IRS Tax Return Reject Code FW2G-502

conectier-Reject code FW2G 502

Reject Code FW2G-502 is yet another rejection code displayed by the IRS when the EIN cannot be identified in their database. The only solution to this is to find your EIN number on W2 form, correct it and then resubmit it to the authorities. 

conectier-Reject code FW2G 502

Other issues or reject codes that you could refer to when you face any problems that need solving or fixing EIN or employers identification number can refer to the below-listed codes:

FW2-502 — EIN does not match the IRS records.
F1099R-502-02 —Federal ID Number or EIN of the payer does not tally with IRS authorities. 
FW2-505-01 —EIN was issued after the tax year. 

How to Solve FW2G-502 reject code in TurboTax?

You can easily resolve the FW2G-502 reject code in e-tax applications such as TurboTax. However, please remember that you cannot e-file and you need to submit your tax documents by post. 

  • Open TurboTax
  • Enter your information and log in 
  • On the Home Screen. 
  • Choose Fix My Return. 
  • You will notice the EIN number. 
  • Select Fix it now beside it. 
  • Enter the correct EIN as displayed on the W2 form
  • Select No, if wrong.
    • If it matches with the form W2 then choose other option to see other instructions.

As you must correct the issue FW2G-502 on your federal tax papers. 

  • Select Federal.
  • This you will find on the left side menu. 
  • Choose wages and Income
  • On the income info page 
  • Next Gambling winnings
  • Select Edit/Add. 
  • Continue to the next screen. 
  • Next to W2 that has wrong data, select edit. 
  • Enter the payer correct data. 
  • Click Continue. 
  • On the W2 info screen. 
  • Select Done
  • Continue till you reach your income page. 
  • Choose a file from the left menu
  • Resubmit tax papers.

In case you were successful to resolve fw2g-502 by the steps above, you can try the following:

  • Get in touch with the gambling establishment to verify their EIN and whether it is correct on the W2G form.
    • Correct all information in the software and then try to resubmit. 
    • Ensure to ask to send you a corrected form W2G to be kept safely with you. 
  • Get a printout and post your tax papers. 

EIN errors such FW2G-502 are very crucial to be rectified immediately as they related to the establishment that you are working. However, if you do face the error, you can try to fix it by the guide given above. However, if you need further help, you can contact the IRS or consult with a qualified tax expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a W-2G form?

W-2G form is used to report gambling winnings and is issued by the gambling establishment or organization.

Why did the IRS reject my tax return due to an incorrect EIN on the W-2G form?

The EIN on the W-2G form must match the IRS database, and if it is incorrect, the IRS will reject your tax return.

What should I do if my tax return was rejected due to an incorrect EIN on the W-2G form?

Contact the issuer of the W-2G form to verify the accuracy of the EIN and ask for a corrected form if necessary.

Can I e-file an amended W2G form?

No, you must post it to the IRS.

Will the IRS notify me when my amended W2G tax return has been processed?

You will be notified by the IRS once your rectified tax return has been processed

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