Salesforce QuickBooks Integration

Understanding Salesforce QuickBooks Integration Process, its Benefits, and Features

Salesforce and QuickBooks are two cloud-based software. The combination of these two can be understood as Salesforce QuickBooks integration. It can save hours in manual information’s relocation. It also gives data relating to how your business is working and where it very well may be advanced from time to time. 

The integration of QB with Salesforce can provide you access to several features and benefits. However, to get access to these, the process of integration needs to be done. In this blog, you can learn how to integrate Sales with QB and QuickBooks Online Advanced. Along with this, we will also reveal the numerous features and benefits of this integration.

Features of Salesforce QuickBooks Integration

With Salesforce and QuickBooks integration, these are the features that can be accessed:

  • It synchronizes the refreshed QuickBooks records with Salesforce.
  • A new customer in QB is additionally recorded in Salesforce.
  • The integration of the software and Salesforce cloud can consequently assist to make invoices, do the billing, and make payments as well.
  • It facilitates event logging and email notices.
  • You can visualize every single part of your business and income.
  • This integration influences a 360-degree on-going, as well as real-time, perspective on the basic Salesforce and QuickBooks data from a single spot.

Things to keep in mind when doing Salesforce Quickbooks Integration

It is important to be mindful of a few things when doing the Salesforce Quickbooks integration. These things have been mentioned as follows:

  • Check the different versions of Salesforce and QuickBooks that are being incorporated. Doing so will be more significant for the accounting software as it has both versions – Cloud as well as Desktop.
  • You need to know the definitive goal of the integration.
  • Find out whether there is a need to refresh the records, whether real-time or desktop-based.
  • You should know the kind of approvals a client needs to refresh an exchange into the QB bookkeeping system.
  • You may guarantee whether or not custom fields are available in both Salesforce and QuickBooks items. This will help you know whether the process of the software and the design of Salesforce coordinate.

Benefits of Salesforce and QuickBooks Integration

Let us now go through certain benefits of Salesforce QuickBooks integration.

  • You can expect better management of time. This is due to the streaming of the information being bidirectional post the integration of the software.
  • Users can investigate the history of sales for each prospect/client.
  • From top to bottom, the investigation of the business designs inside Salesforce can be done.
  • Simple access to credit limits and open balances is available.
  • Decrease in duplication of information and information error can be expected.

How can Salesforce Integrate with QuickBooks Online Advanced?

Salesforce and QBOA integration can be done in an easy way. You can first log in to the software. You will be required to have the credentials of the administrator for this purpose. Then you can take the help of Salesforce Connector to continue. After this, you will find the Get App Now option. Use this option to continue integrating the accounting software and Salesforce.

  • Sign in to “QuickBooks Online Advanced” as an administrator. 
  • Look for “Salesforce Connector”. 
  • Choose the “Get App Now” button.
  • Determine the way of showing up of different opportunities in “QuickBooks”.
  • Combine “Salesforce” items and administrations with “QuickBooks”.
  • Combine “Salesforce” information to the altered fields on the QB deals selling form.
  • Capture different opportunities into the software. 

This method explains how does Salesforce integrate with QuickBooks Online Advanced. Remember that performing the steps in the right sequence is necessary.


In this blog, we learned how Salesforce and QuickBooks integration can be done. We explained to you the process step-by-step. As you saw, these steps are simple enough for the users of QB, whether new or old, to perform. In addition to the process, this blog unfolded the various benefits of the integration between the two and what features can be accessed with it. It is believed that, by now, the contents here would have helped you in integrating your QBOA account with Salesforce.

The integration of the QB program with Salesforce can sometimes be complex for new users. When professional assistance is required, Conectier is available to help. Connect with our experts who can remove all the complexities faced while new users integrate QuickBooks with Salesforce.

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