Money by QuickBooks for Startups, Small Businesses to Manage Finance

Money App by QuickBooks for Startups, Small Businesses to Manage Finance

QuickBooks’ makers have been known for giving apt solutions for accounting and finance. Recently, an application has been launched by the company. Mainly for the management of cash flow, the Money app can be of use for small businesses. The application remains accessible on smartphones and devices having OS like Android and iOS. For both startup and small business owners, this application can promise features that make accepting and making payments easier.

Money by QuickBooks for Startups, Small Businesses to Manage Finance

Access to Money App

The Money app can be accessed by small businesses right from their smart devices. It can be downloaded on a device irrespective of whether or not it runs on Android or iOS/Apple operating software. In addition to small business owners, startup owners and freelancers can also access it. 

Key Uses of QuickBooks Money Application

The newly launched Money application aims to make financial operations easier for users. In addition to this, the app by QB can serve 4 key uses. These uses can be inclusive of:

  • Simpler management of expenses
  • Accepting payments with ease
  • Ability to manage debit card payments
  • Managing bill payments

While business owners can consider using the QuickBooks program, their financial tasks can be better managed with this new solution. Expanding accounting operations, the Money app can help you establish more tasks than expected.

Features of Money Application 

The app launched by QuickBooks, Money has been featured with the ability to make payments as well as request them. This can be the most useful feature of the application on which business owners can rely. Including this, the app has a number of features to assist the owners in managing their financial operations.

  • An account on the application can be created within minutes.
  • The account on Money may have no requirements for minimum balance. 
  • App users may not be charged any fee on a monthly basis.
  • Payments via this application can be accepted/requested via credit cards, debit cards, ACH transfers, etc.
  • Deposits can be made on the same day with no fee being charged for the payments. QuickBooks Visa Business Debit Card can be required for this. The card may not require any cost for use. It should also be known that with this card, as many as 1900 ATMs (Allpoint) can be accessed.
  • FDIC insurance can be used for backing up your funds. The insurance can be around $250,000.
  • Bill payments can be scheduled.

QuickBooks Money and COVID-19

The coronavirus crisis may have led to the emergence of small businesses. Operating whether offline or online, apps like Money can render financial solutions to such businesses. In providing the service, the app can be easily accessible as well as simpler to control. Owners of businesses or startups, who may not be familiar with advanced technology, can find the app usable due to its simple controls.

A solution like the Money application seems promising for new businesses or the ones operating on a small scale. The app has been provided with the best features that can render end-to-end financial solutions. For both remote and online establishments, this application can be the needed solution for improved financial work.

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