MINDBODY QuickBooks Integration: Method, Features, & Benefits

MINDBODY Integration with QuickBooks Online

Integrating the MINDBODY app with QuickBooks can act as an advantage to your business. MINDBODY QuickBooks integration can help you in managing the business properly by storing the information of your sales. As an advantage of this process, the transactions can become automatic which can reduce the load of the user. With their syncing or integration, it can also become easier to map your MINDBODY’s products and services with your QuickBooks account. MINDBODY can get synced with QB and QuickBooks Online by making use of the Payments Method Mapping option. This option can be accessed in the accounting software with ease.

MINDBODY Integration with QuickBooks Online

There can be several reasons why users may sync their MINDBODY and QuickBooks accounts. We shall be mentioning these reasons along with the features and benefits offered by this synchronization. We will further outline the method to integrate QBO and MINDBODY.

Why Choose MINDBODY QuickBooks Integration?

Users may need a helping hand to handle their business sales in a better way. MINDBODY can be a good application when it comes to keeping a record of transactions of your business. If you perform MINDBODY integration with QuickBooks, then efficiency can increase as information sharing gets enhanced between the employees and you. The bank statements, invoices, and bill payments can also become automatic after the integration. 

How to Connect MINDBODY to QuickBooks Online?

Connecting QuickBooks Online to the MINDBODY app requires the use of the Payments Method Mapping tool. This tool is present in the QBO software. You need to run MINDBODY and log in to your account in it. Then, head towards your QBO account. Reach the Payments Method Mapping to connect MINDBODY to QuickBooks Online. Next, tap on the Items Mapping feature and proceed. 

  • Visit your “MINDBODY” account.
  • Sign in to it.
  • After that, open the “QBO” software.
  • Go to “Payment Methods Mapping”.
  • Now, select “Items Mapping”.
  • Proceed to “Sync Scheduling”.
  • Follow the prompts that appear on the screen.
  • Give it some time and the MINDBODY integration with QuickBooks Online will be complete.

Note: The method shown above can map the information of QBO and MINDBODY along with syncing the two accounts.

Features of Mindbody Integration with QuickBooks

MINDBODY QuickBooks integration can produce numerous features for its users. Apart from recording the transactions automatically, the client indexes can also be assigned to the clients of MINDBODY when syncing it to QB. There can be more features of the integration of this app with the software.

  • You can easily map the products/services of MINDBODY to the items of QuickBooks.
  • The field mapping in between both your accounts can be customized accordingly.
  • The Tax and Split Account feature can also get separated into different line items.
  • The customers of QB can get automatically synced with the MINDBODY customers.
  • MINDBODY can also be compatible with QuickBooks’s international version.
  • You can sync multiple locations of MINDBODY with QuickBooks.

What are the Benefits of MINDBODY and QuickBooks Integration?

The integration between MINDBODY and QuickBooks can provide the users with various benefits that can be apt for business owners or companies. Customers, taxes, sales, and products can be accurately imported from the MINDBODY account to the QB software. 

Apart from this, the synchronization also offers several other benefits that are discussed below:

  • Profit and Loss accounts of businesses can be correctly matched.
  • The deposit of the Credit Card Batch can automatically get reconciled.
  • Users can also find it easier to handle the refunds, discounts, customer accounts, gift cards, and the rest of the payment methods or any remaining transactions.

In Summary

MINDBODY QuickBooks integration can be useful when it comes to keeping the records of your transactions. We hope that this blog helped you in knowing the reasons for integrating the software with this application. We also shared the features and benefits with you to assist you in deciding whether this integration can be right for your business. Furthermore, the process to perform the MINDBODY and QuickBooks Online was talked about in length.

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