What is Internal Reject Code REJ002?

Conectier - Internal Reject Code REJ002

An Internal Reject Code REJ002 is a code that indicates that something has gone wrong during the tax preparation process, and the software has rejected the return for internal reasons. In this way, the Internal Reject Code serves as an early warning system, letting the user know that there is a problem with their return that needs to be addressed before it can be filed successfully.

Conectier - Internal Reject Code REJ002

If IRS rejection code rej002 happens because of a program problem or error that may cause transmitted tax returns to be in error, the electronic filing center immediately stops all impacted tax returns. These tax documents remain in incomplete status until the fix has been released for TurboTax reject code rej002

Once the solution to the rej002 TurboTax code is ready to be applied, you will receive instructions over email on how to apply those fixes.

What is the Answer to REJ002 Error Code?

When using TurboTax and you come across the error REJ002, do not worry. As this error is due to an internal error and has nothing to do with your tax documents. TurboTax will simply return your documents so that you can apply the fix to rej002 – internal reject.

TurboTax will send an email that will have all the instructions to resolve the rejection code rej002. All that is needed for you is to follow the guidelines since all are customized solutions based on the program version that you use. 

Ensure to check the spam folder or the junk mail folder to double-check that you haven’t missed this important email. 

REJ002 relates to an internal error in the e-filing application. Since it is a computer program there are chances that taxpayers may face this error. However, in such a case it is best to get in touch with customer support in regards to the issue for resolution to be sent for this particular error code. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is REJ002 internal error on TurboTax?

REJ002 is an internal reject code on TurboTax that indicates an issue with the tax return’s electronic submission.

What causes the federal reject code rej002 error on TurboTax?

The REJ002 error can be caused by various issues, but it is likely due to a bug.

How can I fix the REJ002 TurboTax code?

Review the error message and instructions provided by TurboTax, correct the issue, and resubmit the tax return.

Can tax return reject code rej002 be caused by incomplete tax information?

No, the error is likely not from the taxpayer’s side.

Is the tax reject code rej002 a common issue on TurboTax?

Yes, the REJ002 error is a common issue on TurboTax, especially during peak tax filing periods.

Can I still file my tax return if I receive the federal return rejection reject code rej002?

Yes, you can still file your tax return after receiving the REJ002 error once the issue is corrected and the tax return is resubmitted.

Will I be charged extra fees for resubmitting my tax return after receiving the REJ002 error?

No, TurboTax does not charge additional fees for submitting a tax return after receiving the REJ002 error.

Can I contact TurboTax customer support for help with the REJ002 error?

Yes, you can contact TurboTax customer support for assistance with the REJ002 error or any other issues related to using the software.

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