Reject code IND 525: What is and How to Fix?

conectier-How to fix Reject code IND 525

It is necessary to have all information accurate when filing returns. This is to ensure that your provided information matches that with the IRS. Even the slightest error will lead to rejection. Business rule IND 525 is when the date of birth is not similar to the authority’s records. 

conectier-How to fix Reject code IND 525

It can be frustrating as tax filing is a tedious job when doing it yourself. However, there are steps to resolve the issue. If you get an IND-524 error, you can follow similar resolving methods. 

How to Solve Rejection Code IND-525 in TurboTax?

TurboTax is a program that allows many taxpayers to file their returns online or via a desktop version. IND 525 TurboTax occurs when your date of birth (DOB) is inaccurate or doesn’t correspond with the IRS. Before you begin with the troubleshooting process, you must do the following.

  • Get a copy of form 1040 and locate the primary individual listed. 
  • Locate your date of birth document issued by an official government body. Ensure the date given is accurate. 
  • Now go to the application and type the information in MM/DD/YYYY. 

How can I fix the Business Rule IND 525 on TurboTax Mobile?

If you are on a mobile device facing the business rule IND 525 rejection code. Try the following:

  • First, ensure you are signed out. 
  • Locate the browser, and open it. 
  • Login to TurboTax.
  • Click Fix.
  • Refile your tax documents using the earlier instruction.

Steps to Resolve the IRS Business Rule IND 525 in TurboTax Desktop?

Are you using the Windows version of TurboTax to file your tax records.? Have you encountered the IRS business rule IND 525 rejection code? Well, do not worry. Below are the steps you can take to resolve the issue. 

  • Open the application TurboTax. 
  • Choose “Fix my return.”
  • After that, you will see fix it now
  • if you can’t find it, it will be displayed on the welcome back screen. 
  • Go along with the instruction to rectify the date of birth. 
  • Keep following the guidelines to resubmit the tax return. 

What are the Steps to Use to Troubleshoot IND-525 Reject Code in TurboTax Online?

As with the Windows version, if you come across the IND-525 Reject Code in the web version of the program. Try the below-given resolution. 

  • Log in to the program.
  • Choose to Fix my return. 
  • After that, click fix it now. This will be seen on the let’s fix your return screen. 
  • Check the date of birth.
    • If correct, check yes and continue. 
    • If incorrect, check no and enter the correct information and continue. 
  • To resubmit, follow onscreen guidelines. 

Business rule IND 525 rejection code by the IRS relates to a wrong date of birth given. The above methods can help you solve the issue if you are using tax software. However, if you feel that all your information is correct, you should contact the IRS. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my tax return rejected due to a date of birth mismatch?

The IRS verifies the personal information you give on your tax documents with the information in their records. If there are any errors, they will be rejected.

How can I correct the date of birth mismatch on my tax return?

Thoroughly check the date of birth you entered on your tax return to ensure it is the same as on the SSN card. If you find an error, rectify it and refile it.

What happens if I ignore the date of birth mismatch on my return?

Your tax filing will not be administered.

Can I correct the date of birth mismatch online?

You can correct the date of birth mismatch online through the IRS or software.

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