How to Do QuickBooks Stripe Integration and What are its Advantages?

QuickBooks Stripe Integration

For business owners who believe that QuickBooks and Stripe should be connected for processing payments, their integration has been designed. QuickBooks Stripe integration can be done for various versions. The process is available for both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. We have found that you can visit either the QuickBooks Apps store or to start the process. In addition, business owners can use App Center: Find More Business Solutions in QB for syncing their accounts. By syncing your accounts, you can access advantages like automated processes, easier bookkeeping, etc.

QuickBooks Stripe Integration

For gaining more familiarity with the integration methods for the software and their advantages, please scroll below.

What does it Mean to Integrate QuickBooks with Stripe?

For online payments and related processes, both QB and Stripe are ideal. Avoiding the difficult selection between one of these platforms, QuickBooks Stripe integration can be your choice. For businesses that function online, this integration can mean bringing the platforms together for greater benefits and features. The features, in particular, can help automate various processes to reduce your time and manual work.

How can You Integrate Stripe with QuickBooks?

You can integrate or connect your Stripe accounts with QuickBooks via the app store. The QuickBooks App store has several applications. One of them can be used for integration. You can also make an account on Stripe’s official site. Then you can link the invoice made in that account with QuickBooks. 

Learn the additional details relating to these QuickBooks and Stripe integration methods below.

Method 1: Integrating via QuickBooks Apps Store

You may have seen the QuickBooks Apps store in QB. This store has been featured with a variety of applications for completing business requirements. Integration with Stripe is one such requirement. The store can provide you with several apps for this. You only need to select Search after visiting the store. Then you can enter Sync Orders and pick the app you like.

The following directions will focus on how does QuickBooks integrate with Stripe via an application:

  • When the software is running, find the “QuickBooks Apps” store.
  • Click on the “Search” icon in the store.
  • Use the icon to find “Sync Orders”.
  • A list of applications will emerge on the display. Pick any one of them.
  • Check the overview of the picked application.
  • Ensure that the application enables QuickBooks integration with Stripe.
  • Now, tap on “Get App Now”.
  • Then you can use the downloaded app to initiate the integration.

Method 2: Visiting Stripe’s Website to Integrate

When you have a Stripe account, its settings can be configured for integrating with QuickBooks. Then you can make an invoice in Stripe as well as QuickBooks. This invoice can be linked. Afterward, money can be deposited from your Stripe account to the bank account added to QuickBooks. Thus, the integration process will be complete.

Know further about how to integrate Stripe with QuickBooks by reading these instructions:

Please Note: Some of you may already be having an account registered on “Stripe”. You can directly sign in to your account and start with Step 6 of the following method. Should you have no account registered, look at Steps 1 to 5.

  • Start scrolling. Continue to do so until you reach the bottom of the site’s main page.
  • Click on “Start Now” below “Ready to Get Started?”.

Please Note: In place of executing Steps 1 to 3, you may also go to the “” link. It will help you reach the registration page.

  • To register an account, enter the information as follows:
    • “Email”
    • “Full Name”
    • “Country”
    • “Password”
  • Press “Create Account”.

Image R

  • Considering yourself a supplier, you can set up your “Stripe” account.
  • In the account, find currency and ensure that it is the same as that of your current country.
  • Now, make the settings for setting up the “Stripe QuickBooks” account.
  • Prepare an invoice in both “QuickBooks” and “Stripe”.
  • Link the invoice between both the software.
  • Now, deposit money from “Stripe” into your bank account. Ensure that the money is being sent to the account that exists in “QuickBooks”.

How to Integrate Stripe with QuickBooks Online?

In the QBO software, you can choose an ideal app for integrating with Stripe. To choose it, you can go to the Apps section. Press the button with the Find the Right App label on it. You will see various apps. On choosing the right one for QuickBooks Stripe integration, move to Paying Bills. 

  • In “QuickBooks Online”, you can choose “Apps”.
  • Press the button for “Find the Right App”.
  • In Step 3, use the “Paying Bills” option.
  • Then tap on “Make Payments”.
  • Click on a tile and then you have to view “Key Benefits”. Likewise, press every tile and access the benefits.

Please Note: Along with the benefits of the tile, you can also view its functioning method, reviews, etc.

Method for Stripe QuickBooks Desktop Integration

There is a Stripe application available in QuickBooks Desktop. When you wish to sync/integrate the payment processing technology with your Intuit QBDT account, you can look for this app. Through the Help menu, you can land at the App Center: Find More Business Solutions. This center will help you look for the Stripe app to integrate your account.

Let us now see how does Stripe integrate with QuickBooks Desktop one step at a time.

  • In the first step, you can click-open “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Push the tab for “Help”.
  • A menu will be available. In it, click on “App Center: Find More Business Solutions”.
App Center
  • Let the window for “Apps for QuickBooks Desktop Marketplace” run.
  • In the window, tap on “Search”.
 tap on “Search”
  • Write “Stripe” in the box”.
  • Press one of the following options:
    • “Search” button
    • “Enter” key
  • Wait for the “Stripe” application to be seen.
  • Now, get this application.

The Stripe app may take some time to be installed. Then you can start running it. You may be provided with the prompts to proceed with the platform’s integration with the accounting software. 

Advantages of Stripe Integration with QuickBooks

With QuickBooks Desktop/QuickBooks Online and Stripe integration, you can find these 3 advantages:

  • Those who have experienced QB and Stripe’s integration believe that on a daily basis, they are able to save much time. On a yearly basis, hundreds of hours can be saved with it.
  • The process of bookkeeping gets automated. As a result of this, your company’s financial information can be updated with fewer manual efforts.
  • By integrating Stripe with different versions of QuickBooks, you may get customer support. Thus, any features that remain complex to comprehend can be discussed with the support service. Therefore, there may not be any feature that cannot be used by you despite seeming complex.

In Essence

Here, you learned various methods to integrate a Stripe account with the QB software. Processing your payments and recording them in the software should seem easier now. We tried covering the best advantages of Stripe and QB integration in this reading. After you connect your accounts, you may experience more advantages. You can share them with us through comments.

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