IL Tax Return Reject Code IL1040-9900-2

conectier-IL Tax Return Reject Code IL1040-9900-2

Have you received the Reject Code IL1040-9900-2 from the State of Illinois for your tax returns? If so, then it is time to review your tax documents. IL1040-8000-2 is another reject that relates to the primary taxpayer signature.

conectier-IL Tax Return Reject Code IL1040-9900-2

What is Reject Code IL1040 9900 2?

The first thought that comes to mind when you receive the code IL1040 9900 2 is what is it and what does it relate to? Well, most frequent taxpayers may be well aware of it, but for those who are either new to filing taxes, this error relates to secondary signature. 

Any information that you provide has to be similar to what is in the Illinois Department of Revenue. If for any reason, there is a difference then the reject code IL1040-9900-2 is displayed, especially when the secondary signature does not match. To ensure a smooth tax processing it is essential to check the signature with any government or state-issued identity card. 

What are the Steps to Perform if Fixing IL1040 9900 2 in TurboTax E-Application?

If the secondary signature is mismatched and you receive the IL1040 9900 2 reject code in an e-application like TurboTax, then you can perform the steps to fix or troubleshoot it. 

  • Open the application and Log into it. 
  • Once done, carry on with continuing your return. 
  • You will see the tab file. 
  • Select it and proceed to sign your Illinois Return display. 
  • Ensure to choose I don’t have my Illinois (year) AGI. 
  • Type the information relating to the signature. This should be entered in only one signature box field. Leave all other boxes empty. 
    • (Current year) AGI in line 1 of (year) form IL-1040 (ensure it is not the IRS 1040 form).
    • The Illinois PIN that you have is of eight-digit. This information can also be found on the state revenue website. 
    • A valid state ID, no other state ID will work. 

Note: if you haven’t filed any return, current or previous, this is the only option given to you. A paper return must be filed if you don’t have a valid state ID in order to fix reject code IL1040 9900 2

Important: If the documents needed cannot be supplied by you then you cannot file your returns electronically. In this situation, file by regular mail. 

  • Finally, select continue to proceed with the filing process. 

What are Other Options to Resolve Reject Code IL1040 9900 2?

If you have tried to sign your Illinois tax return with information you know is correct and your return continues to be rejected with reject Code IL1040 9900 2, you will need to file a paper return this year.

Illinois will continue to reject your tax return because your information does not match what is on file.

After you submit your tax return, we recommend that you contact the Illinois Department of Revenue and request that the records be corrected so that you can file your electronic tax return next year.

IL 1040-9900-2 reject code relates to the signature of the secondary taxpayer. When you receive this message it is important to address it as soon as possible. Follow the steps given for the e-application to fix. If you cannot then it is recommended to file a paper return.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is reject code IL 1040-9900-2?

Reject code IL 1040-9900-2 is a code used by the State of Illinois to indicate that there is an error or issue with a tax return.

What does the message “secondary taxpayer signature does not match records” mean?

This message means that the signature of the secondary taxpayer (such as a spouse or joint filer) on the tax return does not match the records of the state of Illinois.

How do I correct the error indicated by reject code IL 1040-9900-2?

You should carefully review the reject code and instructions.

What is a secondary taxpayer?

A secondary taxpayer is someone who files a joint tax return with the primary taxpayer, typically a spouse.

What should I do if my secondary taxpayer signature does not match the records?

If the signature is correct, you may need to contact the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Can I still receive my tax refund if I receive reject code IL 1040-9900-2?

No, you will need to correct the error and resubmit your tax return before you can receive your tax refund.

What other common reasons can cause a tax return to be rejected?

Other common reasons for a tax return to be rejected include incorrect SSN, misspelled names, and incorrect addresses.

Can I file my tax return again if I receive reject code IL 1040-9900-2?

Yes, you can validate the signature and resubmit your tax return again.

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