems
  • Restrictive firewall settings and Internet security applications
  • Multiple QuickBooks software versions released in the same year installed on the same computer system, such as:
  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2016
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 16.0
  • Specific internet or security applications interfering with the updating process of QuickBooks Desktop software

What Are the Symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 12157

Identifying QuickBooks error 12157 is crucial for addressing the issue promptly. Look out for the following.

  • The issue code pops up on the display of your system.
  • Firewall settings and internet security applications display pop-up messages
  • The system crashes intermittently
  • The system experiences a slowdown.

How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks error 12157?

Authenticate the Date and Time on Your System

Wring time, day, and date settings on your computer can cause QuickBooks Error Code 12157. 

  • Right-Tap on the watch/time app in the lower right corner of the computer
  • Choose to Adjust the Date/Time
  • Pick the Change date/time and write the proper info
  • Tap OK to save the changes
  • Close and reopen QuickBooks Desktop
  • Update the QuickBooks Desktop software

Verify Internet Connection Settings

To ensure that the internet connection is secure and stable, perform the following steps:

  • Open the Chase banking webpage to test the secure internet connection
  • If you are unable to access the Chase banking page, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for assistance
  • If the Chase banking page opens successfully, proceed with the following steps:
  • In QuickBooks, Pick Help > Connection config for internet
  • Pick Internet connection settings to create a connection when this application accesses the Internet and tap Next
  • On the Connection Settings click advance
  • Tap Restore Advanced Settings in the Advanced tab.
  • Tap OK and then Done
  • Update your QuickBooks Desktop software

Restore Advanced Settings

To restore advanced settings, follow these steps:

  • Close QuickBooks Desktop
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Tap on the Tools tab at the top right and Pick Internet options from the drop-down menu
  • Tap the Advanced tab
  • Pick Restore Advanced Settings and close the window

Perform System Restore

Performing a system restore can help fix files and data that may be causing QuickBooks Error Code 12157. Follow these steps:

  • Sign in to QuickBooks as an Administrator.
  • Press the Windows key on your keyboard or Tap the Start button on the bottom-left of your desktop
  • Pick All Programs and Tap Accessories
  • Tap System Tools
  • Pick the System Restore option
  • A new window will open
  • Tap Reinstall this PC and press Next
  • Pick a system point to restore and tap Next
  • Tap the System Advanced option to restore your machine to that period.
  • Tap Next at the bottom of the confirmation window
  • Restart your machine to save the modifications.

QuickBooks Error Code 12157 can be a frustrating issue for users, but with the correct information and solutions, you can resolve it quickly and effectively. This comprehensive guide has given you an understanding of the causes, symptoms, and various solutions to tackle Error Code 12157. 

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