Reject Code IND-183-01 – Easy Troubleshooting Guide


IND-183-01 is a rejection code by the IRS displayed to taxpayers in case there is invalid, or unmatching information on their returns. The code mentioned herein refers to the spouse’s IP PIN and it does not match the IRS database. Normally, this happens due to an incorrect number being entered. However, the case of identity theft should not be ruled out. In this blog, we will discuss how you can solve this when e-filing your returns. 


To authenticate the person or the taxpayer, the IRS issues an identity protection pin or IP PIN. Reject code IND-183-01 relates to the IP PIN issue, and if entered incorrectly, the IRS will have trouble authenticating the person or the taxpayer, in this case, the spouse. So, it is very crucial that you or your spouse enter the appropriate 6-digit number as given by the IRS for the tax documents to be accepted by them. 

Are There Any Other Reject Codes Similar to IND-183-01?

Yes, there are other reject codes that are similar to IND-183-01 that you may encounter relating to your IP PIN. Below is the table that shows each characteristic of the denial code. 

IND-180-01IP PIN does not match with the IRS of the primary taxpayer
IND 181-01Wrong IP PIN Entered
IND-182-01The spouse’s IP PIN is incorrect
IND-996Incorrect IP PIN 

So, if you encounter any of the errors or reject codes listed above, you may have to verify the identity protection PIN that you entered for yourself or your spouse when filing returns. 

How to Fix reject Code IND-183-01 in TurboTax?

When e-filing, a taxpayer who is listed as a spouse and allotted an IP PIN or a CP01A notice by the IRS must type their valid six-digit number to authenticate themselves when using an e-application to file tax documents. If the number is different from the one received you might face IND-183-01 TurboTax

Steps to Take Before Proceeding to Fix the Error IND-183-01

  • The first step is to obtain the IP PIN of your spouse. 
  • If you cannot find it, look carefully in the CP01A form received. 
  • The previous year’s IP PIN is invalid and cannot be used. 
  • You can also use the IRS website to retrieve the IP PIN.
  • If you have lost or misplaced the IP PIN, get a new one from the IRS. Reissue of a new one usually takes around 21 days.

Once you have found or located the IP PIN, you can now follow the guide listed under to rectify the IND-183-01 issue in TurboTax

  • Launch the Application. 
  • Use your credentials to log in 
  • Once done, choose to Fix my Return. 
  • Then pick Federal from the menu on the left. 
  • When you see Other Tax Situations on the top navigation. 
  • Pick Show More. This will be located beside Other Return Information. 
  • Once done, choose start or revisit beside the IP PIN
  • Select Yes if you come across the question of whether your spouse received an IP Pin from the IRS for the current year.
  • Besides your spouse’s name click Add or Edit. 
  • Type the correct IP PIN
  • Click Continue. 
  • From the left menu, choose file. 
  • Click continue as you see on the welcome back screen. 
  • Ensure that you do not choose to fix my return again. 
  • Follow the instruction to complete the rectification and then resubmit.

Reject code IND-183-01 deals with the incorrect IP PIN for your spouse. The above information is to provide you with the solution if you encounter the same when e-filing your tax documents. However, in case you feel that this error might be a result of identity theft, then you should contact the IRS immediately. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Spouse’s IP-PIN?

The primary taxpayer or the dependents such as the spouse are issued an IP PIN to authenticate themselves when filing returns. 

How do I know if I need an IP-PIN?

The IRS will issue a CP01A letter if entitled to an IP PIN. It will contain all the guidelines. 

What should I do if the IP-PIN I entered for my spouse doesn’t match IRS records?

Ensure the IP-PIN you entered is valid. If you’re sure it’s correct, contact the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit to verify your IP-PIN.

Can I file my tax return without an IP PIN?

If you’re eligible for an IP-PIN but don’t have one, you won’t be able to file your tax return electronically. You can still file a paper return, but it may take longer to process.

What if I lost my IP-PIN?

You can retrieve your IP-PIN online or by calling the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit. 

What happens if my tax return is rejected due to an incorrect IP PIN?

If your tax return is rejected due to an incorrect IP-PIN, you will need to correct the error and resubmit your return. 

How can I protect my IP-PIN?

Make sure to keep your IP-PIN secure and don’t share it with anyone. 

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