Salesforce QuickBooks Integration: Why and How to Sync

Salesforce and QuickBooks integration

Owners of a business may want to interact with their customers well. To do so, they may look for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Among the software present in the market, Salesforce stands among the top ones. It can help you to study the sales reports along with their forecasting. Although it is an excellent CRM software, it may lag in accounting procedures. Thus, integrating it with QuickBooks can create a single platform for executing such procedures. 

Salesforce and QuickBooks integration

When you start putting your focus on one platform, your efficiency can be increased and, in turn, your business can also grow. The Salesforce QuickBooks integration sync can be of use to all types of business owners. It can be more advantageous to the small and medium-sized firm owners as they have a greater need of growing their business than a well-established one. 

How can Salesforce Integrate with QuickBooks? 

You can perform Salesforce and QuickBooks integration to receive extensive knowledge about your sales and financial reports. The Salesforce QuickBooks Integration Solution by Workato can be utilized for connecting the two platforms without any coding. This application can help you in automation and DIY synchronization afterward.

The app link is to be opened up for reaching its homepage. After that, you need to head towards the Learn More option. This will redirect you to its demo page.  

Once the demo is applied, you can check its Intuit QuickBooks Salesforce integration services. If you are satisfied with them, then you can move forward with the purchase. 

Name of the PlanDetailsUsersPrice($)
Trial PlanA 30-day trial plan is provided free of cost without any requirement of a credit card.10
Commercial PricingMultiple users can run, build, and test at a single time. They can make their workflow automatic. 1Price may vary

How does Salesforce Integrate with QuickBooks Online Advanced?

Salesforce Connector by QuickBooks was one of the first apps created by Intuit to provide synchronization between QBOA and the CRM software. It can be appraised as the best app for Salesforce QuickBooks integration. For automating reminders and making reconciliation easier, both the software can be synced using this application. Through this, you can maintain consistency in the details of the invoices, payments, and accounts that will boost up your sales speed. 

The integration between the two software can be processed by signing in as the admin in QBOA. Next, in the provided field, you need to mention the Salesforce Connector by QuickBooks application and then search for it. 

  • Login as admin in “QuickBooks Online Advanced”.
  • Then look for “Salesforce Connector by QuickBooks” by searching.
  • Choose the “Get App Now” button.
  • How you want the opportunities to be visible in the Intuit software is to be decided.
  • The Salesforce services and products are to be added to the “QBOA” software.
  • In the custom fields of the QBOA sales form, information is to be filled in.
  • Now, Salesforce opportunities can be received in QuickBooks. 

Pricing: When you sign up during the current period to the “Limited Time Offer” plan for integrating Salesforce and QuickBooks Online Advanced, you can avail 50% off for a term of 6 months. A maximum of 25 users can use it at the same time on their systems. The price for this plan would cost you around $49.50. 

What are the Benefits of Integrating Salesforce and QuickBooks?

The integration between the CRM software and QuickBooks helps the users in increasing the productivity of the business by clearing off the manual work. When the manual work is reduced, the chances of duplicate entry will be eliminated as well. Due to this, the other users can work together on a single project at one time.

This linking/synchronization can also provide you with some other features:

  • Salesforce QuickBooks integration allows you to have a look at the financial reports, gaps, and metrics. Thus, you can focus on the deeper areas that require improvement in the business.
  • After you know which parts of your business need more concentration, you can solve them and make your venture grow faster.
  • Once the two software get connected, it becomes easier to share the sales data as well as the financial information for better production of the output.
  • As you may know, the CRM and QuickBooks are used for sales and accounting, respectively. Hence, syncing them can bring together the two departments which can increase efficiency. 
  • A lot of time can be saved as you do not need to work on two separate software after they are combined to be one. 

What are Salesforce QuickBooks Integration Reviews?

Salesforce is considered the best software for performing Customer Relationship Management (CRM), whereas QuickBooks is the most recommended accounting software. Through their sync, users can cut off the manual work and make it automatic. Likewise, you may also have a look at the reports that can help in getting a better knowledge about the accounts as well as areas that need more attention. Now, looking at the Salesforce QuickBooks integration reviews, it can be said that with the help of automation, you can focus on those areas that require your time and effort. Hence, it can make your business grow faster.

In Brief

To boost the growth of your business and connect the sales departments with the financial ones, you can go for Salesforce QuickBooks integration. This would not only provide you with the reports of the financial and sales data but also help you work upon the issues found in those areas. Through its distinct features, users can save their time and efforts and work more efficiently.

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