Rejection Code R0000-504-02: Steps to Resolve It

conectier-R0000 504 02

Rejection code R0000-504-02 by the IRS happens when the Social Security information or the number of their dependents does not fit that of the IRS archive. Normally, to resolve this issue, you must check the dependent’s SSN information and whether it aligns with the IRS records.

conectier-R0000 504 02

Sometimes, it might be simply due to a typo mistake or some clerical error by the authorities when the SSN was allotted for your dependent. In case your spouse’s SSN does not match, you will get a reject code R0000-503-02.

What Are the Steps to Resolve R0000-504-02?

As the error code R0000 504 02 deals with misappropriate information about dependent SSNs, you can seamlessly follow the steps mentioned below to resolve it by yourself. However, even after implementing the steps, it’s best to contact a professional tax expert or the respective tax authorities if you still cannot fix it.

1. Confirm SSN Entered:

There is always a high probability of this rejected code appearing due to mistyped information. Therefore, the first thing to do is confirm the entered SSN number. 

2. Unawareness:

Sometimes being unsure of the SSN number also leads to this rejection code. it is advisable to verify the SSN number with the dependent before filing any tax-related documents. 

3. Outdated Information:

Another reason for the issue to happen is when the IRS has outdated information on its records. So, even if you entered the correct information, it will not match the IRS records. You can ask the SSA authorities to assist in this matter. 

4. Print and File Returns:

If the deadline is approaching and you still can’t find any resolution, printing, and filing returns is best. Ensure to address the IRS reject code R0000-504-02 and how you tried solving it. 

You can then rectify your tax file using the accurate SSN for your dependent. If you filed your tax return electronically, you can change the dependent’s SSN and resubmit it. If you filed your tax return on paper, you must file an updated return with the correct SSN.

How Can I Fix Federal Reject Code R0000 504 02 in the Online Application?

Suppose you are filing your returns electronically and using an application such as Taxslayer. If you encounter the Federal Reject Code R0000 504 02, you can use the procedure below to rectify it. 

  • Check that the Social Security Number was input correctly.
    • Dependents/Qualifying Person Basic Information
    • Examine your data entered into the system.
    • Make any necessary modifications.
    • Resubmit your return using the E-file link in the navigation bar.
  • If the stated information is true, don’t hesitate to contact your local SSA to check and rectify it. 
  • If you cannot make any changes, you must submit them by mail. You will find the information on the application on how to proceed with it.

A rejected tax due to a mismatched Social Security Number (SSN) for a dependent can lead to R0000 504 02. It is crucial to counter-check the SSN, update data with the Social Security Administration (SSA), and consider filing a paper return if necessary. Taking these steps can help resolve the issue and ensure you can claim the dependent on your tax return.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Social Security Number (SSN)?

A Social Security Number (SSN) is a number for citizens of the US to use on documents for verification purposes.

Why would a dependent’s SSN be rejected on a tax return?

A dependent’s SSN may be rejected on a tax return if the number entered on the return does not match what the IRS.

What should I do if my dependent’s SSN is rejected on my tax return?

If your dependent’s SSN is rejected on your tax return, you should double-check the number you entered to ensure it is correct.

Can I still claim my dependent if their SSN is rejected on my tax return?

Yes, you can only if you can resolve the issue with the IRS and/or SSA.

How can I avoid a rejected tax return due to a mismatched SSN?

To avoid a rejected tax return due to a mismatched SSN, make sure to double-check the SSN entered for all dependents before filing your return.

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