Rejection Code IND-508-01 – Guide to Fix it


IND-508-01 is a denial code by the IRS that might occur when preparing tax documents. Therefore, taxpayers must be careful when preparing or e-filing them, as any mistake will lead to rejection. This code will arise when the primary SSN is similar to the spouse on other tax documents filed in the current year with the status married but filing jointly or married but filing separately with an exemption claimed for the spouse.  


Are there any other Errors that Relate to IND 508 01? 

Yes, other similar errors in the IRS relating to SSNs being used on other tax documents under different filing statuses. These errors include the following: 

IND-511This reject code is when your SSN is listed under married but filed separately. 
IND-508This relates to the SSN used under married filing jointly or head of household with exemption claimed for the spouse.

How do I Fix Reject Code IND-508-01 in TurboTax?

When filing electronically, and you get the reject code IND-508-01 in TurboTax, it means that the primary individual or taxpayer listed on the tax documents was registered as the spouse or exemption was claimed for the spouse on another tax return. 

IRS has strict rules that the first taxpayer’s SSN should not be similar to that of the spouse under the filing status given below:

  • Married but Filing returns Jointly
  • Married but Filing tax returns Separately (with exemption claimed for the spouse)

To correct this, you can either verify that your SSN has not been used jointly by someone else to file tax returns jointly or that they have filed their returns as the head of household and listed you as a spouse. 

Although it is less common, the IND-508-01 can be triggered due to fraudulent practice. So, it is best to pay attention to this rejection code.

What are the Solutions to IND 508 01?

If you wish to file your returns but notice that your spouse has already used your SSN. In this case, the only thing you can do is mail your returns instead of e-filing them. The IRS server will automatically reject the false documents. If IND-508-01 occurs, you might even get a call from the authorities to correct your filing status. 

You can use the e-file portal or application when your spouse has not filed returns, or you are unmarried. 

  • Log in to the TurboTax application. 
  • Locate Tax Home.
  • Choose to Fix My Returns. 

Note: Taxpayers using the mobile app must sign into the official website

  • Select My Info from the next screen 
  • This can be found on the left menu. 
  • Do not choose to Fix it Now
  • The Personal Information page will open.
  • Ensure the SSN is listed as the prime or primary taxpayer is correct.
  • If incorrect, edit it. 
  • Select Continue. 
  • From the left menu. 
  • Select File 
  • On the welcome back screen 
  • Choose to Continue 
  • Again, be sure not to select Fix my returns 
  • For the filing process, follow the instruction given by the application.

Receiving the IRS IND-508-01 states that the primary SSN on your tax return matches that of your spouse on another tax return filed for the same year. To resolve this issue, follow the above information and ensure your spouse has not claimed the exemption on their tax return. If necessary, contact the IRS or a tax professional for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the error message “IRS IND-508-01” mean?

IRS IND-508-01 is a denial code that shows that the leading Social Security Number (SSN) on your tax documents is similar to the SSN of your spouse on another tax document filed for the same tax year.

What should I do if my tax return has been rejected due to this error?

Review your tax return to ensure you have entered the correct information for yourself and your spouse.

Can I file a joint tax return with my spouse if we have already filed separate returns?

No, if you or your spouse have already filed a tax return with the Married Filing Jointly or Married Filing Separately status, you cannot file a joint return for the same tax year.

What is the spouse exemption?

The spouse exemption is a tax deduction that can be claimed if your spouse has no taxable income and is not claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return. The exemption amount varies yearly and may be subject to certain income limits.

Can my spouse be claimed as a dependent on my tax documents?

No, the dependent spouse cannot be claimed on your tax documents.

What if my information is correct?

There can be chances of fraudulent returns being filed with your information. Contact the respective authorities.

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