QuickBooks Error 179: Factors that Cause it and Troubleshooting Measures

QuickBooks Error 179

QuickBooks comes into use when you have to maintain accounts or reconcile your transactions. In the processes of these types, the QuickBooks error 179 can take place. At large, this is an accounting error. Hence, any factor or situation that affects these processes can result in the fatal bug 179. You can get rid of this problem regardless of whether it is occurring in QuickBooks or the Online/Desktop version of it. Essentially, you will have to work on the factors promoting accounting issues. Aside from this, you will have to focus on any factors or processes that are affecting the performance of the software or the browser through which it is operating.

QuickBooks Error 179

Primary Causes of the QuickBooks Fatal Error 179

It is essential to be aware that the fatal error 179 is an accounting bug. Therefore, any discrepancies in your financial reports can be the main cause of this problem. At times, though, browser cache can also lead to it. Nevertheless, the QuickBooks error code 179 is primarily an outcome of inaccurate accounting or poorly managed balance sheets.

  • You may have recently used the utility named Rebuild Data. The error 179 may be witnessed because of its functioning or effects.
  • Certain transactions may be missing from the QuickBooks database. This may be affecting the records and causing this fatal error code.
  • Check whether or not your balance sheet has the correct dates. Otherwise, this error 179 can be an outcome of this.
  • Your essential company files may not be present on your host PC.
  • The fatal error 179 QuickBooks issue’s another primary cause is a glitch in the screen for Payment to Deposit.
  • This software is useful for maintaining accounts. Provided that its balance sheet has inaccurate accounts, then you may run into this error code.
  • Since this error 179 is an accounting bug, any problems in your financial reports can give rise to it.
  • Windows Registry may have received damage.

Fixes for the QuickBooks Error 179

One of the ways to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error code 179 is by ensuring proper use of the Rebuild Data utility without any interruptions. Secondly, it is suggested that you resolve internet browser problems. Another significant way to fix the 179 error code is by repairing the Registry on Windows.

Fix 1: Remove Browser History and Cache

Clearing the QuickBooks fatal error 179 is possible when you fix the issues related to your browser. These issues can emerge when the cache or history has accumulated over time. You can delete both to fix this 179 fatal error. Along with this you can log out and re-login your bank account.

  • Ensure that you are not logged in on your bank’s site on your PC. In case any other computer is connected to your network, then log out of your account on that as well.
  • Move to your browser. Remove its history.
  • Then also delete the cache from this browser.
  • Afterward, run the website of your bank.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Then check the details of your bank account via “QuickBooks”.

Given that the browser’s cache and history have been removed, as well as correct bank account details are added, the QuickBooks error 179 should stop emerging.

Fix 2: Troubleshoot Registry on Windows

Sometimes, Windows Registry may cause the error 179. It may get damaged, owing to plenty of reasons. Since this can affect the operations of a Windows system, the programs installed on it like QuickBooks can also undergo changes. These changes may be contributing to the QuickBooks error code 179. As soon as you repair this Registry, the operations should get normal and this error may not show up.

  • On your PC, open “Command Prompt”.
  • Enter this command in the program:
    • “Regedit”
  • This will launch “Register Entry”. Now, you have to prepare a backup. Find the icon for “Computer”. Right-tap on it. Then select “Export”.
  • After the backup of the Registry has been made, a copy of the data of “QuickBooks” will also be established. You can restore this data to undo the changes that were the outcome of a damaged Registry. To do so, look for a file of the software with the extension “.reg”.
  • Store data from this file.
  • Then you can start ‘QuickBooks”.

While the Registry backup will help you run a damage-free program, the restored data will remove problems from QuickBooks. Hence, the error 179 QuickBooks may not be seen.

Fix 3: Prevent Interference When Running Rebuild Data

Rebuild Data is similar to a tool or utility. It is featured by QuickBooks for the purpose of fixing company file issues. When you start this tool, a process begins to remove these issues. The process must not be interfered with. Otherwise, along with company file problems, certain error codes may also come up.
This situation can give rise to codes like the QuickBooks Rebuild error 179. To repair this code, specifically, you can try to run the tool again in a proper manner. Otherwise, to prevent the error, you can ensure that its process is not interrupted.

Resolving the Error 179 in QuickBooks Desktop

This software’s users can attempt to troubleshoot the 179 error by removing multiple web browser logins for their bank accounts. If this does not help, then updating the profile details in the accounting software is recommended. With updated information, the error 179 QuickBooks Desktop problem may not be frequently seen.

Fix 1: Update Your Information

Not only because of accounting problems but due to outdated profile information as well, the error 179 QuickBooks Desktop issue can be seen. This information can be inclusive of your bank-related details too. You can update them to get rid of this error 179. This fix will take place through the Online Center in this software.

  • Start the software “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Choose “Tools” in step 2.
  • Come to the option “Online Center”.
  • Choose your financial or banking institution.
  • Hit the “Ctrl” button along with “F3”.
  • Via “Online Center”, you have to opt for “Contact Info”.
  • Ensure that the information of your profile is displayed. If not, then find out whether you updated QuickBooks Desktop. In case you did not, you can get the updates now.
  • Then you have to press “Update/Send”.
  • You may be asked to add a password. After adding it, the information of your account has to be updated.

Fix 2: Log out from All Browsers

On finding the error 179 in QuickBooks Desktop, you should find out whether multiple logins to your bank account are resulting in it. To find the same, you can run every browser on your system as well as the computers connected to the same network. Afterward, when only 1 browser is using your account credentials, the error code 179 is likely to get solved.

  • Open all the browsers on your system.
  • Run the website of your bank on all of these.
  • Ensure that you are not logged in from any browser. 
  • Now, run the systems associated with your host computer.
  • Then launch the internet browsers on these systems too.
  • Perform steps 2 and 3 again on these computers.
  • Start one PC in this step.
  • Begin the web browser on this PC.
  • Log in to your bank account.
  • After this, you can opt for running “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Multiple logins will no longer be observed. For this reason, the error code 179 in QuickBooks Desktop may also not persist.

To Sum up the Above
The QuickBooks error 179 is an issue that may not always get fixed on its own. To remove it from its root, you must be aware of its causes. This can help you arrive at the fixes for the error code 179. Following the same approach, certain measures were presented here. They should help in removing the fatal error code, given that the causes are the same.

FAQs- QuickBooks Error 179: Factors that Cause it and Troubleshooting Measures

Why do I see the QuickBooks Rebuild error 179?

You may not have correctly used the Rebuild Data utility in the software. While running it, the utility may have encountered interruptions. They may be causing the QuickBooks Rebuild error 179.

Can I fix the error 179 QuickBooks Desktop issue?

You can effortlessly fix the error 179 occurring in QuickBooks Desktop by updating your details. These details will include information relating to the software as well as your bank account. They will have to be updated in the “Online Center” in the accounting software.

What is the QuickBooks error 179?

In this software, certain accounting errors can take place. The error 179 QuickBooks issue is one such problem. When a user’s accounting information is incorrect, this error code can emerge. Hence, its presence will mean a problem with this information or any bugs in the accounting process.

How is the QuickBooks fatal error 179 caused?

The fatal error 179 can be caused by a number of factors. Among all, it is important to know that if a transaction is missing from the database of this software, then this error can make its way. Sometimes, issues with the balance sheet can promote it. System problems such as damaged Windows Registry can also cause the error 179 in QuickBooks.

Can I prevent the QuickBooks Rebuild error 179?

You can try to prevent the Rebuild error 179 by running the utility with care. Most of the time, you will be using this tool to mend company file-related bugs. See to it that the process is not affected by any interference. The process to repair the bugs may take longer but you should refrain from pausing it. In this way, the error can also be prevented.

How to troubleshoot the error 179 QuickBooks?

Given that you are a Windows user, then you may find the QuickBooks error code 179 because of a damaged Registry. You can try repairing this program. Otherwise, you can restore a backup of it. From this backup, you can restore the data of QuickBooks as well. This data is likely to be unaffected by the error code 179.

What is the primary cause of the error 179 in QuickBooks Desktop?

Logging in to your bank’s site via more than one browser can result in problematic situations. In one such situation, you may notice the error 179 QuickBooks Desktop, provided that your bank account is linked to the software. This is one of the main causes of the error.

Can the QuickBooks error 179 occur again?

Accounting errors like this code 179 can be noticed even after you troubleshoot them. This is mainly possible when their causes have developed again. However, when you remove any sources of accounting issues, as well as keep your system devoid of browser/component-related problems, this code is less likely to occur again.

How to fix the QuickBooks fatal error 179 on Windows?

To get rid of the fatal error 179 QuickBooks problem, the Registry on your Windows PC should not contain any damages. Also, the internet browser being used on it should not carry cache as it can cause interruptions. It will also be suggested to remove its history to further fix this fatal error.

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