IL Rejection Code IL1040 8000 2- What is & How to fix?

conectier-What is Rejection code IL1040-8000-2

If you have filed a tax return in Illinois, you may have encountered IL1040 8000 2. This is the tax rejection code due to invalid information that does not match the data in the Illinois tax records.

conectier-What is Rejection code IL1040-8000-2

It is necessary to address the Rejection IL1040 8000 2 code immediately to ensure that tax returns are processed accurately.

What is Reject Code IL1040 8000 2?

The reject code IL1040 8000 2 deals with the information related to the primary taxpayer. When this error occurs, it will display the following.

Check your information or requirements for valid signatures. One or more of the signatures must be valid with the Department of Revenue: main sign, state of IL PIN, last year’s AGI Vehicle license, or any valid state identification with zip code. 

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Steps to Resolve IL1040-8000-2 in TurboTax

If you are using TurboTax to file your returns and encounter the TurboTax rejection code IL1040-8000-2, you can try the following steps to resolve the issue. 

  • Open your tax return or continue to do so after logging into TurboTax.
  • Access the Sign Your Illinois Tax Return screen by selecting File. Select My Illinois 2021 Adjusted Gross Income is missing.
  • Only one of the signature option fields should be filled in with your signature information; leave the other fields blank.
    • Previous year AGI from 
    • an eight-digit PIN, which you may be able to find on the Illinois Department of Revenue website; 
    • an Illinois driver’s license number, a state ID, or any combination of these.
    • If you cannot provide any of the above information, you must stop, as you won’t see the option to e-file in the current year. In this situation, you can choose a file by mail. 
  • Once done, choose to continue. 
  • Pay close attention to the instructions displayed.
  • Resubmit your return.

Note: When filing e-returns with the state of Illinois, you must have your Illinois PIN with you. This is required by the state when filing returns electronically. 

IL1040-8000-2 is typically associated with errors or inconsistencies in the information provided on an Illinois state tax return. This may include issues such as an incorrect signature or other valid information. It is important to carefully review and correct any errors or discrepancies in your tax return to resolve this reject code successfully.

The reject code may require additional effort and attention to detail, but it is an essential step in ensuring that your tax return is processed correctly and that you comply with all relevant state and federal tax laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does reject code IL1040-8000-2 mean?

Reject code IL1040-8000-2 is a code used by the Illinois Department of Revenue to indicate errors or discrepancies on an Illinois state tax return that prevent it from being processed successfully.

What are some common reasons for receiving reject code IL1040-8000-2?

Common reasons for receiving reject code IL1040-8000-2 include errors in signature, missing or incorrect information such as driver’s license number, Illinois PIN, and other inaccuracies in the tax return.

How can I resolve to reject code IL1040-8000-2?

To resolve reject code IL1040-8000-2, it is important to carefully review your tax return and correct any errors or discrepancies. You may seek professional help if required.

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