What is Return Rejection Code IND 165 01 and How to Solve it?

conectier-IND 165 01

Have you received a notice from the IRS with the reject code IND-165-01? This means that your tax returns were denied as form 8862 was required to claim any child tax credit. Also, it states that you were not allowed to claim the credit in the prior tax year.

conectier-IND 165 01

IRS Rejection Code IND-046-01 also provides information on form 8862 and claims earned tax credits for the prior year. 

What is Form 8862 of the Reject Code IND 165 01?

Are you trying to claim a child tax credit? Then to do so, you would require to submit form 8862. The reason for this form to prevail is to prevent any kind of fraudulent practice and determine that credits that are being claimed are actually done by legitimate taxpayers. If not then, IND 165 01 issues will occur. 

Form 8862 of the IRS will need certain criteria such as whether you have a qualifying child, meet the income limits, and that an accurate SSN is available. Furthermore, you might be required additional documents such as birth records and proof of dependency to support your claim.

Methods to solve Reject Code IND-165-01 in E-file Applications?

You can follow the steps listed to solve and add form 8862 if you receive the reject code IND-165-01 TurboTax in e-file applications. 

  • First, launch your application. 
  • Enter your username and password. 
  • Once done, select fix my return. 
  • On the upper right corner, choose search. 
  • Enter EIC. 
  • After that, click or select Jump to EIC link. 
  • Keep going through the EIC area. 
  • When you see Do any one of these unusual or uncommon conditions apply?
  • Here, on the fourth box, check it. 
  • This will show that you received a letter from the IRS, asking to attach form 8862 claim EIC. 
  • After having done that, click continue. 
  • Choose Done. 
  • Select no, where it says we need to assert a few things. 
  • Click Continue.
  • Answer all questions related to EIC. 
  • Select review on the tax break display.
  • Review and correct any empty entries in form 8862. 
  • Once done, choose the file, and follow the instructions to e-submit. 

If you still receive the denial code IND-165-01 after doing the above steps. Get in touch with customer support. 

Reject code IND-165-01 will not allow you dependent tax credit in the prior tax year. This is because you must add Form 8862 to your tax documents. By meeting the eligibility requirements and providing the necessary documentation, you may be able to claim it. It’s important to understand the requirements and potential impact on your taxes before claiming these credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my Income Tax Return rejected with IND-165-01?

Your return was denied as you must attach Form 8862 to claim credit for a child or any other dependent.

What is Form 8862?

Form 8862 is used to claim the Child Tax Credit if you were not allowed to claim the credit in a previous tax year.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Child Tax Credit?

To be eligible for the Child Tax Credit, you must have a qualifying child or dependent, meet income limits, and have a valid SSN.

What documentation is required to support a claim for the Child Tax Credit?

You may need to provide birth records or other confirmation of dependency to support your claim for the child tax credit.

Do I have to repay the Child Tax Credit if my income or circumstances change?

Yes, will have to reimburse some or all of the credit if your revenue or situations change.

What should I do if my tax return was rejected because of Form 8862?

You should complete Form 8862 and attach it to your tax return to claim the Child Tax Credit or other dependent/additional child tax credit.

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