How To Become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor in 6 Steps

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QuickBooks accounting application is widely used by many companies and they are leveraging its in-built features and tools. Despite knowing QuickBooks, many companies are now requiring their accountants to get certified in QuickBooks. This certification boosts their proficiency and effectiveness in using the accounting program.

conectier-How to Become QuickBooks ProAdvisor

When you acquire QuickBooks certification, you also increase the chances of your expertise and training, allowing you to excel in your field. 

In this blog, we will provide you with all the helpful tips that you should know about how to become QuickBooks ProAdvisor and how you should prepare for the certification program. 

What is QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification?

Before proceeding to obtain a QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification, you must know all about it. An individual who has enrolled and completed the ProAdvisor program, and has passed the test to get certified in QuickBooks.

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This course has several types of certifications that you can opt for including QuickBooks Online, Enterprise, Point of Sale (POS), and much more. There is advanced level training and certification and those individuals who have acquired it, know all about the accounting software. 

Can Anyone Take the QuickBooks Online Certification?

Yes! Any person who wishes to become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor can register for and take the QuickBooks Online Certification subject to them being thoroughly organized with the study materials to clear the examination. 

Getting the QuickBooks Certification alone will not make you a seasoned accountant, you must have the formal and relevant qualifications to work in any organization.

Nevertheless, for individuals who are already working as a CPA or an auditor, or those who have their business, then, getting a QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification will work wonders when working in QuickBooks.  

What Can I Do with My QuickBooks Certification?

When you become a QuickBooks certified ProAdvisor you can assist businesses to get complete advantage of their QuickBooks accounting program. 

  • You can pick the right version of the application for your organization or business.
  • You will be able to install the software correctly, configure the company files for importing and prepare the chart of accounts. 
  • You can modify QuickBooks as per the requirement of the organization.
  • Train other employees on QuickBooks.
  • You will know all about the methods on how to reduce company file size to reduce confusion. 
  • Produce monetary statements as and when required. 
  • Know how to use QuickBooks for business expansion and growth. 

How Long Does It Take to Prepare for Online QuickBooks Certification?

The preparation time for the QuickBooks course online may vary among individuals. But in general, the timeframe with benefits is as below:

Learning Time:

  • Average time to learn all material: Up to 16 hours
  • Quick learners 10-12 hours

Exam Preparation:

  • Possibility to pass the exam within 10-12 hours of study
  • Quick path to obtaining QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification


  • Quick certification enhances skill set and resume
  • Opportunity to learn a new skill rapidly

How to Become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

Now that you have understood what QuickBooks ProAdvisor is and what it can do for the growth of the business, it is time to discuss how to get QuickBooks Certified. 

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Method 1.  Register for QuickBooks Online Accountant

Registering with the QuickBooks Online Account is the first step toward preparing yourself for the certification exam. So, is QuickBooks online accountant free? Yes! It is free to join and register and the whole process can be done on the official website of Intuit. Once you have completed the process, you will be able to retrieve all the study supplies required to prepare for the exams. 

Method 2. How Do I Prep for the QuickBooks Online Certificate Test

Upon registering and receiving all the study supplies, you must study thoroughly to clear the QuickBooks ProAdvisor examination. You will find that all materials you receive have detailed instructions and guidelines that you need to identify yourself with QuickBooks.  

Method 3. How Do I Access the QuickBooks Certification Materials

To access your materials in the QuickBooks Online Accountant, navigate to the ProAdvisor tab located on the left side and after that select the training button. Courses and material for QuickBooks will be seen here for your assistance to get ready for the QuickBooks certification exam. In case you are an absolute beginner, then start with the QuickBooks Online Accountant module. This would be a practical selection for you. 

Method 4: How do I Train for QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification

Intuit QuickBooks certification has three types of training: 

  • Interactive Preparation: This is a self-paced lesson that covers all the topics for the examination. Being test centric, you can access them during the exam as well. 
  • Webinars: The QuickBooks online accountant provides the facility of webinars divided into several categories. They cover similar topics to those given in the self-paced lessons. Moreover, you can interact with teachers to answer all questions that you may have. In short, these webinars are made to jumpstart your QB ProAdvisor journey. 
  • Online Conference: Similar to webinars, these online conferences are like boot camps headed by Advanced Certified ProAdvisor. Moreover, participants can network with other team members and trainers. 

Method 5: Take the QuickBooks Certification Exams

Once you have completed your studies and prepared yourself, you need to take the test. You will notice the tab to take the exam on the top right-hand corner of the QuickBooks Online Certificate program list. 

The QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor exam consists of the following: 

Exam Details:

  • Contains fifty-five (55) to eighty (80) questions
  • Covers all discussed topics and more

Passing Criteria:

  • The minimum passing marks required: eighty (80) percent

Retake Options:

  • Failure in the first attempt: Can try again
  • Number of attempts allowed: 3
  • Account lock duration after three failures: sixty (60) days

Repeat Opportunity:

  • After the sixty-day (60) lock period, users can try again.

Method 6: Obtain Your QuickBooks Certification

This is the final step. Once you have cleared your examination magnificently, you will get a digital QuickBooks ProAdvisor certificate in your email. Hence, you must ensure that at the time of registering you provided the correct information, otherwise, you may not get it when forwarded. 

Is QuickBooks certification worth it?

QuickBooks Certificate gives a whole different approach to your career with enhanced know-how of the application that enables you to excel.

Marketing Benefits:

  • Access to exceptional marketing materials
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Generate leads and develop your brand
  • Certification badges enhance credibility as a QuickBooks specialist

Find-a-ProAdvisor Platform:

  • List your practice after passing the certification test
  • Engage with new clients
  • Increase your client list
  • Win client trust

Proadvisor Profile:

  • Learn how to optimize your Pro-Advisor Profile for maximum impact

Note: The Find-a-ProAdvisor platform and Proadvisor Profile are specific features provided by QuickBooks for certified ProAdvisor.

How many times can you take the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Test?

There is no limit on the number of tries for taking the QuickBooks Certification exams. But you will be required to pay a sum of $149.99 every time you take the examination. 

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Can anybody become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

Yes! Individuals willing to study and take the test can become ProAdvisor. This exam is also useful for bookkeepers and accountants wanting to make an advance in their careers. 

Is it free to obtain a QuickBooks Certification?

Yes! Getting a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor certification costs nothing. You only need to register for a no-cost QuickBooks Online Accountant subscription, ready yourself with the training materials, and clear the exam. If you want to become a QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor, a membership fee of $799 annually must be paid. 

Does QuickBooks Certification Expire?

Yes, it does, QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor needs to recertify by June 30 each year depending on the certification they hold. 

To meet the needs of businesses using QuickBooks, accountants must be proficient in the software, which is why QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification is critical. This certification can be obtained in a quick and easy process. This article not only discusses the key features of QuickBooks, but also the importance of QuickBooks certification. In addition, the article explores the various benefits and perks associated with obtaining QuickBooks certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many versions are on the QuickBooks certified exam?

There are two versions of the QuickBooks Certified certification exam.

What is the Intuit QuickBooks certified user certification?

The QuickBooks Certified certification is an industry-recognized skill that effectively authenticates one’s knowledge in the QuickBooks accounting program.

How do I get certified for QuickBooks Desktop?

Simply register and take the exam and submit it

Why should I get a QuickBooks certification?

QuickBooks certification helps you excel in the field of accounting and bookkeeping with a thorough knowledge of the widely used accounting program.

Why choose QuickBooks training from Advanced Certified proadvisors?

Advanced Certified proadvisors provide you with the training you need and the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

What is the Intuit QuickBooks certified user certification exam?

It is an exam to gain thorough knowledge of the QuickBooks accounting program and excel in the field of accounting.

How do I become a QuickBooks Online accountant?

Access these training materials in the ProAdvisor tab of QuickBooks Online Accountant. Clear the certification exam.

What is QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

The QuickBooks ProAdvisor program gives accounting professionals the exposure they require and also makes them more appealing to business owners requiring accounting services.

How do I find a good QuickBooks ProAdvisor CPA?

The AICPA has a list of CPAs, accounting companies, and local accounting companies.

How do I become a QuickBooks Online accountant?

Create a QuickBooks Online Accountant profile.

Is QuickBooks ProAdvisor a trademark of Intuit?

Yes, QuickBooks ProAdvisor are registered trademarks of Intuit Inc.

Is Intuit free?

It comes at no cost for educators and students.

What does Intuit Certification do?

Intuit certification helps students develop the skills required for jobs in an innovation economy.

What is an Intuit education program?

The program offers free QuickBooks Online Plus Payroll, and QuickBooks Online Accountant, to students and teachers.

Do I need to renew my QuickBooks certification?

No, you are only required to recertify the highest certification you have.

Can I get an advanced certification if I have completed QuickBooks Online?

Yes, in case you completed your QuickBooks Online Certification, you may prepare to get Advanced Certified.

Where can I find the 2022 QuickBooks certifications?

It can be found under the ProAdvisor menu located in the Training tab.

When is the new QuickBooks Online recertification exam available?

You can check the official webpage of Intuit or QuickBooks for recertification exam dates.

What is the curriculum for QuickBooks training?

Our curriculum lets you customize training to your schedule and experience level.

Are QuickBooks online certifications free?

Yes, QuickBooks Online Certification training and exams are free.

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