Know About QuickBooks Amazon Integration & its Benefits

QuickBooks Amazon Integration

QuickBooks Amazon integration is a process that allows the users to sync their data and try automatic reconciliation of the purchases made through the e-commerce platform. Through their synchronization, you can maintain a record of the transactions that are taking place. The main advantage of this is that the accounting process can become automatic which can, in turn, reduce the chances of getting an error in the accounts. The integration can be used by big business owners as well as by the owners of small firms. It can also be useful for those who have a startup to help them grow. 

QuickBooks Amazon Integration

What is the Process for Amazon Business and QuickBooks Integration?

The Amazon Business Purchases app helps you to bring the purchases made through Amazon Business to QB. This is useful for keeping your account updated and time is saved as well. Through this, the details of the expenses and purchases can also be imported together, provided that you integrate the platforms. 

To perform QuickBooks Amazon integration via this application, you need to sign in as admin in the Intuit software. Then you will have to move to the Amazon Business Purchases App window and tap on the Get App Now option. This will install the application and then you can begin syncing. 

  • The “QB” account is to be signed in as an “Admin”.
  • Head to the page of “Amazon Business Purchases App”.
  • Then press the “Get App Now” option.
  • Log in to the Amazon business account as a “Primary Admin” when you are prompted.
  • The start date of the import needs to be chosen.
  • This will sync each of the purchases with QB that have been made through Amazon Business after or on that date.
  • Now, tap on “Finish”.
  • Head to the “Banking” tab.
  • Choose “App Transactions’.
  • Click on “For Review” in this step.
  • A list will pop up on the screen showing the description of the product, purchase price, fee breakdowns, or quantity.
  • You may opt for “Match” or “Add” in case a purchase has been made through the debit or credit card(Add a Credit Card Account to QuickBooks) that is already connected to QB and you want to match it with the books of accounts.
  • You can also choose the “Review” option if the accounting software does not recognize the credit or the bank account via which you made the purchase.

Note: Amazon Seller Central QuickBooks integration, or syncing of other versions, may not be currently possible with this app.

What are the Steps for QuickBooks Online Amazon Integration? 

While you plan to perform Amazon QuickBooks Online integration, you may come across the QuickBooks Lab option. This is a plugin that lets you protect the accounting software’s data but you may also use it to connect with the online shopping site. 

On the window of the QBO software, you will find the Gear icon. You need to opt for it and then tap on the QuickBooks Labs. Switch on the toggle and press the Banking feature. Further, find and click on Banking Apps.

  • Open your  “QuickBooks Online” account.
  • Then choose the “Gear” sign located on the homepage.
  • Find and click on “QuickBooks Labs”.
click on “QuickBooks Labs
  • Tap on the “QuickBooks Amazon Integration” option. Turn on the switch beside it.
QuickBooks Amazon Integration
  • Press “Banking”.
  • Now, select the “Banking Apps” button.
  • Push the “Connect to Amazon” tab.
Connect to Amazon” tab
  • Then keep following the prompts for Amazon integration with QuickBooks Online.

You need to provide some time while the integration process is on. Once it is completed, you make use of it and categorize your transactions through it. 

How to Connect Amazon Seller Central to QuickBooks Commerce?

Amazon Seller Central and QuickBooks Commerce may not directly sync but the platform has apps on it that can be helpful. So, for synchronizing the two, you need to find the Third Party Developer and Apps option present in the Amazon Seller Central application. You need to log in to your account. Then press Settings on the homepage of the accounting software. Go for the User Permissions option. Look for a suitable app for processing QuickBooks Commerce Amazon Seller integration. 

  • Log in to the “Amazon Seller Central” account.
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Then tap on “User Permissions”.
  • Go to the section “Third Party Developer and Apps”.
  • Opt for “Visit Manage Your Apps”.
  • After that, pick the “Authorize New Developer” option.
  • The details according to the market are to be filled using the table given below:
SoftwareDeveloper NameDeveloper ID
Amazon US, CA, MX, BRQuickBooks Commerce7950-6528-3889
Amazon UK, IT, DE, ES, FR, NL, AE, EG, IN, SA, TRQuickBooks Commerce6146-4536-6656
Amazon AU, SG, APQuickBooks Commerce4302-6550-8529
  • Push the “Next” button.
  • Mark the checkbox if you agree to the agreement of “Amazon MWS License”.
  • Hit “Next”.
  • The following items are to be saved for setting up later:
    • “Merchant Token”
    • “MWS Authorization Token”
    • “Marketplace ID”
  • For installing Amazon, you need to login to “QuickBooks Commerce”.
  • Click on “Browse Apps”.
  • Choose the “Amazon” button.
  • Next, press “Install Amazon”.
  • The details that you were asked to save are to be used here. Enter them.
  • Among the drop-down options, opt for “Primary Marketplace ID”.
  • The “Amazon Stock Locations” are to be set up now.
  • Pick the “Price List” that will be connected to Amazon.
  • Verify if you want the products to be imported from Amazon.
  • Then hit the “Continue” option.
  • Push the “Next” tab.
  • Now, the location is to be mapped.
  • Also, connect the “Price List”.
  • After that, the import of the initial product is to be processed.

How can I Connect QuickBooks Self-Employed to Amazon?

Syncing QB Self-Employed with Amazon can be beneficial for freelancers or proprietors. It lets them use the features of both platforms to make their work faster. You can connect Amazon to QuickBooks SE with the Turn it on option. You are required to opt for the Gear sign. Then you need to move to the Labs button. After that, you are required to press the option and then the Amazon credentials are to be entered. 

  • Choose the “Gear” icon.
  • Tap on “Labs”.
  • Then opt for “Turn It On”.
  • The credentials of Amazon are to be filled.
  • Now, connect the software for completing the process.

Note: After QuickBooks Amazon integration for this version, you may see that new transactions are not created. Rather, your Amazon orders are matched with the current transactions that have been imported from the credit card or the bank account. Also, those items that have been bought through promotional credit or gift cards may not be found. 

Why should You Connect Amazon to QuickBooks?

Amazon, when integrated with QuickBooks, can be especially helpful for owners who have a small business or a startup. The business processes become automatic so they let you focus on your business’s growth. Also, with the elimination of manual efforts, it can save a lot of time that can be utilized by you for other business-related work.

There are more such benefits of QuickBooks Amazon integration given below:

  • Users put the effort in creating the record of several things manually but after the integration, this load can be completely eliminated. 
  • The data can be compiled accurately.
  • If you find any problems or even want to share the file with your business partners to discuss something, then you can easily do so. By sharing the information, as the sync allows you to connect to multiple users at one time, this can be achievable.
  • When you want to sell your products in other countries and have a doubt related to the currency used there, you can rely on QB for this. The software can accept foreign currencies from all over the world. 

On the Whole

For expanding the business and making the accounting errors nil, users can connect QuickBooks to Amazon. Through their integration, users can enjoy great benefits such as sharing the QB file with multiple users. Via this post, you learned about the synchronization of the different versions of the accounting software with Amazon. Based on your requirements, you can pick the ideal version and accordingly sync it

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