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QuickBooks Amazon Integration: Meaning, Benefits, and Methods to Do it

Intuit has made product coordination between its QuickBooks and Amazon Business. Private companies utilizing the two stages would now be able to computerize buying reconciliation and classification when making their purchases on Amazon Business with QuickBooks Amazon integration

Through the new integration, all Amazon Business buys will be consequently brought into QB/QBO, with information being revived on numerous occasions each day. Buying subtleties, including thing descriptions, expenses, and charge breakdowns for every exchange will be consequently incorporated. Everything purchased through Amazon Business can be sorted independently and coordinated with bank exchanges in QuickBooks with the integration. Should a client return a thing to Amazon Business, the returned exchange will be shown in QBO consequently for audit. 

Let us now read more about this integration and how it can be done.

What is QuickBooks Amazon Integration? 

Numerous independent companies presently use Amazon for an enormous segment of their business buys in view of the simplicity of shopping. The drawback to utilizing Amazon has been the trouble in understanding what the individual charges were for and how to distribute the costs. An enormous segment of the “Uncategorized Costs” is the Amazon charges. 

QuickBooks as of late announced its integration with Amazon. QuickBooks Online Amazon integration was to automatically and consequently pull in exchange transaction details. This automation and integration can be a lifeline if you are utilizing Amazon for business buys. 

Benefits of QuickBooks Amazon Integration  

The following are the benefits of QB Amazon integration:

  • This helps in diminishing the time spent on manual information passage. 
  • This integration between QB and Amazon Business additionally helps entrepreneurs better classify and comprehend their costs of doing business.
  • Amazon QuickBooks Online integration helps kill the need to go to and fro between the software and Amazon Business to coordinate buys. 
  • By associating Amazon Business with QBO, organizations can acquire better experiences into where their costs are coming from and how their business is generally getting along. 
  • Everything purchased through Amazon Business can be ordered independently and coordinated with bank exchanges in QuickBooks. This even works if a client returns a thing to Amazon Business – with the returned thing exchange brought into QuickBooks naturally for a survey. 

How to Do Amazon Integration with QuickBooks Online? 

QBO and Amazon integration can be done in stages. As a part of them, you need to set up a connection to go ahead with this integration. Following this, Amazon Business buys need to be reviewed. Soon, the process to integrate the two will be complete.

Below, we have explained more about these stages:

Stage 1: Set up connection for QuickBooks Amazon integration 

To associate your Amazon Business and QuickBooks accounts, you need to check 2 things. Ensure that you are both the administrator for the Amazon Business account and the essential administrator or an organization administrator for your QuickBooks organization. 

Here are the means by which a user can connect both the records: 

  • Sign in to your “QuickBooks Account” as an administrator. 
  • Go to the “Amazon Business Purchases” application page. 
  • Select “Get Application Now”. 
  • When incited, sign in to your “Amazon Business Account” as the main administrator. 
  • Select “Import Start Date”. 

Note: The entirety of the Amazon Business buys you made on or after that date will synchronize with QuickBooks for your audit. 

  • In the end, select “Finish”. 

Note: The application then, at that point, starts to import your Amazon Business buys into the software for QuickBooks Amazon seller integration. If there is a great deal to import, then you may not see all of them immediately. However, the application continues to go until the task is finished. After the main import, the application checks your Amazon Business account four times each day and brings the most recent exchanges into QuickBooks. As of now, it is feasible for the application to refresh QuickBooks all the more regularly or on request. 

Stage 2: Review your Amazon Business buys 

In this stage, you will see Amazon Business Buys in QB. Then you can do the audit to add the buys to the software. This can be done via Banking. Here, you will see “App Exchanges”. This option will assist you in doing the audit.

Read more about this through these directions:

  • Check that your “Amazon Business Buys” show up in QuickBooks. You are now prepared to audit and add them to your books. 
  • Go to “Banking”. 
  • Select “App Exchanges”. 
  • Search for the “Audit” tab. Your Amazon Business buys and returns show up in the rundown, with subtleties like item portrayal, amount, price tag, and charge breakdowns. 
  • For every exchange, select a move you can make, contingent upon the status for Amazon integration with QuickBooks Online
  • “Add or Match”: This buy is prepared to add to your books. In the event that QuickBooks is associated with the bank or the “Visa” account you made the buy with, you can coordinate with its particular exchange, that is, as of now, in your books. 
  • “Audit”: QuickBooks doesn’t yet know the bank or the “Visa” account you utilized for the buy. You can affirm that the record as of now exists in QuickBooks, or you can add another record to “Chart of Accounts”. 
  • “Instructions to Deal with Returns”: Like your buys, your Amazon Business returns go into QB for you to audit and add to your books. Simply ensure that the return has a similar classification as the first buy so that your bookkeeping stays right. 

In the end, affirm or add a record for a payment alternative or technique.

How to Integrate QuickBooks Self-Employed with Amazon? 

You can import Amazon data into QuickBooks Self-Employed for a simpler encounter while sorting your deals. The component is right now simply accessible to you by means of QuickBooks Self-Employed labs to choose test clients. To coordinate your Amazon account for QuickBooks Amazon integration, you can take the help of the Labs option.  

  • Tap on “Gear”.
  • Choose “Labs”. 
  • Click on “Turn it on”.
  • Provide the details for “Amazon”. 
  • A connection needs to be allowed for completion.

While associating with Amazon, you may see a couple of requests from the start. Drift over exchanges imported from associated Amazon record to see the order subtleties. They will be related to the number of requested things that have been connected. You would then be able to split the exchange via the “Order Item” option. 

While parting in QB SE, the exchange defaults to a split by thing, with the delivery and deals charge for the request assigned relatively across the things. You may look at a checkbox to divide the business assessment and delivery as discrete cost lines. 


So, now, you know how to connect your Amazon record to QuickBooks Online, QB SE, or Amazon seller central QuickBooks integration. The sync to Amazon isn’t non-stop, so you should go to the Banking Apps tab after buys to adjust the subtleties. Indeed, even with this additional progression, the incorporation actually saves time and a great deal of disappointment.

To experience more ease in integrating QuickBooks with Amazon, you can also get in touch with Conectier. We are dedicated to integrating the accounting software with Amazon without letting you face any difficulties.

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