IRS Reject Code IND-031-04 TurboTax


Reject code IND-031-04 of the IRS deals with AGI or the adjusted gross income of the taxpayer. The previous year’s AGI is used by the authorities to authenticate the identity of the taxpayer.  


When the problem occurs, it simply means that your tax documents got rejected as the AGI is not similar to the one already recorded in the IRS database. The reason can either be that you mistyped the information or the authorities are yet to process your previous year’s returns, hence, the error.  

Other IRS Rejection codes that display messages in relation to AGI error IND-031-04 are as follows:

  • IND-163 —AGI was rejected multiple times. 
  • R0000-679-01 —AGI does not match the IRS database.

As the rejection code IND-031-04 talks about the AGI. You can use the helpful tips listed below to correct any issues that arise due to it.

1: The IRS provides an online transcript ( for you to verify if you cannot remember or don’t have a copy of the previous year’s returns. 2: Ensure that you do not calculate the AGI from the W-2 of 1099 forms. 

3: Adjusted gross income should not be taken from any amended returns. Ensure to mention it in the first tax documents you filed.

4: In case you have taken a printout and mailed your returns, but it is not processed, then enter 0 as AGI for the previous year.

5: If you have been claimed as a dependent by someone in the previous year. Enter the amount as shown in the prior year in your tax return. 

6: If filed separately on the current, as compared to jointly in the previous, enter the AGI as listed in last year’s documents. 

7: If you selected married but filing jointly in the previous year, and in the current year you are jointly filing, then, type the AGI for each spouse from the prior year. 

8: If you just turned above 16 and filing for the very first time, enter 0 as AGI

How do I solve E-file Reject Code IND-031-04 TurboTax?

Reject code IND-031-04 can arise when filing your tax documents using an application. If you do come across such an error, you can easily resolve it by using the method mentioned. 

  • Open the application
  • Log in with the username and password. 
  • Go to Fix My Returns 
  • You will notice Let’s fic your returns and resubmit or refile
  • Choose the Fix it tab.
  • On the next screen. 
  • Enter the AGI exactly as it is in form 1040. 
  • Select Continue e-filing
    • If you resolving the reject code IND-032-04 which is for your spouse, ensure to use their form 1040 for listing the AGI.
  • Continue to the next screen. 
  • Confirm whether the information entered is correct 
  • Then, choose this is my (last year) AGI. 
  • Select Continue to resubmit or refile on the keep going to refile screen. 

In case you don’t have your prior year AGI, select the file by mail. This will print your returns as it is and you can manually send them to the IRS to resolve the issue of tax reject code ind-031-04

IND-031-04 reject code can cause your tax return to be rejected by the IRS. This can be due to an incorrect AGI. It is important to double-check your entries and request a transcript from the IRS to verify your AGI. The information herein is to assist you in solving the problem. However, seeking assistance from a tax preparer may also be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix reject code ind-031-04?

You can fix reject code IND-031-04 by verifying your entries, or requesting a transcript from the IRS.

What does reject code ind-031-04 mean?

IND-031-04 means that your previous year AGI or adjusted gross income does not match the IRS records.

How to fix reject code ind-031-04 TurboTax?

You can go to the fix my return tab in TurboTax and follow the guidelines to resolve the issue in the application.

What is reject code IND-031-04?

Reject code IND-031-04 means that the AGI you entered on your tax paper does not match IRS files.

Can I still file my tax return if I receive reject code IND-031-04?

Yes, you can still file your tax return if you receive reject code IND-031-04. You will need to correct the errors and refile your documents.

How do I correct an incorrect AGI?

You can correct an incorrect AGI by verifying the amount from your last year’s tax paper and requesting a transcript from the IRS.

What is a tax transcript?

A tax record is a paper from the IRS that shows data from your tax return, including your AGI.

How long does it take to receive a tax transcript from the IRS?

It typically takes 5 to 10 business days to receive a tax transcript from the IRS.

Can I e-file my tax return after receiving reject code IND-031-04?

Yes, you can e-file your tax return after receiving reject code IND-031-04 once you have corrected the errors.

What should I do if I am still unable to e-file my tax return after correcting the errors?

If you are still unable to e-file your tax return after correcting the errors, you can file by mail.

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