Learn the Ways to Find QuickBooks License Number & Product Number

How to Find QuickBooks License Number

QuickBooks licenses are an essential part of the accounting software’s reinstallation process. While reinstalling the software, it is necessary to fill in the Product code and the License Number to activate the program. As the need for reinstallation may occur due to multiple circumstances, making a note of these codes ahead of time can be advantageous.

How to Find QuickBooks License Number

You can find the keys by making use of the various available methods. It should also be known that these numbers can be efficiently located on versions such as QuickBooks Desktop or Payroll as well as on your Mac PC. In case you forget your License or Product Number and want to re-install the software, you should change them first. Taking preventive actions can contribute to better use of the software.

1. Why to Find QuickBooks License Number and Product Number?

When it comes to reinstalling accounting software, the License key and Product Number are essential. Therefore, you always need to keep them handy while carrying out this procedure. They also aid in the continuity of multiple operations and records. Thus, in case they get misplaced, it is crucial that you know how to find QuickBooks License Number and Product key as quickly as possible. 

2. How to Find QuickBooks License Number and Product Number?

QuickBooks users can find their License and Product keys by inserting the software’s installation disc into the drive. Using the License Lookup tool can also assist in finding these numbers in less time. This tool can be accessed via its official website. The site of the Customer Account Management Portal (CAMPS) can further be beneficial when locating the License Number specifically. 

How to find QuickBooks License Number and the product code can be learned through the details of the following methods:

2.1) Method 1: Via an Installation CD

There can be situations where you do not have any of the QuickBooks licenses and an urgent need to re-install the software has arrived. In this scenario, re-installation can be accomplished through an installation CD. This can be purchased via the official Intuit website. You just need to put the disc in the available drive and hit the Re-install QuickBooks tab after it starts running. 

  • Place the installation CD of QuickBooks in the disc drive present in your system. 
  • The “Reinstall QuickBooks” button has to be selected then.
  • A window will open up containing the following numbers:
    • “License Number”
    • “Product Number”
  • Note them down safely and continue running the CD.
  • The reinstallation process will then begin on the system you are using.
  • Further, to complete the activation process, some prompts would appear and have to be followed.
  • You need to fill in the “Product Number” and the “License Number” that you noted earlier.
  • Finally, you can start working on the program as you will have both Intuit QuickBooks License and Product Number now.

2.2) Method 2: Through the License Lookup Tool

The QuickBooks License and Product Number Lookup tool can help the users directly access these codes. They are directly sent to the email ID through which the program was bought. To start, you will have to reach its official website by searching for this tool over the internet. Once you are navigated to the page through the correct site, you can find the field for entering your registered email address. 

  • Move to your browser and search for “QuickBooks License Lookup Tool”.
  • After you get to this page, enter the “Email ID” which has been used by you while purchasing the software.
  • Then click on the “Find License and Product Number” option. This will help you to further understand how to find QuickBooks License Number.
  • Intuit will then verify the email address and send you an email having the License Number.

In case the “Product Number” is also required, you can connect with the QuickBooks support team. Proof of the software’s purchase may be asked by the team while requesting the information.

2.3) Method 3: Utilizing Customer Account Management Portal (CAMPS)

The Customer Account Management Portal (CAMPS) provides assistance to users by keeping all the information related to the account, products, clients, etc. It even stores the details of the QuickBooks licenses. Therefore, when a requirement occurs, you can move to the CAMPS website. You will then be prompted to mention the login credentials to locate the License and Product keys. 

  • You need to find the “Customer Account Management Portal” website.
  • When the sign-in details are asked, fill them out.
  • Then you will have to locate the “Product & Services” list.
  • To move further and learn how to find QuickBooks License Number, this is an important step. “QuickBooks” is required to be chosen among the options provided in the list.
  • Lastly, pick the “Details” tab.
  • By clicking here, the “Product” and the “License” Numbers will come up. You can then have a look at them.

3. Where do I find My QuickBooks Desktop License Number & Product Number?

When you don’t know how to find the QuickBooks Desktop License Number and the Product key, you can make use of the Company feature. It is located on the software’s homepage. Additionally, the codes can be found in the Windows Registry as well. Along with this, you can move through the tab named Employees to directly find these numbers. Users operating the program on Mac can locate the codes via the Help option.

3.1) Method 1: Using the Company Tab

The Company feature contains all the important information about the QuickBooks Desktop account that you have been using. It also stores details such as the Product code and the License Number. Therefore, to locate this information, you need to tap on the option given in the software’s menu. After doing so, the My Company tab has to be selected to move further.

Go through the procedure provided to learn how to find the License and Product Number for QuickBooks Desktop: 

  • Open “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Head to the “Company” option in this step.
  • When the drop-down appears, the tab named “My Company” button needs to be clicked.
  • Next, hit “Manage Your Account”.
  • Once this button is tapped, a window will arise displaying the Product as well as the License Number. 

3.2) Method 2: In Windows Registry

Users can find the QuickBooks Desktop License Number in the Registry by navigating through the QBRgistration.DAT file. As this file stores the details of the product code as well, finding the information over here can be done rapidly. At first, you will have to opt for the F2 button on the program’s main window. Once you see the Product Information page arising on the screen, hit F3, and continue with the prompts.

  • Visit the window of the accounting program.
  • Then press the key named “F2” from the keyboard.
  • You will be directed to the window of “Product Information” now.
  • Here, tap on the “F3” button.
  • When the “Tech Help” screen opens, click on the “Open File” option.
  • Next, you need to select the “QBRegistration.DAT” file.
  • In case the file doesn’t launch, the “Notepad” tab is required to be picked.
  • Hit “Ok” when done.
  • Now, you need to tap on the “CTRL” and “F” buttons.
  • Once the search panel arises, mention “LicenseNumber”.
  • Choose “Find” to highlight the text entered above.
  • The Product Number can then be found beside the highlighted words.
  • Make sure to note it down properly.
  • Afterward, the file needs to be shut down.
  • The software can now be registered through the QuickBooks Desktop Registry keys.

3.3) Method 3: Through the Employees Option in the Payroll Version

While fixing a QuickBooks Desktop Payroll update error, you may decide to reinstall the software. For finding the License code to reinstall and use the payroll version of the accounting program, choosing the Employees tab can be beneficial. You simply need to tap on it and afterward move to the section named Payroll Center. Further, by opting for the Payroll option you can find the License Number QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.  

  • On the home screen of “QuickBooks Desktop”, tap on “Employees”.
  • After this, head to the “Payroll Center” button.
  • Now, choose “Payroll”.
  • In this step, the “Subscription Statuses” button has to be tapped.
  • Here, the License Number along with the Product Number can be found.

3.4) Method 4: Via Help Menu on Mac

Those carrying out the QuickBooks Desktop operations on the Mac version may at times need certain keys such as the License and Product codes. To locate them, users need to utilize the Help option available in the menu panel. After clicking here, the Product Information tab has to be tapped as well to display the codes within a few minutes.

The steps described under will make you understand how to find the License Number in QuickBooks Desktop on Mac:

  • You will have to launch “QuickBooks Desktop” on Mac.
  • Then opt for the “Help” tab on its menu.
  • Further, go for the “Product Information” option.
  • Finally, find the Product and License Numbers on the page displayed.

4. How to Change Product Number and License Number in QuickBooks Desktop?

Due to certain difficulties, you may want to comprehend how to change the QuickBooks Desktop Product Number and the License Code. However, this can be done by editing the Product Number from the QBRegistration file window. It is important to open the file properly before changing the number. Also, the License Number can be changed easily via the tab present on the QuickBooks Desktop menu named Help.

4.1) Method 1: Modifying the Product Number through QBRegistration File

QBRegistration.DAT is an installation file for QuickBooks Desktop. It contains the License and Product keys that are required and confirmed each time the software is activated during reinstallation. This file can also be utilized for editing the Product Number. You need to open the file in the proper way using the Notepad of your system. Later, you can modify the Product Code using the Edit option over here. This will help you make the needed changes.

The highlighted procedure will guide you on how to change the Product Number in QuickBooks Desktop:

  • On the homepage of the “QuickBooks Desktop”, hit the “F2” button.
  • After this, the “F3” button needs to be pressed.
  • Here, the “QBRegistration.DAT” option has to be selected.
  • Opt for “Open File” now.
  • The file will then be launched in “Notepad”.
  • A backup of this file needs to be created before proceeding further.
  • Once done, press the “File” button on the “Notepad” window.
  • In this instruction, choose “Save As”.
  • Then the file has to be closed.
  • Through the “Help” menu, the file needs to be opened once more.
  • Now, you will have to shut down the accounting program without closing the file opened in the “Notepad”. You can then move ahead to change the QuickBooks Desktop licensing codes.

To edit the QBRegistration.DAT file, move through the steps given below:

  • On the already opened “QBRegistration.DAT” file in “Notepad”, pick the “Edit” option.
  • Then select “Replace”.
  • The “Find What” panel will then appear on the window.
  • You need to type the previous Product Code here.
  • After doing so, the new code has to be filled in the field named “Replace With”.
  • Press the “Replace All” tab now.
  • Once completed, opt for “File”.
  • In this step, choose “Save” and shut down the file.
  • Run the “QuickBooks Desktop” software.
  • Simply click on the key named “F2” to bring up the “QuickBooks Desktop Product Information”.
  • As the window appears, verify the new product key.
  • Finally, update the Product Number and start using the software.

4.2) Method 2: Editing License Number Using Help

When you buy a copy of the accounting program and fill in the incorrect License Number while registering, you may need to change it at the earliest. Hence, to edit it, using the Help feature is suggested. This option can be accessed via the menu panel. When the other tabs open up, you need to locate the Manage My License button to proceed.

  • The system has to be logged in using the administrative rights to change the QuickBooks Desktop License Number.
  • You also need to run the accounting program as an admin.
  • Move to the “Help” button on its menu.
  • Then opt for the “Manage My License” option.
  • After this, the “Change My License Number” tab has to be chosen.
  • Type a new number for the license here.
  • In this step, hit “Next”.
  • Further, tap on the “Finish” button.

The license number will now be changed. You then have to close the software and start it again. Once you do so, the accounting software can be operated with the new license code.


Installing the different versions of the accounting software requires the details of the QuickBooks licenses. Otherwise, they cannot be activated. You may also need to find them in case they are lost. Hence, locating them through the correct method is necessary. Apart from this, changing the Product Number and the License Code is also possible if they have been misplaced. 

FAQs – How to Find QuickBooks License Number

Why are QuickBooks License Number and Product Number required?

The requirement of Intuit QuickBooks License and Product Numbers come up during the time of reinstallation of the accounting software. As you enter them, they can also help in maintaining a flow in the records as well as the operations while upgrading the program on another PC.

How to check QuickBooks License in Registry?

To locate the QuickBooks License Number in the Registry, you need to open the main window of the program. Here, the “F2” key has to be pressed for displaying “Product Information”. After this page appears, the “F3” button needs to be tapped. Further, choose “Open File” to find the License Number.

How do I recover my QuickBooks Product Key?

You can recover your QuickBooks Product information key by inserting an installation CD. You need to put it in the drive space available on your computer or laptop. Then you will have to click on “Reinstall QuickBooks”. Once this button is chosen, the Product key will be displayed on the window.

Is there any tool to find the License Number in QuickBooks?

The License Lookup tool has been developed by Intuit QuickBooks. It allows users to directly check the License Number. You need to visit the website of this tool to begin the procedure. You will then be asked to fill up the email address through which you had bought the software subscription earlier.

How many digits is a QuickBooks License Number?

While reinstalling the accounting program on the system, the QuickBooks License Number is always required. It consists of 15 digits in total which needs to be filled on the reinstallation window. Without it, you cannot complete the procedure and may get stuck.

Where do I find QuickBooks License Number on Mac?

Users attempting to find the QuickBooks License and the Product Numbers on Mac can proceed via the “Help” menu. They just need to select this menu to make the “Product Information” window appear. After it shows up, you can see the required numbers and note them down.

How do I change my QuickBooks Product Number?

It is important to know how to change a Product Number in QuickBooks. The procedure needs to be started via a QBRegistration.DAT file. First, you need to press the “F2” button followed by “F3”. After doing so, “QBRegistration.DAT” is required to be hit for changing the QuickBooks Product Number.

How do I find my QuickBooks Desktop License Number and Product Number?

In QuickBooks Desktop, you can easily find the License Number by accessing the “Company” option. Once the drop-down list is displayed, you need to opt for the “My Company” button. This will further navigate you to the tab named “Manage My Company”. When this option is picked, the License Number can be found.

Where to find my QuickBooks License Number if Lost?

You need to immediately find the License Number of QuickBooks in case it is lost. If you ever require it for reinstallation, then you should have access to it beforehand. Users need to make use of the “Customer Account Management Portal” (CAMPS) site. Here, the login information will be asked which you need to enter. Then, the “Product & Services” option is required to be clicked.

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