Method for Squarespace Integration with QuickBooks and its Advantages

squarespace integration with quickbooks

Using Squarespace integration with QuickBooks, you are not required to have coding experience. For any business owner, having a website is one of the important investments. However, building a website is not easy as it requires coding. The biggest benefit of this integration is that coding is not required at all. Furthermore, the integration process is convenient for you as you can automate certain accounting tasks as well.

squarespace integration with quickbooks

For instance, you can sync customer data, automate order processing, create invoices, and process payments in QuickBooks. By doing so, you can save time by preventing yourself from manual data entry. In addition, QuickBooks and Squarespace integration prevent human errors (which is quite possible during manual data entry).

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how to proceed with Squarespace and QB integration while knowing its benefits.

Advantages of QuickBooks Squarespace Integration

As we stated earlier, there are numerous business tasks you can automate using Squarespace and QuickBooks integration. However, it depends on the capability of a particular integration extension. We are jotting down a number of benefits one can get by integrating Squarespace with QuickBooks.

  • Users can sync the customer data of Squarespace.
  • Entire order processing can be automated.
  • It becomes easy to generate invoices.
  • Users can process the payments automatically.
  • You can automate other accounting tasks.
  • Prevent the risk of human errors.
  • You can save time by avoiding manual data entry.
  • Users can be more focused on business growth.

Please Note: The features and key benefits may differ depending on what extension or third-party tool you are using to integrate or sync eCommerce stores with the inventory management system. Also remember that the features of some third-party tools are dedicated to only QuickBooks Commerce, QuickBooks Online, or Desktop.

Method for Squarespace and QuickBooks Integration

To integrate your accounting software into Squarespace, one does not have to learn to code or alter any codes. For making this job convenient to you, Squarespace provides third-party tools to integrate. Furthermore, if you are having a premium Squarespace account already then you do not need to pay any additional cost of downloading an extension for QuickBooks Squarespace integration.

Let’s have a look at the following details where you will be learning easy ways to integrate QuickBooks into the Squarespace platform to ease your business tasks.

Squarespace Integration with QuickBooks Online

For QuickBooks Online, you just need to open the Squarespace website and install the QuickBooks extension to it. This way your QuickBooks can be accessed via the Squarespace website.

  • Visit the “Squarespace” website and log in to your account.
  • On the “Squarespace Extensions” page, you can browse QuickBooks extensions so that you can integrate QuickBooks seamlessly into the Squarespace website.
  • As you select the “QuickBooks” from the available options, you can select the “Connect” button. This will connect you to the QuickBooks website.
  • Thereafter, you can continue the login process.
  • After that, select your website.
  • Here, one has to make sure that you grant permission for “QuickBooks” to access your website.

If it is required then you can also check the additional steps on the QuickBooks website. As you finish the integration process, you can continue working on your Squarespace website while handing your accounting data in one place.

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Squarespace integration with QuickBooks Commerce

QuickBooks Commerce allows you to integrate third-party extensions so that you can connect your eCommerce store with inventory management systems. It also helps you to deliver orders, retrieve new orders, shipment tracking from QuickBooks Commerce to Squarespace, and much more.

Here are the basic steps you are supposed to follow for Squarespace integration with QuickBooks Commerce.

  • Open the “QuickBooks Commerce” platform.
  • Then, move to the navigation bar on the left and press the “Browse Apps” button.
  • Here, you can search for the “Squarespace” app.
  • Now, click the “Get App” option. This will redirect you to the authorize page.
  • You can press the “Authorize” button to continue.
  • After that, you will see a “Squarespace” account listed on your site. 
  • Then, you can click on the “Allow” button to connect your website with QuickBooks Commerce.

After following the aforementioned steps, you can finish integrating Squarespace with QuickBooks Commerce. For instance, you can retrieve the API key from Squarespace and set other preferences such as Price Settings and General Settings.

In a Nutshell

If you adhere to the provided details, you can easily integrate the Squarespace with QuickBooks. You just need to add an extension that will assist you in integrating QuickBooks and Squarespace. Depending on the integration tool, you can access features that will benefit your business website.

All you have to do is make sure that you perform these steps under professional guidance. However, if you encounter any problem while using Squarespace integration with QuickBooks, contact Conectier. We help users to ease their work with easy integration services.

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