IRS Tax Return Rejection Code IND 508 – Easy Guide to fix

conectier-What is IRS Reject Code IND-508

The IRS will reject your tax return if they find that the SSN or Social Security mentioned has already been accepted under married but filed jointly. It is displayed with the reject code IND 508.

conectier-What is IRS Reject Code IND-508

This can either occur unintentionally when filing returns. However, the ultimate reason for this error to pop up is to prohibit taxpayers from reaping the benefits on tax returns or being identical to a dependent or spouse. The reject code IND 515 also refers to SSN being used by another. 

Is Reject code IND-508 Identity Theft?

It may be possible that reject code IND-508 is linked to identity theft, but the possibility is unlikely to be high. The problem is connected to the taxpayer’s SSN, claimed on another tax document. The IRS department bars this kind of practice. 

Although it can be possible that someone has used the taxpayer’s SSN fraudulently, it can also be probable that the number was entered inadvertently by a spouse or any other member of the family. In both cases, the primary taxpayer must promptly look into IND 508 and refile with correct data. 

If there is a fraudulent practice with the SSN, steps should be taken to protect their identity. This can be done either by alerting the authorities or filing a report. They should also keep verifying and monitoring any credit or tax-related documents to see if there is any unauthorized activity. 

What are the Easiest Ways to Solve IND-508?

If your SSN has been used and accepted under the filing status married but filing jointly, you can use the methods given to resolve IND-508.

Check all details 

You can begin by checking all details, such as if the information was mistakenly used by someone other than you under the filing status. 

Verify your spouse’s tax documents

It is likely that you are married but have filed your return separately. In this case, check your spouse’s tax filing documents and whether they have filed under the status married but filing jointly. 

Rectify all information

If there is an issue, you must correct it. For e-filing returns, you go to amend a file return on your application and follow the guidelines to correct all mistakes. Then you can resubmit once completed. 

Use the Tool Given on the IRS website

The IRS allows you to monitor your status and refunds seamlessly. You can do so through their website.  

How to fix Reject Code IND 508 in TurboTax?

E-filing programs allow you to rectify any incorrect information and resubmit the returns. To fix reject code IND 508 in TurboTax, adhere to the steps.

  • Open or launch the application TurboTax
  • Log in with your credentials 
  • Go to the section that says “My tax timeline.”
  • Locate the rejected tax document.
  • Click Fix it now. 
  • If you see a list of IRS reject codes. 
  • Select IND-508 to read the details.

The application will help you fix the issue. All you need is to follow the instructions accurately to correct any mistakes. Then, before resubmitting, review all amended data. 

IND-508 errors happen when someone has already claimed your SSN under filing status married but filing jointly. However, you may be filing your documents separately. You can resolve the issue by reading this helpful guide. But if the problem persists and you think there can be fraudulent practice, contact the IRS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does error code IND 508 mean?

Error code IND 508 means that your Social Security Number (SSN) has been claimed under married but filing joint status.

Can I still e-file my tax return if it was rejected with error code IND 508?

You can only e-file your tax return once you have resolved the IND 508 error code.

What are some common reasons for receiving the IND 508 error code?

You can receive the IND 508 error code if your SSN is used on another already claimed return.

Can I still receive a tax refund if my return is rejected with the IND 508 error code?

You can only receive a tax refund once the IRS accepts your tax-filed documents. You must rectify the IND 508 error code and resubmit your return to the IRS to receive a refund.

Is it easy to fix the error in an e-filing application?

You can quickly fix the error in e-filing software such as TurboTax. They provide instructions on how to do so.

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