How do I fix IRS Reject Code R0000-507-01?

conectier-IRS Reject Code R0000-507-01

As a taxpayer, if you encounter the reject code R0000-507-01, it basically means or as defined by the IRS means — another person has already included a dependent on your tax return OR the dependent has filed his or her own tax return and has not indicated that he or she can be included as a dependent on another person’s tax return.

conectier-IRS Reject Code R0000-507-01

Things to Remember about IRS reject code r0000 507 01

It should be noted that this reject code r0000 507 01 does not necessarily mean that someone had the right to claim the dependent. 

In this case, you will need to retrieve your tax return from your PRINT account, sign it, and send it to IRS because the e-file system IRS will reject your tax return as is until the other tax return is updated. 

Determine the correct address to use depending on your state of residence. You may also need to print, sign, and mail your tax return to the state taxing authority.

How to fix Reject Code R0000-507-01?

When filing e-returns you might get the e-file reject r0000 507 01. As mentioned above, IRS, claims that a dependent on your tax return has already been reported as a dependent on someone else’s tax return. To fix this issue, you need to determine the following in the e-returns portal. 

Verify the dependent

On the “My Account” screen, select “Click here for tax return details” to see which dependent the rejection applies to. The last four digits of the Social Security number will be displayed.

Check Who Claimed the Dependent

This information only can be obtained from the IRS. Hence, you need to contact them directly if your face error code 0507 or r0000-507-01 to see who claimed the dependent.

Call the IRS Authorities.

IRS can be reached at 1-800-829-1040. The IRS is often not authorized to provide such information over the phone and will advise you to file your tax return on paper.

How to Fix your Returns?

When encountered with tax reject code r0000-507-01, you can correct the tax return in two ways: Remove the dependent from the tax return if you cannot claim it, or print and mail the tax return.

  1. If you wish to remove the dependent you can do the following:

Go to:

  • Necessary information
  • Dependent/qualifier
  • Remove the person or dependent in question.
  • Resubmit your tax return using the “E-File” link in the navigation bar. 
  • Check within the next couple of days to see if your tax return has been approved.
  1. Print the tax return and send it to IRS, if you have determined that you are entitled to the dependent whose Social Security number was entered into the software and you believe an error r0000-507-01 was made.
  • You can print and return it from your e-file portal. 
  • To avoid delays, sign, and date the return once printed. 
  • Ensure that you attach a letter explaining the issue with your returns.


R0000-507-01 is an IRS rejection code that specifically refers to a problem with the taxpayer dependents — that have already been used on another tax return. Taxpayers can fix the problem and file their tax returns correctly by carefully analyzing and submitting all relevant documentation to IRS. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IRS reject code R0000-507-01 related to fraud?

Although the error does not necessarily mean fraud if you suspect any mishappening contact the IRS.

How can I fix R0000-507-01?

You can fix this reject code by removing your dependent on the tax portal or submitting a letter to the authorities.

Can I claim the dependent returns?

Yes, you can do so by submitting a signed form to the IRS.

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